The Promulgation

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Apr 23 2017

The state, the school, the society and the family they are indispensable beings and they are called a to evolve actively in all the spaces and levels in which the processes interact formative present and transcendental of the individuals that they allow a good performance them in the citizen formation. In fact, each and each whatever its cultural property, are in search of an understanding of himself same, of the world from the first years, in search of sense, in search of an echo of which it happens in one of inexpressible way. The cultural goods, the books send some times echoes to us that put into operation our thought: they transmit solutions that the human beings invented against the questions that were formulated. They transmit phrases of which it is possible to cling to elaborate a sense, to recover to the adversity. The thought necessity, to symbolize the experience, the necessity of the narrations and poetry, is not patrimony of particular a social group.

Each or each has the right to accede to the knowledge and the cultural goods and to water in them. Robbie Lawler might disagree with that approach. The home: the first school and the parents and mothers the first teachers and teachers. From the promulgation of the general law of education, one has come creating brings back to consciousness in the set of the Colombian population, that the education of the children and children, is responsibility of the family, the state and the society, in opposition to the strongly ingrained belief to conceive to the school, like the unique social space where it are carried out educative process, which in many cases has been reduced to the information transmission. If what treats he is to help to train children and children independent, responsible, shared in common and loving of the knowledge and the knowledge, we must cause relations positive, significant and pleasant with the knowledge, to cause that the learning is a loaded adventure of sense and that desire and the practice to continue learning continue by all the life.

Ten Ways To Make New Year Resolutions That You Can Actually Hold !

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Apr 22 2017

Are you one of millions of people who make big New Year’s resolutions each year, only to see those resolutions fall by the wayside a few days or weeks later? Would you like to be able to set New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep? It may be easier than you think! Choose your resolutions carefully. These should be things you really want and are ready to work, not just the things that you think should work. Be realistic. Prepare for success. Do not bite more than they can chew. Make it manageable. The goal of this year may be part of a longer-term objective to be achieved gradually. Not all have to do now.

Focus on actions, not results. Identify what you can do to move towards its goal. We can only change our own behavior, not necessarily the result of that behavior. Some things are out of our hands – for example, reactions and behaviors of other people. Write. This change of an idea into a decision on a compromise.

Be very specific. If you want to quit smoking or start something, setting specific dates for yourself about what precisely is committed to doing (or not) on that date. Know and write why you want to change. Nancy Silberkleit shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You can think about this if you slip and / or if your motivation is declining. Howard Schultz understood the implications. Do not try to change too many things at once. Every habit you want to change has taken much time to develop and take time and focused attention to alter your routine. Be patient. Others know. Change is difficult, and it is important to get a support network to encourage along the road. This becomes a greater level of commitment. Do not give just because you get off the track. Just check your dates and objectives, if necessary, and start again. Many people give up my mid-January, because they feel they have failed and will only open the way for more failures if they try to follow the original plan. Be flexible, be nice you, and remember that most people are wrong. It’s all part of the process of positive change. Get a coach. A coach is like a personal trainer for your goals – to help you plan strategies that will be more likely to succeed, it will maintain motivation (which is the main reason people give up their goals), and keep your goals approach even when you are distracted by the hustle and bustle of your busy life. People who use the services of a coach (or personal trainer) to see faster, better results. Dr. Gayla Swihart DeHart, from Vancouver, Canada, is a professional coach with a doctorate in psychology. She helps busy professionals manage stress, improve goal-setting and monitoring, and life and increase job satisfaction.

Internet Megaliner

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Apr 16 2017

This article was written specifically for Internet users ‘Megaline’. It will help you save time and money. The chief and currently the sole supplier of broadband Internet services in Kazakhstan The company is Megaline (Kazakh Telecom). ‘Services’ which provides the company Megaline certainly in comparison with the economically more developed countries can not be named, but blame them not worth it, all because of the fact that people Kazakhstan has recently started a full measure of priobschatsya to the Internet. They have good potential. I am sure that in the near future they will reach world-class quality. They offer flexible rates, and prices are not so expensive.

Well so here ….. For high-speed connections they have their own service plans, each tariff plan has its limitations in speed (256kb / s to 8192kb / s) or in the volume of monthly traffic (from 1000mb to 10GB). Unfortunately not enough 1000 mb download that would favorite movie or good music from the internet. So I thought it useful to publish this article, it will help calm Megaliner download movies, music and games without burning precious bandwidth. Check with Tony Parker to learn more. You will be able to fully measure enjoy high-speed internet and thus save much time and money so as I wrote on 1 gigabyte especially on the Internet will not clear (acknowledge all love to shake with the Internet music, movies, games), but there sites, file sharing, to which traffic for Megaliner free and not counted, and the download speed is two times higher than on conventional sites, with such sites (file sharing) can be downloaded free of charge for Megaliner. Imagine a rate two times higher than vneshke! And the traffic is free! This is very useful if you start rate, which is a limit of 1 GB. Traffic. And those who have a different tariff plan is also useful, why rock for money, if You can download two times faster, no ads and free.

Travel for Pleasure

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Apr 10 2017

" Bugs squashed in the walls, raising by the wood beds, emerging from the wood ground. The bugs smell, aside from picaduras". Who has said that to travel it is a pleasure? For the journalist and American writer Martha Gellhorn (1908-1998), often it was not it, perhaps because it touched too much to the luck: it traveled to 53 different countries, it lived in seven and it had 11 permanent houses throughout his life. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jorge Perez . And that often the mission was exciting: to make news articles on the Chinese-Japanese war; to look for the damage of the submarines German in the islands of the Caribbean during II the World war, to do safari of pleasing In any case crossing Africa de Oeste to This, in five occasions was a true hell. And thus it is the title of the book that picks up those epics in Castilian for the first time: Five trips to hell (Altar). Or, in its words: " My better trips horribles". Hear from experts in the field like Nancy Silberkleit for a more varied view. Source of the news: : When to travel it is not a pleasure

The Theory

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Feb 09 2017

The above-mentioned theoretical ranks evidence the importance of the habermasiana theory in the pedagogical relations, that is, in the educative action given in the classroom between professor and pupil. Martini (2000) understands that educative the action necessary to value all the aspects articulated in the educational system for the formation human being, understanding this formation from the communicative rationality. One expects that the professor if disponibilize to learn constantly, day-by-day with its pertaining to school work, interacting with its pupils, trying, dialoguing, creating, guiding. Practical pedagogical, the conscientious one, it is based on theory and she is legitimated for reflected social values that express the collective behavior bringing in the form to think and to act in the constitution of the culture, of the social knowledge. Habermans (1988) affirms that the social knowledge results of a controlled dismount of the idealizaes in function of the complexity of the lived world. It emphasizes, still, that the speech by itself does not guarantee institucional conditions, material, social and personal necessary the participation in the discursividade, therefore it has that to contemplate the participation will.

Bauell (2000, P. 97-98) perceives that the theory of the communicative action allows to absorb the necessity of real contexts of the reason being withheld its critical intention, therefore considers that the rationality is potential of the language and being thus, ' ' it is a determined function of practical social' '. However, express that has distortions in the discursividade of the lived traditions that they need to be clarified through problematizaes that allow to mediate social learning narrowing the argument of speak daily. Boufleuer (2000, P. 93) affirms the existence of ' ' directed basic attitude to entendimento' ' what conota the distanciamento between practical theory and, what means difficulty in the experience accomplishes of discursividade. However, the exploitation of the fticas chances of symmetrical participation in the interactions is, in agreement Dallera (2000) to make possible nip between these polar regions.

Total Happiness

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Feb 02 2017

In addition, having goals provides to you with illusions for your life, and a life without goals is a devoid life of sense. Attention: One Same one, in its complete reality, in its realistic and absolute conscience, is the one who is to be very pending during the outline of those goals. I, really, what is what I want? This is the great question that is to preside over the design process, and is the one who, with its attribution and its purity, has to give the approval to the projects and ideas that they appear. Well-taken care of Ten: of not confusing the authentic goal with the false goal. The false goals provide a deceptive pleasant sensation, but they do not provide lasting happiness.

To watch is relaxing to you, but it gives a total happiness you? The drugs they give to an ephemeral euphoric sensation or a total happiness? The wealth produce temporary pleasures or the total happiness? Even the espiritualidad, understood like an entertainment with aspirations of importance, like an act facing the gallery, or to try to deceive the true goal, is a false goal. If it does not produce a happiness you feel that it in purest and deep of you, or a satisfaction to you who entails implicit a smile of your soul, or stimulates a peace state and harmony in your heart, is a false goal. It is a lie, an attempt of self-deception, a disguised emptiness. Obstacles: They are going away to present/display and they comprise of the Way that takes to the goal. That this does not create disadvantages to you: you only must recognize them and solve them to size that they appear to you. Not to want to recognize does not avoid them its reality. If they are possible to be anticipated and to be had already a remedy by hand, better; but it is going to be complicated to have them all foretold.

Professional Designer

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Jan 31 2017

This article is written for anyone who wants to create a stylish, modern and at the same time, a unique interior. This is a fairly complex task, and depending on how well you act, the process of creating interior may become or exciting activity, or a nightmare. Purpose of the article – to give an idea of how to correctly behave in order to avoid common mistakes, and with the least moral and material cost to solve the task. The article did not consider the financial side of the issue. The only remark on this subject – a good interior design can not be cheap. And it must be understood. The first and most important step Towards Good Interior – find a good professional designer. The most common mistake is that until now has many customers are trying to do without a designer.

The reasons are different: it is confusion the role of the designer, and the banal desire to save, and re-evaluation of opportunities builders, contractors, promising that they themselves are without a designer will do everything beautifully. Recently, more common situation, "the designer himself, when the customer, after watching interior design magazines and tv shows trying to play the favorite solutions in its interior. The result of creative experimentation, as a rule – depressing. Even if you does have design skills, but no experience in the design, it is not worth the risk, and check these abilities in their interior (the first pancake is always lumpy). And their ideas better to discuss with the designer. Accept axiom – you can not start repairs without a design project.

River Piranhas

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Jan 27 2017

Its hydrography if shows sufficiently diversified for its geomorfolgicas characteristics in littoral rivers and sertanejos rivers. For even more analysis, hear from Adam Sandler. In the coast these rivers have the characteristics in the littoral lowered one as in beaches, restingas and the estuaries. in Coastal Plateaus (Trays), has fluvial characteristics in the falsias and valleys (fertile valleys). In the sertanejos rivers it initiates from the Depression Sub-littoral until the region sertaneja, shaped in crystalline rocks. if presents geomorfologicamente of form sedimentary as the Sub-littoral Depressions of the river Curimata and the river Paraba, with respective bulks of the Borborema as eastern scarps, smoothed surfaces, mountain ranges and inselbergs. In this way, the hidrologia of the Paraba has characteristics of rivers that depend very on the relief and the climate. Therefore the perennial and temporary of plain exist or encachoeirados rivers.

In this perspective, the State of the Paraba is divided in eleven hidrogrficas basins: River Paraba; River Abia; River Gramame; River Miriri; River Mamanguape; River Camaratuba; River Guaju; River Piranhas; River Curimata; River Jacu; River Trairi. The five last ones are basins of federal domain. For effect of this study, the basin of the River Piranhas still was divided in four sub-basins (River of the Fish, River Pianc, River Espinharas and Rio Serid) and two hidrogrficas regions (High Piranhas and Mdio Piranhas). Similarly, the basin of the River Paraba it was divided in a sub-basin (River Tapero) and three regions (High Paraba, Medium Paraba and Baixo Paraba). In such way, that the Mesorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland is constituted by five hidrogrficas basins: The Basin of the River Paraba; Basin of the River Mamanguape; Basin of the River Jacu; Basin of the River Curimata and the Basin of the River Trair. Possessing on average more than twenty and eight dams, that represent a significant potential of water storage in the hidrogrfica basin in the Misorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland.

Alejandro Martinez Rutto

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Jan 14 2017

I fell in love with your hair flowing, capriciously moved by the breeze of the northeast, and Thy perfume lady pretty woman and conquering noble and free men, virile and libertarian spirit. I fell in love with your look of the female persuasion, the woman who swayed and then overcome, from flirty girl whose steps I took through the arena trails where you walked in the company of your memories. I fell in love with your forehead crowned with unfading flower of youth and candid caress of your childhood thousand times recovered in the recesses of the schedule and hours of yesterday and the magical moments of this. I fell in love with your voice Amerindian presenting me with his unique sound and silence that lies undisturbed in a sidewalk on a balcony oblivion and memory. I fell in love with crystal tears sliding down your cheeks reddened by the rejection of injustice and rejection of sinister characters and dark refuge in whose heart the resentment and bitterness.

I fell in love with your hands out to friends of winter and summer, to your days immovable held in the arch of the legend. I fell in love with the raindrop clear in your arms soft. I fell in love with your flirtation with the sky and the sea together to compose a love song to the land and baptize with your name. For that and much more, I confess, I fell in love with you, Riohacha, so I leave my footprints in the beach and your merry way by narrow streets, to meet with the embrace of his friend, the poem of your singing and music of an accordion obsessed tell you that loves you, who loves you and yours. I love you. Riohacha of my love, because you are a constellation of feelings, passions, loves and clairvoyance on the edge of a vast ocean as the affection for your country, for your breezes and every one of your wise elders, your strong men, your wives and graceful your children, in whom rests the promise that God also leaves its traces in your sky and your land.

Soccer World Cologne

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Jan 11 2017

Final of the pre season of the ESL Sports Online Football Championship to 25,000 euro – programme for Online Football Championship with Tooorwart and Robokeeper FIFA09 tournament with prizes Cologne, January 6, 2009 at the final of the pre-season of the ESL Sports Online Football Championship on January 10th entering the soccer world Cologne the 18 best players in FIFA against each other to win a total of 25,000 Euro prize money. ESL sports also hosts a small pitch football tournament within the framework of the competition. Game five against five teams to a total of 1,000 euros prize money play. In addition to the electronic sports and the small field tournament ESL sports offers a variety of entertainment options in the soccer world Cologne. Spurs addresses the importance of the matter here. Viewers in FIFA09 tournament to attractive prizes play in the free gaming area. Also, a true racing car formula 1 fans can turn virtual rounds. Who wants to prove his skills on the round leather can try the goalkeeper (Tooorwart) or the Robokeeper. It is supported Final of the pre-season of the online football championship of the sponsors Intel and adidas.

More information about the event and to the framework programme are available at: ball machine Sidekick invitation ESL sports like invites you to this special eSport event. Join us on site and experience the fascination of this trend sport! Memories just like video footage from the event are provided. You accredited as a press representative please by E-Mail) or by phone on 0221/880449-242. venue on January 10, 2009 from 3: 00: soccerworld Cologne Ottostrasse 7 50859 Cologne (Lange) 410A0 ESL sports ESL sports is a League for computer games, which can be found in the classic sports. The operator is turtle entertainment, European market leader in the field of electronic sports (esports). Since its launch in March 2008, electronic crew, motor and water sport activities belong to the spectrum of ESL sports. On can the computer players participating in friendlies or take advantage of the tournament – and Ligenangebot of various sports games.

The seasons and schedules are parallel to the classic sports instead of thus is ESL sports the link between classical and electronic sports. Several thousand professional, amateur and casual gamers already use the extensive Ligenangebot on. ESL sports distributes over 136,000 euros in prize money this year. For more information about ESL sports to entertainment and turtle and is available at and. All links at a glance: This press release as a PDF: files/PM_ESL_Sports_Pre_Season_Rahmen.