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On-Air Space Game

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Nov 12 2010

There is a new online puzzle game that requires logical thinking and implementing some mechanical skills. Imagine yourself traveling through space and trying to manage a sophisticated setup of lines! Does it seem wonderful and the exorbitant time, right? Then stroll through the craters find a mechanism with the antenna up. Your task is to eliminate unnecessary lines of this mechanism without the antenna falls below the threshold white. Construction can vary the contours becoming rare but finally falls for not having a major element that you accidentally deleted it … everything will fall breaking into pieces, and you have to start level again.

How many lines must be removed by completing the levels? In general it is sufficient to remove two lines but it is better not rush, because it is more likely to make a mistake. It is recommended to remove only the top line, and then wait a little until the mechanism stops rotating and balance. You have to pay attention to the purple circles above the screen with the hourglass signals your score – if it turns green, it means that you can click and move on. If you remove too many lines or some lines such as erroneous, the tilt mechanism is tumbling down. In that case, the robot that lets you know about your failure. Conclusion levels of this puzzle game * free, “you can develop your own strategy of action with the lines, but there is a good advice to start with the sidelines at the beginning and avoid touching power lines because the latter are a basis for all the mechanism. Space On-Air offers a fun way to enjoy logic puzzles and mechanical absolutely free. Explore the challenges of the unknown planet solving the tasks in this new puzzle game!

Tips To Recover Your Ex Girlfriend

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Nov 07 2010

If you’ve decided to go back with your ex-girlfriend, then surely there is much to do to recover it. Takes note of the practical tips to regain your ex girlfriend then I’ll introduce you. If you’ve decided to go back with your ex-girlfriend, then surely there is much to do to recover it. Takes note of the practical tips to regain your ex girlfriend then I’ll introduce you. The first thing to do is leave the delicate state caused by the rupture. Show your ex dramatically that you are suffering a lot can be pathetic. In addition she asked because you are not doing anything, if indeed the separation makes you so bad.

Recover your daily life and as a person reestablishment; this will be more attractive than you teach your ex. We must pay close attention to what is being transmitted. If for example you show fully recovered and in a great state, she may think you’re better off without her, so you will not be invited back to you. You have to balance the effort to improve a non- I know that nostalgia, this will allow her believe that you can still return it to cause reactions that make it back to you. A new personality, a mysterious new look, new interests in life, unseen dimensions could give you a lot of curiosity and make you call. If contact is thus behave in a cordial but did not reveal anything new you’re doing.

Let her suspect what he wants, and most likely she will feel jealous of the new jobs you have in your life and makes you want to prove itself and see if you can conquer this new man that is in thee. And if we’re talking about jealousy, it might be a good idea to date other people. Perhaps all that is needed in the relationship was a little excitement and play competition that would be unleashed with a third person. If you decide to date someone to bring your ex girlfriend, be careful not to show very excited about this other person, and you might just get mad at your ex girlfriend making him feel that everything is finished for it. In this way she would hide in their insecurity and decrease the chances of returning. Follow these tips to win back your ex girlfriend and you’ll soon be back with her. On the next page to learn some tricks. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.

Shy Seduction For Men: How To “delve Into” A Girl .

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Nov 04 2010

Everyone needs to maintain relations with the opposite sex. Only a small portion of people do not feel interested in dating. But with regard to interpersonal relationships is often a difficult issue for the timid. And these difficulties are made worse when it comes to dating or interacting with the other sex. Imagine a situation where it to you the woman or girl of your choice, all sensual, provocative and you miss even say “hello” because of the damn shyness.

Thinking it reaches stress levels almost unbearable and palpitations threaten to break your heart to pieces. The seduction, dating, or “link” with a girl becomes a matter too complicated then. Instead of being a source of pleasure and fun, becomes disagreeable. So let’s address the question of how to overcome shyness when addressing a woman what to do with shyness, a desire to meet girls and find partners. How to reconcile them. Much can be done about it.

Here are some Tips: Change your view that win, seduce girls or tie is a matter of life or death. I assure you it is not. You can choose to do so or not at one time. But keep this in mind: You are not obligated to anything, the most important thing is whether you like it or not, to a girl, a certain place and time. If you do not want, do not, that simple. The seduction is not a matter to be taken too seriously. Looking at yourself when you approach a woman or have an appointment you can tell that you attribute too much importance.

Dragon And Mysticism

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Nov 03 2010

In the Asian religions, the animals are very important in contrast to the monotheistic religions. Thus, animals and mythical creatures such as deities in animal form, or as messengers considered. Conversely, in our latitudes, animal names are often used as swear words, the dragon also has a really good reputation in the historical mythology, often irascible as he was, bringing misfortune described and destructive. The church described it as an interpretation of evil. Meanwhile, its symbolism has changed, now he is regarded as the epitome of courage, strength and protection, that is completely benign, which is why he also likes to wear an amulet in the form itself.

In Asia, however, the dragon has always enjoyed great prestige, it stands for fertility, power and potency, the male principle Yang. He is also known for his blessing to the house and brings good luck. Externally, combine the anatomical dragon strengths of all possible animals, such as the scales of snakes and fish Wings and claws of birds, teeth and claws of tigers and much more. Following the Asian mythology, dragons are the most powerful animals, they control the sea, rivers and winds, and even the four directions of heaven according to the Chinese view. In China the dragon was also closely connected with the emperor, he adorned the arms and embodied as semi-divine nature protection and blessing. Even in Buddhism, the dragon is recognized as a heavenly being, it is found as a Naga in the Indian Pantheon, which is either depicted as a dragon or serpent, and also linked closely with the water. The boundaries between snakes and dragons are fluid, although the dragon usually has a positive image, the snake against a negative, it is the symbol of jealousy and envy. Even today, this image of the evil snake is firmly rooted in us, – sneaky snake – since the emergence of the Old Testament still relevant as an insult. Positive bias against the majority of the dragon and they were known as the culprit, as it rains for, Storms and severe weather ensured that did not detract from its positive reputation, however.