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William Shakespeare

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Feb 16 2011

A bit about music Music – a kind of art. Music – a way of expressing his thoughts. Music – a sound images, which, like the wind, making their way into the most secluded places, filling you, depending on the genre listen to music, or peace, or thirst of any action, vivid movement. Music – is an emotion, made exclusively for you. Objectives and instruments of music depending on the time of the appointment of music was different. It depended on the mood of the era as a whole. In the beginning, one of the first goals of music was encouraged by warriors before a battle. Concerts were performed in all countries the organization of concerts was a major issue.

Have a bard accompanying the army, it was considered just as valuable as a healer. The term "bard" was changed and evolved along with humanity. About history in a nutshell Another bc Celts called bards poets and historians, who wrote his poems about the life of those times, considering his vocation to carry the story forward. In the xv century, the term associated with the meaning "wandering musician. Bard at the time called the people who earned a living by using songs and humorous rhymes, in whom derided the greed and cruelty of high-ranking officials of the era. Since the beginning of the xviii century, an era called the era of romanticism, beautifully, the word "bard" has reached a its new modern level.

This term began using as a compliment, an epithet that only does such a worthy drammaturgam the time that William Shakespeare and Robert Burns. Our time back to our era, it should be noted that the bards are generally called musicians performing their own, original compositions with guitar, which is an invariable attribute of this bard and concert tickets sold out set. Concerts good bards always engage the full audience of appreciative listeners. Despite the fact that the appointment of music has changed over time, and the music too, but the soul of music – she has remained the same.

Ruiz Mercado

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Feb 04 2011

A pearl on sand in a Jalisco exporter of labor, geography thinning where identity is lost to the wave of migrants who leave their land powders to meet after border as citizens of nowhere. The exiles, children of exile, the victims and perpetrators of a system. A people without culture is a dead town and a people’s own culture is not a slave to whom it was imposed. From this perspective the drama of Ruiz Mercado is constructed with a thorough review of Mexican society in its specificity, a city of Jalisco step. Hence the need to offer a song from April to autumn in the city. Hence the poetic theatricality Singing for the city. The key point for a study proposal.

Syncope as a parent. Music as a core structure for walking in a city with squares in a cross, a metropolis with pedestrian bridge which crosses a citizen who is known on the border of two worldviews. The ruin assumed to be valid, the other denied by the officers. The revision of the myth is essential to understand, to be in a wilderness where dreams and not enough to clothe the sun and the moon undress: Why not get naked face? For the same reason you do not bare your soul. Shhhh, listen. The myth has the power to fill our empty, but still persists permeability into which the misleading.

The book takes stock ruizmarquiana in a space where characters can not be. Here the conflict, seeking information to enable the rebuilding socio – cultural. Hence the importance of the historical, bases, origins. Therefore, the proposal ruizmarquiana, there is always a thread that leads to the skein. The foundation of a people and their consciousness is a recurrent element in the dignified Mrs. Dry, When the tyrant falls, Memorial April The monologues of the party, and other works in which the female characters are running the show, questioning, affirming, denying and sometimes imposed as a cross Urbanicese Beatriz Hernandez because they command. The ever-duty, which remains the only organized opposition underground, throbbing, prestisima gushing out the concrete epidermis: Calle moon. Street. Location of all. Place the neighborhood. A territory to defend. Inch by inch. In syncopated, rumor of incest, the sound of love, love love, sleep in my dreams I feel you. Romanza uptown that offers the possibility of an evolution towards a radio success in cursing tessitura. For Mexico, the years of domination have not passed. Remain in effect. The drama builds Jalisco mediating the release of a village. A people with capital Oedipal where the midwife is the supreme icon, as Elvira, widow and painful birth, with a resemblance to the Virgin of Zapopan, the work of Dante Medina, I am Don Juan. Here are the works and their authors. Here at the close of a lecture. The revision of a historical past in a future made. When man was adrift, without a ship, it just chips with a ship. O comes to the surface or sinks forever

What are the Reasons

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Feb 02 2011

Now and every day of my life that passes makes me think this, and make me love her more. My youth before I married was not so nice that we say, not for my mom and my brothers, for always my mom and my brothers were good to me and very happy moments spent together, but for myself. In 1970 I was 16 and I leaned toward music and musical groups began to integrate my environment, and so the years passed, and a few years later, by the same environment I was involved in the drug problem; I became addicted.

At this point and in these times to comment on this, as is normal, because things considered, and if we reflect a bit today are worse, but this does not justify what I experienced in those years, not all the suffering that I go to my mom and my brothers wanted me so much. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that lead me not to criticize or judge other people, because seeing the life I lead, I realize I did very badly, but what if I’m conscious of is that I have amendment correct this, but thank God and nothing else, because my life was something I would change completely. Some of what I have to be eternally grateful to my mother that I teach have values in life, suddenly not directly, but by example. He showed me the love of animals, not to lie, to be punctual, to be ordained, and much more that helped me in life.