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Boris Pasternak

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Mar 28 2012

Kuzmin, does not translate at all, as though they do not have to the original text. Boris Pasternak, by contrast, struck by the following phrase: "But we just have to always be ready." No less obvious gag Druzhinin, "all-powerful time." Not far from the left and T.Schepkina-Kupernik: "To all – their time." A O. Soroka all suffered, "When sozreem, death will come of itself." In the third stage of the fifth act Edmund explains all these dislocations of these translators with the following words: … men Are as the time is. And the loyalty of these words all of Shakespeare translators confirm following their transfer.

M. Kuzmin: Should people be those who want the time … Boris Pasternak must adapt itself to the dictates of man century. A. Druzhinin … time to make people …

O. Soroka: What age too, so is the man … T.Schepkina-Kupernik: We are what our age. That is, as Shakespeare wrote, and in the last words of the original: "… people are, what time." That is immature. And now they, including, of course, and all the translators of the works Shakespeare, not only "King Lear", immature, just as in Shakespeare's time: "… the human race – overgrown Pentyukhov …" ("Twelfth Night"). Indeed, in the quotation from the first scene of the fourth act of Shakespeare's tragedies have a reason not only the time of King Lear, but also their own time and future time: Peace, peace, O world! What are your fancies even make us hate you, once life is not willing to give in adulthood. We just clearly understand that, as in the same tragedy and Shakespeare pointed out, the maturity, wisdom and truth are not willing to yield to no life, namely, people who today are driving them away as strays. And while this is not understood, the fate of the tragedy "King Lear", and all other Shakespeare, will be the same tragic, which it is from the very moment when she emerged from the pen of its author.

Shakespeare Sonnet

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Mar 16 2012

After all, the most important thing in this way, the original is in the exact indication of Shakespeare for those quick-witted person he so afraid. First, not even thunder and flashes only possible thunderstorms have already given in our author, like, a democratic and tolerant while to feel like myself translators felt Shakespeare's sonnets "in it." But they cared not only about themselves, but also as a consequence of reduced translation of the key sonnet, and Shakespeare. It seems that even in those times, the translators understood that no matter how ably they have not translated these sonnets, they translate them on top of everything else and just, their translations, or would never have come to the readers or viewers they would have to be found. And to prove it, and for the same reason, the author can offer only a translation of the first four rows of the original: Me, when I die, soon forget the sound of a bell As soon die down low, from the world noting the low worm my way into another world and the world is not close. Readers and interpreters who would have loved William Shakespeare, would have noticed in these lines echo the words of Shakespeare's tragedy "King Lear": "I thought that the man – a worm." This idea is not accidental and not spontaneous. Indeed, already in his first work of Shakespeare said: "The worm, since it will come, winds." Shakespeare did not develop this idea, but it should be understood that, in contrast to human, worm weaves not only when the tread on his tail or belly, but when the tread on his head. But are there many people among those who would experience that had William Shakespeare when he wrote Sonnet 66 or Belinsky experienced when he wrote, made in the epigraph lines. And so in the first product of its William Shakespeare hinted that the real, true rebellion is only people who will not due to the lack of "bread and circuses", and lack of respect for the "simple truth".

Incidentally, this translation also explains why in English is not a service that would, as an Israeli Mossad terrorists or capturing a worldwide transfers, which distort the meaning of works of Shakespeare, with its adoration of which they are worn around the world. It would seem that what so now a shy British accurate translation of this sonnet. In fact, after writing his last century. But not for nothing that Shakespeare mentioned in this sonnet that their world is not stupid. And every intelligent man should be clear that Sonnet 71 Shakespeare wrote about a world in which actual sonnet 66, which, incidentally, is also still no Russian translators can not, perhaps, for reasons mentioned here, to translate accurately. And every such person, as in his Shakespeare's time, as he wrote in sonnet 123, will convince even the current tendency of people to the stars. It does not coincide with the pursuit of the stars of the Shakespeare. Rather, it is because the actions of the current people on Earth will soon become uncomfortable, even by this worm.

And so in his spiritual testament to his readers William Shakespeare once wrote: Love your people are giving generously, but do not trust. Translation B. Tomaszewski, however, if not recipient of personify the sonnet, it becomes quite clear that the feared above all William Shakespeare that "lower worms" see through it sooner than the addressee of the sonnet is born. While in sonnet 26, he expressed quite the opposite – his desire for readers to guess that hides its head.