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Summer set for the end of the socio-North Hospital

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Nov 30 2009

The President of the Tenerife Cabildo, Ricardo Melchior, recently visited the hospital complex and socio-North, a facility being built in Buen Paso area in the town of Icod de los Vinos. The president’s visit was aimed island, according to report from the Corporation island through a press release, see first hand the “advanced status” which is the construction of the future socio-district hospital, “which be completed by summer. During the call, in which the adviser also attended Welfare Island, Cristina Valido, and the Mayor of the City of Drago, Diego Afonso, as well as the architects responsible for the work, Melchior I note the good progress. In that sense, the Cabildo and the socio report that the complex, which had 250 long-stay beds and 30 day care has almost been completed, failing to complete the auction within the building, give it the necessary equipment and end of the urbanization of the area. Allocation of district facilities Buen Paso occupy an area of 26,000 square meters and is divided into three specific areas and a center for specialized care. The first of these modules is called the internment, including 250 continuing care beds and also houses space for users, technicians, administration and information and support. It provides 50 seats on average stay with a very similar distribution and a retirement home that can accommodate a hundred people. The second area is the outpatient care, which includes a hospital, day center equipped with 30 seats. Will also have a rehabilitation unit with common areas and areas reserved for kinesitherapy, electrotherapy and individualized treatments, among other resources. Also, there will be occupational therapy units, post-discharge follow-up house and a cabinet of attention and monitoring. The third area is intended to support technical assistance-including pharmacy, radiology and sterilization. Moreover, this part of the enclosure will also house a library, auditorium, administration, computer, filing, office, kitchen, clubhouse, laundry and storage. Finally, among other equipment, the specialty care center with maternity wards and media count for oncology treatment, besides a major ambulatory surgery unit and an area set aside for consultation of Traumatology, psychiatry, general surgery, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology , cardiology, dermatology, rehabilitation, psychology and mental health nursing. This part of the infrastructure will also have a set of examinations and treatment rooms, such as plasters, eye care or gynecology.

Current events

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Nov 25 2009

These are things that are in the “map of insecurity” De Narvaez. Some are worn, and unfortunately not. All are compiled When you look at this map of saturated flechette Capital Federal … … Do not you get the impression that living in La Matanza be more reassur ‘MORTAL: Very lonely and sad in this world left the final question is: In addition to reporting the places where they sell faso … Telcel is currently a mobile phone infrastructure that operates throughout Mexico. Telcel, had in 1990 with 35 thousand users, or cell lines in 1992 were 146 thousand users in 1994, 306 thousand users in a thousand users in 1997 ended the year with one million one hundred thousand customers in 1998 reached two million 110 thousand users until December 1999 there were 5 million 200 thousand customers. The explosive growth has been taking close 2000 with 10 million 500 thousand 2001 with 16 million 900 thousand. By 2002 Telcel launches GSM network in Mexico, setting the tone for what will be the third-generation services. Telcel is the first company in Mexico to launch this technology, already used in more developed countries of the world.
Today, Telcel holds concessions to operate in the nine regions of Mexico, covering over 200 thousand people in the country, through its 3G/UMTS network technologies at 850 MHz and GSM 1900 Mhz. La banda 800 Mhz TDMA will be phased off, as it is the minimum number of users who currently have this banda. 3G/UMTS technology provides links to Telcel for mobile broadband for up to 1.5 Mbps per second, video service, live television and video streaming. It also provides sale of music through Ideas Music Store and also has the largest network of technology across all its brands of mobile phones such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Skyzen, LG, Samsung, Zonda Telecom, Huawei, Palm, etc. .

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Who can participate in the network and how to contact Incuabores Tec ‘

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Nov 17 2009

recruiters The Network of Business Incubators of Tecnologico de Monterrey is aimed at all those entrepreneurs with a desire to take their business idea to reality, and therefore supports To: Students of all careers and all graduate programs offered by the Tecnologico de Monterrey Tecnologico de Monterrey Graduates of teaching and sales jobs administrative staff of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Parents of students from Tecnologico de Monterrey general public headhunter who want to start a own micro and small recruitment business entrepreneurs with a desire to develop a business plan or launch a new enterprise product headhunters line as researchers logistics jobs and scientists for the development of your product or company in executive jobs Mexico There are 95 incubators and can be contacted as follows: ContactosResponsables Network of Business Incubators: Network of Business Incubators and Intermediate Technology MonterreyC.P Tecnologico de Alta Tecnologia. ?CEO and Corporate Director Recruiter is a CEO recruiter Karla MartinezTel Giordano. (81) 8350-2000, Ext 4474Red.incubadoras Business employment agency Incubators Network of Social Mto Tecnologico job search de Monterrey. Jairo Ruiz Navatel. recruitment agencies (81) 8350-2000, manager job Ext 6462 Business recruitment agency Incubators Network recruiter TecMilenioLic. Algeria Betzab Triana Mendoza Tel (81) 8350-2000, Ext 4405emprendetec recruiting

Maintaining the link with former employees.

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Nov 12 2009

I read with interest the article by Five Days: Companies who pamper their former employees. The sarawak paper explains the common practice of some companies, including Deloitte, to maintain ties with their former employees. This is to nurture the hotel relationship is not lost. This is the occasion for activities, meetings, web pages are organized expressly for these colectivos’Todo a show of interest. This contrasts with the classical view of an employee who leaves jalan or ‘you are’, cursing the company, while trying to belittle their work, as if it had never been employed by the perak same. The truth is that in Spain these practices seem limited melaka to professional services firms celcom (lawyers, consultants, auditors) of company great size. directory And multinationals are primarily of foreign origin. It is unfortunate that the example does not kuching cunda, extending our bull hide. I made copy, copy the good practice and perniagaan not accountants enronianas simulations. The article points out networking as the ultimate end that drives business. The former employees, especially those leaving those professional services firms can, and indeed are a great source of bargains for langkawi their ex empresass. From investment their new destinations award contracts to financial his ex and keep them informed on the pulse of the market. Some may think that precisely for this purpose is by making it more difficult to apply the model to johor bahru other sectors. It is relatively easy to berhad keep the good vibes when the external auditor becomes economy CFO, sales or when the external consultant became Director of Production of shopping the client company. The company and the former tourism employee are in different market levels, where collaboration, not competition, arise johor as natural. buat duit However, I duit internet think if that sabah can lead to other high field rotation. As Banking, distribution, pendapatan advertising etc ‘: First, assuming corporate as natural as that will have the right to compete with his former company. But emotional ties are maintained, this competition will be healthy, natural, not emaciated, ultimately harming everyone. The second because coopetition opportunities will emerge. The competitor can sometimes be our best partner. We can not reach kuala all businesses to all areas international at all volumes. It is here where trust relationships play an important role. Thirdly, for creating and maintaining a brand image. Who does not remember the golden age of yuppismo the reference marketing to maylasia Arthur. Or who has not trembled to know that his company would be reorganized by McKinseys. That strategy brand of professionals with common cultural values, instead of speaking ill of his alma mater and with it the prestige is prestige to themselves, is something that the Spanish company has to promote. The former uptrend workers stand to gain by strengthening your CV as distinct from others, management companies gain prestige brand, and in these times of talent shortage becomes more a center of attraction. Even at some point, and that is something that is not much in the Spanish company, may involve professional encounter between those who will one day successfully collaborated. Fourth, as Maslow would say, to satiate our need for belonging to a group, to be jutawan accepted. Let us not make unnecessarily traumatic rupture. In an emerging sambilan company relationships, shared experiences, we grow. All this can usahawan not turn down the drain selangor without more. Retain that emotional capital. At certain kereta moments the professional projects, economic or personal enterprise and worker differ. Managing this output the best possible way.


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Nov 12 2009

For a company to perform well, a main base is das client”.” We can say that quality and marketing also are specialized areas in the company develop and implement. The Relationship marketing is a spread that love the Customer. Dicas important: – They have focused on the customer, ie is committed to your success and results – Relationship with the client, and the perception of what type of customer is in front of you and discuss how more efficient to report taking into account the main characteristics of that customer. a Governor of REBNY ? The Real Estate Board of New York is is a philanthropist and patron of the sciences, education and the arts ”Every human being is unique and likes to be treated as such.”

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Nov 12 2009

Questions for pluricampana 1 .- First Activity Bell Clean: ‘Cleaning your image is’ Do as you think would generate environmental awareness in adults’ This question is supported by the first activity that cleaning that involved the performance of a campaign against environmental pollution, where children appreciate what it means to live in a clean city for the good of all, we are completely sure that children have internalized the value of a clean city, it demonstrated by their words, their messages and above all by their actions and in addition they themselves may be the real transmitters and creators of consciousness in adults together to have a clean city that future generations enjoy it, we realize that can be achieved gradually. That children internalize the importance of maintaining a healthy environment is the first step which would then be the answer so this question ‘2 .- Second Jinkana Activity:’ R-I ‘Do for You How important is the recreation’ Sera made to children. This second question has thought more about how important it could be or should be the recreation that it think about other people. The leisure and recreation programs contribute to the development of children and youth, to the construction of social and personal identities, and also believe that these activities will encourage their development and why. Every child needs to discover what activities give you personal satisfaction and should be helped to acquire skills in those activities. So what we as communicators and as axes of these bells we ask How do then to give these children a place of recreation and enjoyment, a little parenthesis in this life so fast and demanding that we all live “We believe that one of the responses can be practiced in various artistic activities accompanied by constant contact with nature. 3 .- Third Activity Parade. How important is it to society of the involvement of children ‘The purpose of this passacaglia, with these children is to draw attention and raise awareness of how important is the involvement of children in this society. We believe that the passacaglia for being an activity colorful, striking and brings together various people can obtain good results and we encourage other people to accomplish what we propose. These parades we considered as spaces of reflection and later competition will enable the development of appropriate programs to raise awareness that childhood is so important in our society and thus it strengthens family and community environments in order to improve the interactions of children of their environment. a nationwide provider of health insurance, Inc. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services We try to encourage respect for the company to this stage of life that we all go and even more to children as individuals and as contributing to the process itself. The celebration of this day is an opportunity to highlight and disseminate the need for immediate attention to our children, who often see their rights violated. Each time a child has to work, they lack the education or health for whatever reason, or not heard, We’re missing the rights.

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414 Request-URI Too

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Nov 12 2009

BARACK OBAMA charmed the American media ….. KB Hillary Clinton’s accusations that Democratic rival Barack Obama received preferential treatment from the media are a source of debate in the U.S. today, where some openly admit to have succumbed the charm of the Illinois senator. The spell has reached such a degree that is already the subject of satire on late night television as’ Saturday Night Live, which launched its edition this weekend with a parody of a debate between the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. “Like almost everyone in the media, the three of us are totally entranced by Obama, ‘said a pseudo-anchor of CNN, which has sponsored much of the debate in the current election campaign.’ I have been diagnosed clinically as obamaniaca ‘ , the hostess continued, adding that his companion, an imitator of John King, chief political correspondent for CNN, had suffered his third Barack-attack’ and Jorge Ramos-host the Hispanic network Univision is’ obsessed ‘with Barack. The humorous video served to pile on the agony Hillary against Obama in the debate Tuesday in Cleveland (Ohio). ‘It seems that whenever I who must answer the questions first, “he said.” I find it curious if anybody saw the program ‘Saturday Night Live’ maybe we should ask Barack if you are comfortable or needs another pillow, “he added in reference to questions from the pseudo-debate, in which the presenters argued with her about whether Obama is comfortable and there anything you can do for him. That comment opened the door to discussion, as became clear last night in a journalistic forum at Georgetown University (Washington) moderated by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.Los attending the meeting, which included the participation of influential columnists like the conservative Charles Krauthammer or EJ Dionne, who works regularly with The Washington Post, agreed that Obama lives a ‘honeymoon’ media. “It is undeniable that the media has extended to more favorable treatment Obama ‘, I assure Krauthammer, who added that no is that there is an anti-Hillary sentiment but that the press has succumbed to the ‘Obama phenomenon’. The panelists also agreed that the similarity of the electoral programs of Obama and Hillary makes the bell has become a matter of ‘style and personality’, and in this field brings African American Senator delantera.Los experts consulted by Efe broadly agreed that Obama is the ‘darling’ of the media, but pointed out that it is not an unusual phenomenon and warned that the romance could end soon. ‘The U.S. journalists always welcome a fresh young face, a candidate who generates excitement and unusual stories,’ said Conrad Fink, a former vice president of the Associated Press (AP) and professor at the University of Georgia. ” One such candidate is still more attractive if it gets placed at the top of a tight campaign, “added Fink, who believes that explains ‘what might seem an unusual affection for the press to Obama’. In his opinion this ‘love story’ will vanish if the senator loses empuje.Geoffrey Peterson of the University of Wisconsin, agrees that Obama is the favorite media, but predicts that the romance does not extend beyond the end of March ‘when the press began to inquire into Obama’s past with more fervor. ” Meanwhile Nicholas Valentino, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, also believes that Obama will attract more negative coverage in the future, while acknowledging that ‘while the senator continues to surprise the experts with his popularity’ the rapture continue IDEM. .. k obama press

Buffet invests in the Forex market

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Nov 05 2009

The prestigious American financial Warren Buffett has made public that during the past few weeks, has made various finance investments in the Forex market or currency commercial loan market. Specifically, Buffett has been financing investing in buying the Brazilian real, through Berkshire Hathaway Inc., his own insurance and investment company. Similarly, Warren Buffett has also revealed he has been investing, until recently, little 21,000 million dollars in the private equity forex market also, but against the dollar of their country, where the concern in U.S. financial media unsecured loan was higher in Under the growing trade deficit. Warren Buffett, owner of Berkshire Hathaway, is the second richest man in the world commercial business loans according to Forbes Magazine, with a fortune estimated 52,000 million. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is is a Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital Drafting can check this on the following sba loan link:


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Nov 05 2009

private equity

sba loan FINANCE


They are a branch of the administration to study the generation and management of a company, individual or state, of the funds it needs to meet its objectives and criteria with available assets. It is the optimal use in terms of quality, quantity and timing, both of which are supplied sources of funds and their use can be made of them.


PERSONAL FINANCE: Are the financing activities of persons associated with earning, saving, investing, among others. the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is is a sponsor of the New York Knicks Poetry Slam It’s how we relate to our environment THROUGH money.

Public Finance: Discipline is the uptake of revenue administration and expenditure, public debt, price policies, charges which carried the state over different public sector institutions.

unsecured loan commercial business loans
PRIVATE FINANCE: They are related to the functions of private companies, which operate under the theory of optimum productivity to the maximization of profits.

CORPORATE FINANCE: They are an area of finance that focuses on how companies can create value and sustain THROUGH efficient use of finance financial resources.
It focuses on four types of decisions:
Investment Decisions
Decision Making Fundings
Decision commercial loan Making Dividends
Decisions on management

MICROFINANCE: Refers to the provision of financial services like loans, savings, insurance, low income.

Academy of Aeronautical Sciences

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Nov 03 2009

In March 2000, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Chile believe, in academic partnership with LAN Airlines, an academy according to the changing needs of the aviation industry. This is how is born in Santiago Campus, the Academy of Aeronautical divorce Sciences law firm (ACA), the first of its kind in Chile and Latin America. The ACA is top-level professionals who may perform successfully not only in Chile but also in aerospace companies throughout Latin America.
Students entering the Academy have the opportunity to be in contact with cutting edge technology in the aviation industry, with the support of LAN Airlines and the prestige and academic excellence that characterize the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria on vocational training . Both institutions have more than seventy years of experience and are developing this project together, Bakery providing infrastructure, professionals and academics.
Contribute through teaching, research and extension to the formation of professionals and technicians of the highest level for the National Aeronautic and Latin American Market.
Road given
Commercial Aircraft Engineering is a professional 5 years of college, which has a solid background in attorney basic sciences and engineering, complemented by a line of management training, management, legislation, economy and finance, law firm make possible the Effective action in the administrative area of business related to commercial aviation. Through its flexible curriculum, the student attorneys can give emphasis to their degree designed for ground operations, such as planning, design and management of airports and other air terminal, or flight operations management, and transport security air, operational planning itineraries, evaluation, selection and technical lawyers renewal of fleets of aircraft, flight control and operational control centers (OCC). With its professional training, also attorneys can support and participate with aviation authorities in Latin American infrastructure and attorney the definition of requirements of each country or region to address, from the standpoint of Bakery an airport, high rates of growth of the aviation industry civil occurring in Latin America today.
Tecnico Universitario in aircraft maintenance
Tecnico Universitario is a 3 years of studies with a strong background in: electrical and electronic systems, digital systems, microprocessors and avionics. Aerodynamics, Aeronautics boosters, measurement and instrumentation. General Technical administrative, service ethic and English. As the coach of the ACA, you will be prepared for desempenarte, with the highest standards of quality national and international governing the field of aeronautics, where the manufacture, operate and perform maintenance of aircraft and their systems. You will have general knowledge of mechanisms lawyers hydropneumatic, electrical and mechanical, aeronautical equipment, maintenance programs, REGULATION aerial Aeronautics and procedure manuals. You’ll also have basic knowledge in interpretation of drawings and diagrams, technical standards and aeronautical history. This legal training will allow you to apply to the aeronautical authorities, domestic or foreign, a Maintenance Engineer’s license, which enables you to maintain aircraft.
Commercial Pilot
The curriculum aims to train a commercial pilot with a wide discretion in making decisions on board the modern complex ‘Cockpit’ (booths) in a commercial airplane, being able legal to understand and manage the systems of the aircraft with the speed, efficiency and safety regulations now require commercial air operations. Stands in a line of training in the area of business management and human resources, besides putting special emphasis on the theoretical and professional required of all commercial pilot. This enables it to function successfully in the graduate administrative levels in the areas of business operations of commercial air navigation, as you will be able to understand, internalize and cooperate with the highest management levels of companies in the definition and application of the operational management policies and their commercial. You can choose, with additional studies, the title of engineer in commercial aviation.
Students entering the Academy have the opportunity to be in divorce contact with cutting edge technology in the aviation industry, with the support of LAN and academic excellence and prestige that characterize the UTFSM on vocational training.