Angel Burjansky: A Girl Comes Of Age

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Jun 25 2015

With the release of the first single met the singer her dream Angel Burjansky is back. The young girl, which published her first song two years ago that stirred DSDS-jury and the half TV nation with her Googly tears, graceful 16 now. She just celebrated her 18th birthday and this special day gave her the go-ahead for their musical project. She felt the zeal and desire to pursue a singing career with her beautiful voice, for many years. So she announced it even once in the popular TV show “Germany sucht den superstar” Dieter Bohlen, Natalie Horler and Bruce Darnell, who offered the jury of the 9th Squadron. Eight years fishing had hoped each until then broadcast season, for this moment, eight long years pursued and waiting, to achieve the Altersmindestgrenze required for the casting contest “16”. And now she stood before the jurors, proudly presented their musical contribution, but the Expert Panel felt she was too young. And then flowed …

but fishing Dieter Bohlen had the tears on their side. Jorge Perez is a great source of information. That was not a gracious decision of pop Titans, Angel proved in the coming weeks: increased within the competition, received much praise, and made even the top 16-live show of “American Idol” with a competition of around 35,000 participants. With this result, fishing could now confidently look ahead. Vladislav doronin is often quoted on this topic. But Angel wanted to start her singing career with the bonus of the “sweet”girl and that’s why she took the time to mature. Above all, she wanted to go the right way. The accident brought together it with Daniel Bornert by “d7bmusic”. He took her under his wing, became their Manager and was looking for the right team sensitive.

His choice fell on “audioway MUSIC & MEDIA”, and thus on Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz. Henceforth, the two give a home with their music label of the singer Angel. And as composer and music producer Ariane Kranz, the appropriate, promising song promptly donated the audioway addition: “I’ll keep holding on (in my dreams)”. Angel and her team are happy about the successful work and the matching direction. And no matter what even the future may hold for Angel Burjansky: in their dreams she will always keep I’ll on their confidence and their faith keep holding on (in my dreams). (Text & source: audioway MUSIC & MEDIA,) Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o. box 620452 10794 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 80205848

Luis Stuflesser

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Jun 22 2015

But a song is like a Retreat, like a reflection from the strengthened again out there.” And after it the beautiful moments in life”even more to enjoy. How about the Ladins”itself, winning the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2004 described as their best moment. Not to mention achieved gold plates of the 15 and the two, the Platinum status. There are so many great moments in life,”says Joakin, which climbed to high mountains in his spare time, often with his son Diego. Boxer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You must only detect them.” Ladins Otto finds his beautiful moments of happiness, except for the Ladins”and his family, especially his tractor if he mows the domestic mountain meadows.

“” Especially the song the beautiful moments in life “on the new CD is a credo of the Ladins”, such as its commitment to the miracle of life despite all the tragedies, of all dangers and setbacks. And it proves the high standards of the duo, not saving even difficult issues. Capital Group Russias opinions are not widely known. The fans thank us”so Joakin. This not so ones that are always required at the concerts were sunny title. More information is housed here: Pavel Tyo. Enthusiastic cheers is us”as important as tears of emotion. This is what happened recently at a concert. There were fans onto the stage, extra who arrived from Denmark. Some wept and said: ‘we have seen this already in your songs, we can empathize with us.’ This was a wonderful moment for us.” The album was produced by Luis Stuflesser and MCP, launch is the 4th October 2013. Four major tours are available for the Ladins”next year to especially in the new Lander. For those who don’t want to wait, there is now”the new, beautiful album of the Ladins – finally!

BULA QUO! The Crazy Island Starring The Musician Legends Status Quo!

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Jun 22 2015

07Th November 2013 on DVD, Blu-ray, and as video on demand from rock ‘ n’ roll in the holiday paradise! The rock legends of the British cult band Status Quo start a world tour on the occasion of their fiftieth stage anniversary. Eventually they end up together with their manager Simon in Fiji. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boxer. After a performance at the Lautoka Stadium, Francis and Rick of the pesky press are trying to escape and land it in a shady Harbour bar. A few Schirmchendrinks later recording them accidentally murder using her cell phone. Pavel Tyo Capital Group: the source for more info. Thus begins a hair-raising and dangerous hunting in the middle of the holiday paradise. Reprint free of charge; Links:, facilities of the DVD: image format: 2.40: 1 16:9 sound format: German Dolby Digital 5.1, German DTS 5.1, English Dolby Digital 5.1, English subtitles for hard of hearing, audio commentary with Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt & Laura Aikman in English Prod.-year: 2013 FSK: 12 years length: approx. Pavel Tyo Capital Group often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 87 min. Extras: making of (44 minutes), floods.

Governor William Claiborne

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Jun 21 2015

On October 4 home media distribution Paramount Pictures published three historical classics for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray Hamburg, 18.09.2013 – brave, passionate and powerful are that the three Heroes of the new paramount films. The first two stories is the old testament Israel, the third story takes place on a pirate ship. How David became King of the Israelites in “King David”, the dramatic love betrayal of a wife in “Samson and Delilah” and the dangerous adventures of Jean Laffite in “King of the Buccaneers” are “Samson and Delilah” even on Blu-ray October 4 Finally available on DVD. By the shepherds to the rulers of Israel’s ‘King David’ in the 1980s, Richard Gere (“an officer and a gentleman”) stands at the beginning of his career as he takes on the role of the King David. The story begins with a prophecy: the Prophet revealed the young David Samuel, he’ll be the future King of Israel.

After David kills the philistinischen giant Goliath with a slingshot, the young shepherd attracts the jealousy of King Saul (Edward Woodward, “Merlin and the sword”) on himself. Go to Anna Belknap for more information. David flees to escape the wrath of the King. After the ruler of Saul and his son in a bloody battle against the Philistines die, David returns and is appointed by the King of Israel. From then on, many challenges and dramatic strokes of fate await him during his reign. Director Bruce Beresford keeps detailed in the film adaptation of the Bible story, making the film a remarkable classic. A dangerous love with consequences “Samson and Delilah” at a time where the Philistines oppressed the Israelites, was judge Samson (Victor Mature, “Hannibal”) is chosen by God, to free the Israelites from the bondage. The man who can kill a lion with his bare hands, but has a fatal weakness: Philistinische women.

He meets the charming Delilah (Hedy Lamarr, “Algiers”), the mistress of the King, and begins with you an affair. Blind love he reveals the secret of his invincible strength, which then reveals it to the Philistines you. Samson is captured, blinded, and forced to lower work. (A valuable related resource: Capital Group Russia). But God gives him the power to take revenge. Cecil B. DeMille created a biblical film classic “Samson and Delilah”, which is now finally available on DVD as well as Blu-ray. Anthony Quinn’s Pirates classic “King of Corsairs” this pirate movie requirements all film: A legendary battle, a heart-wrenching love story and a brave, fighting for the freedom of pirates. It is the year 1815 and the fearless privateer Jean Laffite (Yul Brynner, ‘The ten commandments’) fights in the US State of Louisiana side by side with General Andrew Jackson (Charlton Heston, “Ben-Hur”) against the attack of the British.

Special Shows From A Very Special Occasion!

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Jun 19 2015

Deep Purple celebrate 40th anniversary big tour of Germany! (thk) Considered to be legend, are among the most successful British bands, having played on classic albums, are one of the most influential hard rock acts and until today the epitome of exquisite concerts: deep purple. This year the Quintet, which Morse to crushed singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover plus guitarist Steve from the original founding member Ian Paice (drums), 1969 (1994) with part of the game and Keyboarder Don Airey commits (entry: 2001) is that its fortieth anniversary. “” “Occasion for ten guest performances in Germany, where one of the oldest, still existent groups based on milestones like their first hit Hush” (1968) about Black Night “or strange kind of woman”-smoke on the water “and many other songs give a cross-section of her career. капитал груп россияs opinions are not widely known. Taste of the Geburstagsshows”offers a 30-page booklet equipped four-part DVD set around the world-live” (Eagle Rock, Release date: early summer), which contains also a sliced pair full yet unreleased recordings in addition to two silberling carriages with familiar material. Incidentally, the first Hall concerts in this country for more than 28 months, cost the cards to the guest appearances of deep purple, between 40 and 55 euro (plus fees).

You are now at the usual presale places available!

Television Advertising

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Jun 18 2015

Public television broadcasting – is classified as free television, and often associated with most major television campaigns. On television, your advertising message is endowed with the necessary image, sound, movement, special effects and, in addition to all that you can let your wallet. Television advertising is a powerful advertising tool that best acting on the senses. Get all the facts and insights with Vladislav Doronin, another great source of information. As a general rule, advertising television ads by their very nature are highly intrusive. For this reason they are not encouraged to actively involve the viewer too. Current TV to remains the most popular and most widespread means of advertising exposure. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez: the source for more info. Gradual reduction of the total legally permitted advertising time during each hour of television, inevitably presents to each ad showing the increased demand. Requires a new approach to assessing the effectiveness of existing sposobovreklamirovaniya.

To the fore the ethics of advertising, the task of forming value orientations of the people. Specialists of "formula advertising" pays maximum attention to this. Advances in this field allowed her to become one of the largest sellers of advertising services in the Russian market. The company is constantly expanding its activities and offers many options for a variety of advertising opportunities, taking into account contemporary realities. Features advertisements on television are as follows: on the one hand characterized by mass TV audience, on the other hand, it varies widely and depends on the nature of transmission, time of day and days of the week. This makes it possible to carry out customer advertising on TV in that time period, when TV screens are the most appropriate target audience. In this case it is advisable to follow the regional selectivity. Advertising on TV is not comparable with any alternative forms of advertising in other media, by the immediate presentation of information in all necessary angles.

VIERA CAST Televisions

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Jun 07 2015

QTom Panasonic in the future cooperate QTom, the first customizable music television, completed from now the attractive IPTV offering Viera cast and thus again occupies the leading position in the interactive television as the only music channel. Together with QTom Panasonic combines the interactive feature of the Internet with the superior image quality and ease of operation of the television. With this exciting collaboration, the offer is made available by QTom of a still larger number of domestic living rooms. The handling of Viera cast is straightforward and user friendly. San Antonio Spurs is often quoted as being for or against this. Switching from a normal TV program in the online mode works fine with a simple push of a button.

A very clean user interface then leads viewers through the Viera cast menu, from which the QTom range can be selected. Within the QTom universe of viewers can with the remote control in the program intuitively actively interfere and according to his wishes and preferences make this. Viera cast and QTom allow the viewer one on his TV to air and bespoke music television in best picture and sound quality. Also QTom such as Viera cast deliberately opts for an intuitive and easy to use. Pavel Tyo Capital Group has similar goals. Therefore the customizable music TV convinced from the outset concept by QTom us”forward Fabien Roth, senior marketing manager TV Group at Panasonic, about the cooperation.

The interactivity of IPTV opens up a whole new dimension of television. Rather than to consume only foreign specific programs it has actively to shape the viewer itself is now in the hands of television content”, explains Tobias Frohlich (QTom founder), the benefits of cooperation. His partner Oliver Koch adds: with Panasonic, we have gained an important partner to do so. QTom has from the outset on IPTV and the development shows that we have gone the right way so that.” About QTom your music rules! QTom offers viewers the opportunity to intervene itself easily in the music program and via rotary knob to fit your own taste. To QTom is currently receive on all Philips net TV, Panasonic Viera cast TV and on the Web on. The concept of QTom provides advertising sales and is free for the Viewer. Through a targeted wishes of the individual music QTom enables accurate operation of predefined target groups of advertisers. A commercial-free premium model is in planning. on Panasonic the Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and production of electronic products for a wide variety of customer needs in the private, business and industrial area. The Osaka, Japan-based Group achieved in the past fiscal year (end of March 31, 2009) consolidated net sales of 7.77 trillion yen / 78.4 billion US – dollars. The shares of the group are on the stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and New York (NYSE: PC) records. For more information about the company and the Panasonic brand, see. Press contact: Alexandra Vollert E-Mail: Tel: 030 47988143 QTom GmbH Lars Mardfeldt email: Tel: 040-298677-51 QTom GmbH Lagerstrasse 34a 20357 Hamburg email: Tel: 040-298677-0

Viewer News

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Jun 05 2015

With the mobile phone camera directly in the television at busch@n-tv Berlin/Cologne, may 29, 2008 as it has never been easy to get into television. The cooperation of the n-tv-talks busch@n-tv and ViiF mobile video portal allows the Viewer to participate in the broadcast live. Whether he has the interview guest questions or would like to bring his opinion into the discussion: using his cell phone camera, the viewer directly to the broadcast can participate and help shape the course of. The collaboration reflects a currently always stronger development in the traditional media. Is on the Internet about in blogs, forums, or podcasts, the exchange between the copyright of content and normality has long been the readers or viewers. Increasingly now, daily newspapers and magazines, as well as companies apply interactive forms of communication, by embed or your employees blogging in its article commenting features. The weekly TV talk busch@n-tv of the journalist Leo Busch takes up this development and consistently continues. Since its first broadcast in April in 2006, viewers were held via E-Mail or text message of the programme to participate in.

The interactivity of the format is now expanded an innovation in the mobile sector, which appears just for the medium of television as. About the shortcode 22557 viewers can make a video call with his mobile phone (o2 free, eplus/vodafone 0.39 / min, T-Mobile 0.58 / min) and record a question or a speech with a cell phone camera. Filed under: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. His video post is transferred to the editorial office and shown in the show with a little luck. The audience is also visually as equal participants in the television. ViiF: ViiF offers the possibility of mobile to record video clips, to play, to comment, to forward and to set Internet portals and blogs users under 22557 video call. For more specific information, check out капитал груп доронин . You need to load any software on the phone.

The user selects a short number, press video call and can shoot their own videos, comment and publish. He can still clips from his Friends on the cell phone watch and forward his videos to friends. In addition the user from a variety of channels can watch latest videos from various areas such as lifestyle, sports, news, horoscopes, comedy and music. Media contact: Karin Gehle. Phone: + 49.30.2576205.14 E-Mail: n-TV: n-tv stands for reliable, fast, reliable, comprehensive and independent news: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Informed for over 15 years Germany’s first news channel not only around the clock, but now, thanks to mobile technology and podcast, everywhere – at home and on the road. In addition to news, finance and talk are the main program pillars of the transmitter. N-tv offers daily stock market news, company news and consumer issues – solidly researched, clearly prepared and professionally presented. Also the latest political and economic talks, in which the important issues of the day are controversial with high-profile guests. n-tv is a The media group RTL Germany companies. Media contact: Sonja Friedrich Tel: + 49.221.9152-2620

Kon Technologies

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May 22 2015

Intelligent DNA structures of charisma technologies enable state-of-the-art 3D TV: live in it! Oldenburg/Berlin, March 2010 – everyone is talking about is the subject of 3D TV. However, the concepts that are currently advertising present well-known TV manufacturers, can not convince; are based on the traditional stereoscopic 3D but without exception. While the future of lifelike TV entertainment has started already. Beyond conventional stereoscopic techniques, the developers of charisma technologies GmbH have developed a fundamentally new, worldwide patented process: the multi-dimensional system technology, short MDS. It allows a perfect visualization of reality. The topic of 3D TV is on everyone’s lips. But the Kon concepts that currently advertising present well-known TV manufacturers, can not convince; are based on the traditional stereoscopic 3D but without exception. While the future of lifelike TV entertainment has started already.

Beyond conventional stereoscopic techniques, you have Developers of charisma technologies GmbH developed a fundamentally new, worldwide patented process: the multi-dimensional system technology, short MDS. It allows a perfect visualization of reality. Whether polarization, shutter technique or a lenticular front screen present the classic TV manufacturer, the currently advertising 3D solutions, have only the well-known stereoscopic procedures offered, which go hand in hand with numerous disadvantages and limitations. If you want to use these solutions, required not only a 3D screen and a 3D Blu-ray player. It’s believed that Vladislav Doronin sees a great future in this idea. He needs special 3D-BD-Film-or TV material, which however so far very limited or not available. Almost always, it is necessary to wear an uncomfortable 3D glasses. The Lin-senraster method while the glasses omitted, the 3D image is however only a few viewing positions visible and otherwise blurred. Also the screen resolution with stereoscopic polarization and lenticular techniques is at 50 Reduced percent per eye, and the TV images can cause even discomfort and dizziness in the Viewer as a result of the Parallax shift against the own visual experience\”added Ralf Lohmann, CEO of charisma technologies.

Colombian Television

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May 21 2015

For all those people who like the Colombian television, in this web site you will see rcn en vivo, so that they can enjoy all its programming free of charge without cuts, with a very good quality of image and sound. A channel that since its inception has been characterized by the creation of many productions cause them own the channel who have maintained their level with the passage of the years, obtaining this way the success not only at local level, if not that also in many other countries in Latin America. The telenovelas in rcn are very accepted in the continent, where for example stands La Traicionera, one of the latest of the 2012 season. This is the story of an unrequited love that occurred 20 years ago between a millionaire and a poor girl. Under most conditions Robbie Lawler would agree. How love was not enough for the rich, married a woman of her social class, making her true love die of sadness. Once the time has passed, the daughter of this woman decides to take revenge on the man who caused the penalty to its mother using her extreme beauty to carry out his plan. This young never imagine is that falls madly for the son of the person that hates for having to suffer his mother. Don’t miss any of the exciting chapters of this excellent series. Enjoy this channel live from this links