Romeo and Juliet

By Leopoldo de Quevedo y Monroy a Colombian sweet romance with Juliet Romeo decided not end in Verona. There lie the remains of marble. And to be exact, lovers can come to touch her left breast that looks quite worn and the friction. The mastery of Shakespeare put on paper the image of this pair of lovers. She very much a woman, graceful, delicate, white complexion and curly loops, waist yet disorders age, with Juno's legs and steps of a gazelle. a l, handsome young man, his virility is not yet released, with their chin and with chin, dreamy eyes and a heart to explode. The house was hers, with front garden, two floors, three windows and a vine that twined flowers among green leaves. There were no stairs to visit with knots or loops so that the boy would sneak sneak up to contemplate.

This custom is not now and any boyfriend would break your knees and seek the danger, happy to meet with his love. Not mind the prohibitions of the parents or the threat of war between castes and swords of Capulets and Montagues. It happened four years ago in the imagination of Shakespeare and it happened also in the night season's final concert of the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Bellas Artes de Cali. Its director Esteban Rojas, turned his face to the public, presented the scene of the events as conceived in the overture-fantasy Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky. They danced in the wind, the clouds, the leaves on the branches and flowers in the gardens.

Dreams and Art

"Dreams – it's the beginnings of the future. We see in a dream that must come true. " Bailey. The Bible, like other religious books, historical and sacred, finds traces of a strong belief in dreams. Plato, Goethe, Shakespeare and Napoleon attributed to certain dreams prophetic value. The theory used in the book to interpret dreams Gustavus Hindman Miller, and simple, and rational. Using it, you'll be surprised at how many predictions came true in your waking life. There are three types of dreams, namely: 1.

Subjective – contains elements of caution, however, its true meaning is hidden in the form of symbols or allegories. 2. Physical dreams to a greater or lesser degree deserve attention. They are usually generated by the anxious waking consciousness and, therefore, have no prophetic significance (dreams caused by drugs, fever, hypnosis or resulting in a light slumber.) 3. Spiritual sleep is always deeply prophetic, especially when leaving a vivid impression in the mind.