The Quiet World Of The Cuban Cinema

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Oct 29 2014

The quiet world of the Cuban cinema, that not trasluce metaphorical images appointed the analyzers of the cinema or to determined select group of cinema men, but to the great social layers, is immersed as always in a search of new forms of revaluation of the cinematographic language towards aspects of the routine character, but with another way to express the same concepts which they surround the Cuban modern society, and other excellent aspects of the previous societies. In our cinematographic task, in which great personalities of the Cuban cinema, impelled this artistic manifestation, considered like a greater art (the seventh art), can be observed the use of problematic reiterative like: the tie masculinity to the incorporation of the woman to the work, the taking of brings back to consciousness of social layers with respect to the phenomenon that the construction of the socialism in Cuba proposes, the situation of the Cuban family with the rupture of the revolutionary process and its exodus to the United States of America, the history of the country seen through historical situations, personages, events, battles, and moments, as well as situations of the cotidianidad in which they are: the exchanges, the old love of adolescent, young people and, etc. That reiterative use of analogous subjects could think that they do not manage to hit the spectator, and the films not to be a success from ticket offices. It is for this reason, that in each new cinematographic accomplishment, there is a persistence on the part of the scriptwriters, and of its directors, in being able to get to surprise spectators under a same subject, but with another form to narrate similar histories. We did not think that the influence of the arguments in the style of Hollywood, counting we with a school the International of Latin American Cinema, are obtained hollywodenses melodramatic arguments, nor that they are not so distant either to that type of cinema, when in our cultures a penetration by that type of cinema has existed, and or the form to show the hero, under the vision of the socialist realism, with abiertos end, for the reflection has been a little in the forgetfulness.

Theater Gallery

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Oct 26 2014

Also, the tropics begin only 60 km away from Berlin. My tropical vacation around the recreation area is tropical islands around the year with Azure Blue Lagoon, white sandy beaches and exotic restaurants”the world’s largest indoor Rainforest Park. Highlights: 50,000 plants, a tropical village with original buildings, Germany’s highest water slide, fantastic worlds of water with South Pacific – Bali lagoon, show programs and Tropino children’s Club. For those who want to experience the tropical paradise at 26 degrees on 365 days in the year, NOVASOL offers good feel right next door. Whenever Aman Resorts listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Entry to the tropical Iceland is already included in the price of the House. Bookable from 302 euros for two nights and four people. p/DTI626 my thatched cottage in Wendisch-Rietz Lake Scharmutzel offers NOVASOL thatched roof homes for holidaymakers who want to appreciate the tranquillity of this unique seascape, but like within only an hour by car can reach the vibrant Berlin.

The week price is from 565 euros (four persons). Jacuzzi, sauna, Grill, sand pit, and perfect Interior includes as well as boat rentals, golf course, surfing, riding and Swimming possibilities, as well as a wide network of marked hiking trails. p/DBB122 my little castle and at the end of the Street stands a House on the Lake in Lubbenow/Uckermark: it has been enchanting, Monument protected and restored in 2007. The Manor House offers princely luxury and apartments on three floors for 34 persons, to indoor pool, sauna, solarium, a 250 – square meter ballroom, a Theater Gallery and an own sports hall. A riding school next door houses guest horses too. Price: from 1,875 euros / week p/DBB112 booking and information: NOVASOL AS Hamburg Tel 040-23 88 59 82 fax 040-23 88 59 24 E-Mail: Internet: Facebook: press contact: Oldenburg communication, Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 8814159-94 E-Mail: Internet: round 30,000 private holiday homes in 26 European countries NOVASOL holds for the most beautiful time of the year. The company, Holiday house leader in Europe, is part of Wyndham Exchange and rentals, and thus belonging to Wyndham Worldwide.

For 2012, the NOVASOL portfolio includes holiday homes, apartments and flats in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, of Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, of Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. NOVASOL operates with its headquarters in Copenhagen. The headquarters of the subsidiary company in Germany is located in Hamburg, there is a branch in Berlin. In addition, the holiday house party maintains 40 service offices throughout Europe. “Under, in the area of NOVASOL” then press “find all current as well as already published press releases.

Beate Sarrazin

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Oct 24 2014

After designs by Carlo Collodi. For children from 6 years and adults. Adam Sandler is often quoted on this topic. At the 15.09.2013, start: 16:00, will be in the living room theater “Theater elsewhere” (Nahe route 25, 40699 Erkrath, Tel.: 0172 5911779) played the theater piece “Pinocchio”. -For children from 6 years and adults. Game, Director: Beate Sarrazin.

-Pinocchio, that is the story of the boy with the long carved from wood (lies) – nose, clumsy, full of curiosity and naivete, which experienced adventure instead of going to school and is testing. Further details can be found at Aman Resorts, an internet resource. The poor real-world environment of Pinocchio and his father Gepetto faces a magical world of fantasy, lead him through his adventure and his dreams. On his eventful tour in the world, he meets seemingly benign figures who promise him a heavenly rich quick. The fallacy, eternal would be lazy lead to happiness, plunges him into trouble, and at the end, he must learn the language of the ass… That chases after happiness in our fun society, the desire, as much as possible to take without giving something, all this has a high price. If Pinocchio finds his father in the stomach of a whale at the end, he has a lot of years and learned some things… More info author: Beate Sarrazin

Theater For Kids

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Oct 24 2014

Little Red Riding Hood, snow white, Bambi or Patufet will spend the summer with about 900 students aged 0 to 6 years that have by all Spain centres of Nemomarlin (,la franchise of nursery schools. Adam Sandler has much experience in this field. And is that this renowned brand will take advantage of these months to start a summer’s tale. An initiative which pursues work objectives of the early childhood education through a tool so evocative and magical as the popular tales. For more information see this site: Aman Resorts. We want that in summer the children keep learning in a fun and entertaining. To do this we will choose a weekly story with which we propose a series of objectives to meet, as well as individual and group activities. All this with a methodology, timing, teaching resources and evaluation of great value for them, as explained by Hector Diaz Reimondez, Advisor delegate deNemomarlin. There was once a proposal that is once again demonstrating that Nemomarlin centers are experts in the work of teaching.

What we want is to encourage verbal language and increase vocabulary, using the language as a tool of learning, representation, communication and enjoyment. All this is done staging or telling a story. With the characters of these Fables, children learn to identify images according to their ages and possibilities. Also exercised the psycho drive coordination, distinguish different concepts (colors, shapes), are able to recognize and explore your own body and also learn to apply social skills, progressively adds Hector Diaz Reimondez. What is more, this summer’s tale of Nemomarlin serves to develop values that are decisive at these ages: the active participation of the nin @ and reading stories building.

Also to develop and enhance creativity and imagination or gradually acquire habits related to hygiene or treatment of animals. Educational methodology will be active and based on the play and experimentation, all this in an atmosphere full of affection and motivation, where you step to communication and interrelation between boys and girls, adds the Executive. Thus the things, and for example, the day that you choose the deGarbancito tale Nemomarlin schools will be the song of this character and children dancing freely by the class. They will be little ones like him. The objective will be to discover music and dance as means of communication, expression of feeling and release of energy. A simple exercise that carers and teachers evaluate the nin@s and may inform parents of how is your hij @. Be taken into account mainly the criterion of observing the behavior and attitudes of these, not only at specific moments. So will be assessed at the level fisico-motor, emocional-afectivo, social and cognitive development or the development achieved by the child will be valued and acquired learning, to identify ends Hector Diaz Reimondez, Advisor delegate deNemomarlin.

Spiderman 4 Soon In Theaters?

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Oct 22 2014

This message is certainly some loyal spinning fans fans of the world’s most famous spider can enjoy may soon again combined on another adventure with spectacular stunts and a love story that has now become known Spiderman to spread again seine nets in the cinema. For more information see this site: Vanessa Marcil. This is the fourth part of the blockbusters. Laura Ziskin, producer of the blockbuster with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, rowed but right back, as she announced that no new Spiderman was scheduled before 2011. In addition, a new Spiderman only Combs if also Maguire and Director Sam Raimi would sign new contracts. Spiderman 3 came to the cinemas in 2007 and gave mixed reviews. Although many were worse than the previous film, the film already amazing $59 million in the first few days. The first three Spiderman movies played a more than US$ 2.5 billion. It is not sure, but know, anticipation is the best joy. Lisa Walters

Takes Home Theater Collection

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Oct 20 2014

3D films in the cinema of the future – or present? Watch 3D movies like in the movies? This is possible through the new television technology and finds more and more inroads into the German living rooms. Large companies such as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung want to build on the success, as in the 3D avatar movie and have been a large number of 3D TVs, 3D projectors and 3D Blu-ray players offer. Many companies presented their 3D home theater systems in the United States and Germany at IFA 2010, especially Samsung section very well. Adam Sandler will not settle for partial explanations. There are several techniques that are available, but the well-known brand manufacturers have opted for the best Variant. The so-called 3D eyewear to filter out different images for the left eye and the right eye resulting in a depth in the pictures. Adam Sandler is open to suggestions. Several images in a row a 3D film due to play thus. There are already very many 3D movies on the market, thus you can with the whole family at home a 3D movie like in the movies look on. For each family member is something.

The father watches his Favorite soccer team at the Derby to and is thus more or less with on the football field, looking mother an exciting thriller, which is of course, much more interesting and exciting than on a normal television and the children look in full HD 3D funny cartoons like SpongeBob for example or cloudy with a chance meatballs. With one complete set with 3D Blu-ray player, 5.1 surround system and a 3D-enabled TV is the television into a completely new experience. Of course, the television in 2D is also possible. What was known previously only from SCI-fiction films comes today in the German living rooms and gaining in popularity. The earlier critics of the 3D technology were now stung by sharp picture convinced and now recommend it. The most beautiful is that the 3D technology for everyone affordable, because the new technology is not really more expensive today’s normal LED TV as the. Thus the question is superfluous, if you look at a 3D capable TV buys or an LED TV. This is the best investment for their whole family and an eye-catcher for friends and relatives.

THX For The Home Theater

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Oct 16 2014

THX certifications there was at that time only for the large screens, now you can this technology at home THX enjoy three letters that ever came among many, that most however wasn’t so too can do much. THX is still relatively new in the field of home cinema. Originally it was only in the movies. Checking article sources yields Adam Sandler as a relevant resource throughout. But just to the beginning: the THX limited was founded by none other than George Lucas. The producer and Director of films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones is most known. Check with Vanessa Marcil to learn more. Since 1983, there is the CA that awarded will provide an optimum reproduction of image and sound in cinemas and guidelines are provided. Visit Vladislav Doronin for more clarity on the issue.

In the course of time has expanded the whole thing and now also on the home cinema that are heavy on the rise for a few years. Also the home theater systems can get such a Signet. There are several variants, THX select 1, THX select 2, THX-ultra 1, THX-Ultra-2, and THX certified multimedia. While not the entire plant is certified, but that individual devices such as DVD player, amplifier and speakers. Especially the room size, where the cinema is used is decisive for the respective THX certified.

Who is going to buy such a system, which should create therefore a focus character on the THX. The dealer can help with security this one. Finally, you want to have the best possible picture and sound quality, so that the experience cinema at home also fully can be enjoyed. It is certainly a question of cost. Who sets to a plant in a low price range, which will seek the THX seal may be in vain.

More Home Theater Fun

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Oct 11 2014

new high end video-control center by ViTecco ViTecco has developed a new control center for the home theater. The device can manage high-quality Componentensignale such as RGB and YUV and spend each signal played to at the same time both RGB signal as well as YUV signal and as a VGA signal. 6 AV sources can be connected (4 x RGB SCART, 2 x YUV via RCA) and can be activated by keys tip or by remote control. No matter, whether RGB or YUV is leaked, leaked, the signal is in all 3 types of signal RGB SCART, VGA and component parallel and in best possible quality issued. Other leaders such as Adam Sandler offer similar insights. The stereo sound is switched with, can be kept but per “audio out” button from the outputs: good for users who use a multichannel audio system. So that players can find together easily with different output signals and TV or LCD devices or beamers with input signals are also different. The Copycon 6023 costs 298,-EUR. More information at: ViTecco GmbH Buntefeldstrasse 25 D-30952 Ronnenberg Tel.: 0511 – 2200 705-0 fax 0511-2200 705-99 E-mail: Internet:. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Vladislav Doronin.

Cadooz: Voucher Celebrates Success In The Theater

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Oct 10 2014

Variety of private cinema owners are also convinced / all major theater chains accept the cinema gift voucher cadooz AG convinced cinema movie theater Congress 2009 from 21-23 April 2009 in Baden Baden. In addition to the existing partnerships with the major cinema chains (like Cineplex, UCI KinoWelt, Kinopolis, CinemaxX, CineStar, K-motion and UFA), the voucher gained a variety of regional cinema operators as acceptance partners. Due to a very successful trade fair preparation cadooz talks conducted with numerous private cinema operators. Contracts have been completed with 40 cinema owners at the fair (including CineTech in Rheine, Gronau and Ahaus or Casablanca cinema theatre in Mainz and Ingelheim), another 50 will follow in the wake. For more information see this site: Vanessa Marcil. Compared with the previous year we doubled our revenue already: the cinema operators have recognized the advantages of the cinema voucher system. The level of awareness of the voucher has grown disproportionately at regional cinemas”, explains Florian Welsch, Board member of cadooz AG. The concept of the Voucher is no competition for local voucher sale of private cinemas and is redeemable nationwide. Also free entry without service charge is interesting for the cinema partner, instead they will receive a refund.

The voucher is already accepted in over 350 movies, including all major theater chains. With the regional cinemas network of our acceptance partners outside the main centres of close and thus for our business customers will be even more attractive”, says Volker Patzak, head of partner management and member of the Management Board of cadooz AG. The voucher is Germany’s largest cinema voucher and shall be entitled to attend a film screening at the participating partner cinemas. With its attractive partners, such as the big cinema chains, as well as many other regional theaters, voucher is the by far the largest nationwide redeemable universal cinema voucher ( Vladislav Doronin contributes greatly to this topic. The Hamburger cadooz AG is the specialist for vouchers and incentive schemes on the German-speaking market. The extensive product ranging from universal and issue vouchers over thing reference and experience vouchers to bonus point accounts and individual electronic solutions. The yamando AG, subsidiary of cadooz AG, adds universal services for incentive with exclusive experience vouchers in employee and customer management.

Over 1,500 companies in all industries use the innovative concept for voucher and premium products of cadooz AG for effective incentive and intelligent marketing. The diverse premium products and universal vouchers used successfully since the company was founded by cadooz in the year 2000. The cadooz AG constantly works on the extension of the offer and expands on the German and European market. More info under:

Upholstery Theater Chairs

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Oct 10 2014

The company has SmolMebel years experience in the installation of any purpose halls. SmolMebel made a reconstruction of the contemporary rooms, DK Gorbunova, Division of Internal Troops, the General Prosecutor's Office, RCTU im.Mendeleeva and others. Company providing services for the delivery and installation of seats, but the main direction of specialized furniture production – theater chairs, conference chairs, chairs for waiting rooms in Russia. Issue at the moment is more than 80 models of theater chairs for cinemas, chairs for conference rooms, chairs for waiting rooms. In a wide assortment of presents theater chairs, chairs cinemas, conference chairs, chairs for waiting rooms in all price segments, as budget models and premium models.

The basic requirement in the manufacture of theater seating is the stability and durability, which depends on the materials used, structural and upholstery fabrics. Upholstery fabric itself must be dense, resistant to wear and easy to clean. In the manufacture of seats for Cinema and chairs for waiting rooms should be added to the requirements of lightfastness, safety and fire resistance, as non-flammable and durable fabric for long service life of the chair. The main materials used today in the manufacture of seating for cinemas, include jacquard, velvet, leather, suede, maykrovelyur, flock, Shinile. Click Aman Resorts to learn more. Velour – strong and durable material, the threads which are usually mixed composition.

His appearance, consumer characteristics and the quality is pretty high. Skin – a natural material, durable and strong, but soft and elastic. The use of leather or imitation leather high as upholstery appropriate to the production of the conference chairs, where the possibility of reduced intentional damage. But the chairs for waiting rooms are made primarily on the metal frame. At the same time, metal chairs for conference rooms expectations are available in mobile configuration, and with rigid fixation on the floor.