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May 29 2011

" Her actors often use to quickly enter the desired image. This technique allows for a second to change the internal state. Stand up straight, take a deep breath, straighten arms, lift your head, look straight ahead wait for a few seconds Say something solid and even voice, you can even command anything. Fix this image for yourself. You – the winner, you are full of confidence and self esteem. A symbol of confidence What subject, animal or plant is the epitome of confidence for you? This can be anything: a century oak, the king of beasts – a lion, an impregnable rock or a fortress. Divide the image in your mind, feel your energy and fill power.

Lock this feeling and enjoy it. Cloud confidence Sit back, close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that with every breath you breathe confidence, strength, energy, and with each exhalation You exhale shyness, excitement and anxiety. Take 5 pairs of slow breaths. Now, without opening his eyes, imagine the color with which you have associated confidence. Which color do you think, can be painted confidence? When defined with color, imagine a cloud of color confidence, surround yourself with a cloud, immerse yourself in it.

Enjoy a sense of calm and security. Now add music. What music inspires and energizes you? Perhaps it will be Marsh bullfighters Bizet, or something even more life-affirming. This music comes on stage the huge hall, where you clap thousands of people. Hear the applause? That's all you, your honor. Soak up the success, fix it. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Filling confidence This technique incorporates elements of art 'cloud of confidence. " Relax, close your eyes and imagine a color, with which you have associated confidence. Now feel the energy of confidence, painted in the chosen color, fills all your body, penetrating into every corner, filling your every cell. Now turn your 'Music of confidence' and continue to be filled with energy. The music sounds louder, you feel energized and determined. If you know the smell that you associate with certainty, remember and feel it. Maybe it's the smell of leather in the car, the smell of boxing gloves or a special perfume. Let everyone around you will be energized, music and the aroma of confidence. Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Systems Alert

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May 28 2011

When security organization (the installation of security systems), special attention is paid to the paging system. The main function of the warning system is to warn of the danger. A secondary function can be called broadcast of audio signals: music, news reports. Warning system includes the following constituent elements: notification unit, amplifiers, speakers (sound source), microphone, etc. Schematic diagram rabotvy as follows: the signal goes to the notification unit, then through amplifiers audio message broadcast over loudspeakers warning systems can be roughly divided into 2 subgroups: placed in special cabinets and desk. Board designed to increase the alarm and transfer it to the speakers, consists of a small number of items.

System, mounted in special cabinets, consists of a large number of hotel units, have great power. When you select a notification system, including amplifiers, consider the size of the room, the planned number of speakers. All kinds of amplifiers have multiple inputs, one of whom is endowed with priorities. When a signal is applied to such input, all the rest is mute. The system alerts include speakers. Wide range of speakers allows mount a warning system in the most remote places. By way of fixing distinguish the following types of speaker: wall and ceiling. On the possible deployment conditions: internal (indoor) and all-weather (outdoor).

Weatherproof subdivided into subspecies: the sound tower and horn loudspeakers. Depending on the functions performed (broadcast voice message or listening only to the voice message) selected appropriate models for the speakers. Because of the quality of the speaker dependent transfer and report the alarm, and their choice must be treated most seriously. The presence of additional modules warning system depends on the objectives to comply with safety indoors as well outdoors, but on the functions of alarm systems.

Oracle Speak

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May 24 2011

There are sublime moments in the lives of all people, which is looking for a contact with something that is beyond, slightly above or higher someone to talk to us and guide us about which path to take. At present, we perceive as the superior voice speaks directly to our soul. Now, all users can enjoy this experience free of charge, upon the oracle speaks to you. The oracle is a notion existed since the beginning of human history. Different civilizations have had their different ways to connect with the oracle: the Nordic peoples and the Celts through the runes, the Greeks and Romans through their mediums, and the Egyptians through the tarot. Today, free, upon the oracle will speak through the Egyptian tarot cards.

Who do tarot rolls must satisfy two conditions. On the one hand must have a birth gift, an innate ability to connect to that parallel world that constitutes the world of divinity. Not everyone is able to achieve such a feat. This natural ability it must grow, as one who has a knack for music. Obviously, this is not enough.

It is essential to nurture this capacity to study and preparation. This preparation takes years of study, practice, readings and personal self, achieved on the basis of readings at the same tarotista him more experienced tarot readers must make as part of the learning process. From now on, experts give you for free, a the oracle and advice. The launch of this new site is excellent news for all lovers of fortune-telling and divination, because here you will find a wealth of resources, notes and interest free, through the oracle a reading tarot cards. The circulation of tarot cards is itself an excellent opportunity to achieve greater personal growth, and in many cases may be just the help we need to achieve or get out of difficult situations that cause us stress. It is necessary that the person go to Chuck with the mind ready to hear the truth you free, upon the oracle will provide. It is true that many times we would hear something else, but it is essential not to deny reality, reality that, free, upon the oracle shows. What has to be will be, because that is the destination. Nothing is written in stone. The actions taken by men is not fixed, but as the skilled person who knows to perfection a winding country road, the Tarot can give us key information to circumvent these stones before us on the road.

Japanese Fantasy

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May 17 2011

If the ret of the world animation 'Paraite' on the movie, in Japan the itation i revered. Thi i epecially noticeable on the tv erie in which actor often play in the anime tyle, and mic video, for which the yong tar-'idolov 'careflly in anime-tyle. The ame characteritic of the anime inflence abroad. Th, the brother, creator of 'The Matrix', ha repeatedly acknowledged that et themelve the tak to reprodce 'live' tyle of Japanee anime cyberpnk (in the firt place – anime movie 'Ghot in' Armor '). Note that in Japan there are alo movie in thi tyle. Bt who know, bt big fan of Japanee cinema? A 'ghot' wa hown arond the world, inclding in Ria (one of the fetival Japanee cinema). Many of the national cltre of fear of loing it 'identity', to borrow omething from other cltre. In Japanee cltre, ch fear do not (althogh there are ome alarmit-conervative).

A Japanee Fantay can be een not only the Japanee-Chinee werewolve, bt alo Eropean elve and dwarve. In one fantay i even a Soviet tank. _ However, no 'identity' i not threatened, by contrat, Elf become 'Japanee', gnome – 'Japanee', and tank – qite the national cat-and-ghot. Even when the creator of manga or anime they want to create omething 'totally Eropean' or 'aboltely an American,' they can not get away from a cltre that aborbed from milk mother. And that' why their artitic experiment do not detroy the Japanee cltre, bt complement it, expanding it range of techniqe and idea. Any worthy contribtion to the national cltre – and the contribtion to world cltre.

Lappish Magic

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May 16 2011

One thing, however, is clear: it is musical magic predetermined function shamanic drum – not magic noise. The proof is the fact that even where a drum is used instead of onions – like Lebedinsky Tatars and some of Altai, – we always deal with an instrument of magical music and not protected against the demons: we do not find the arrows and the bow is considered to be single-string instrument. Also, Kyrgyz bucks used for entering a trance is not a tambourine, and kobuz – String tool. Trance, as in the Siberian shamans, is achieved through dance, a magical melody playing at the kobuze. Dance, as we shall see, plays the shaman's ecstatic journey to heaven.

This means that the magic music, the symbolism of the shaman costume and drum, the dance of shaman are the means of implementation and magical journey. Stick with a horse's head, who bore called 'horses', confirm the same symbolism. Ugric peoples unknown drawings on the shaman's drum. But Lappish shamans decorate their drums even richer than the Tartars. In a large labor Manker of Lapland Magic tambourine we find reproductions exhaustive analysis of very many pictures. Not always easy to identify the mythical characters and values of all the images, sometimes very mysterious. Usually Lapland diamonds represent three cosmic spheres, separated by border lines. In heaven, we distinguish between the moon and sun gods and goddesses (formed, probably influenced by Norse mythology), birds (swans, cuckoo, etc.), tambourine, sacrificial animals, etc.; The World Tree, a lot of mythical characters, the shamans, the boats, the god of hunting, horsemen, etc., inhabit an intermediate space (Land) of the gods of the Underworld, shamans with the dead, snakes and birds we find in the lower area.