The World

So that these forecasts of chaos are not materialize, it is necessary that each one of us pass if to acquire knowledge of that we have a responsibility parcel and, of rational form, to use with economy the water. However, she is necessary a change of attitude, a change of paradigms: a change in acting, collective staff and. The water has that to be used with parsimony and, for this, she is necessary to have the conscience of that we are contributing effectively to reduce the risks to kill our source of life: the water. 2. DEVELOPMENT 2,1 THE WATER, SUPPORT HDRICA, IS SOLVENT UNIVERSAL. Of all the resources, the water is unquestionedly the most important and essential for the beings livings creature, gift in the animals, the plants and the human being, as microscopical flows, not existing no form of life that is not dependent of it to live. Being also indispensable for daily activities, used in the industries, the cattle one, the agriculture and also in the hygienic cleaning of the beings livings creature and generation of energy. Of the rivers and lakes also food is removed.

Without water life would not exist, therefore it represents the joined inorgnica substance in bigger amount in the organisms livings creature and represents inorgnico composition more abundant that it supports the planet in general way all, being on with its water source that must be preserved. In accordance with Romanelli, the world-wide support of the great cities and metropolises directly is tied with the existence of water sources for the public supplying. The water is so important that it is a solvent of the life, therefore is capable to dissolve some substances. this capacity is basic in the maintenance of the life in any alive being that depends on innumerable chemical reactions in the blood, for example: the food digestion. The facts are represented by the Antonni ecologist ' ' The water is a basic substance for the ecosystem in the nature, it is solvent natural' '.

Parts Music

In this trick the parts only can appear all of one msica.* Dizem that if its music rodinha of violo cannot be touched in any, the composition can be imperfection. It is not an absolute truth, but this tip can you ajudar.* Sabe when the musical idea is in its head but you do not obtain to execute in the instrument? He tries and he tries that one hour sai.* To walk with a recorder is basic! He always has to the reach something to register its ideas of composition, nor that he is a cellular one. He imagines in such a way of ideas of brilliant compositions that must have been lost in the world, for mere esquecimento! * He also has a written register of the composition, in cipher and/or partitura.* To the times you finished a composition, but he was not satisfied. He waits some days and he tries to change it, without fear. He tries. Any thing you return for as estava.* When composing in group, learn to like them ideas them others.

If you not to be imprisoned only to its proper ones ideas, music can become more rica.* Crie having in mind all the aspects of the composition: melody, harmony, rhythm, pblico-alvo.* do not have fear to seem ' ' little artstico' ' when treating a composition as if was a project organizadamente planned. She makes a survey of the advantages and cons of music, consulting different people for isso.* To the end, are good for registering its composition to prevent plagiarisms. You can register it for the partition and/or letra.* Not if she forgets: to compose is an art of devotion and experimentation! Either bold and creative, always composing. The world of music will be thankful for its future compositions! To see more tips, it enters in: . It uses this text where to want, since that it keeps this reference.


It was passing for a test of nerves that never it had tried before. But what it was still unaware of, it was that worse it was for happening. Its thoughts would enter in action and that voice, or suggestion, that it never indentificara, would go to start the torture section. When it looks at for the opening perceives through the mirror, that the men are marching, encircling sarcfago. In a rhythm similar to the dance of the rain of the Brazilian indians. The racket of the instruments was deafening. It felt until homesicknesses of those sounds of the kitchens of the restaurants that work. Not it gave to hear nor its proper thoughts.

The beaten one of the percussion seemed to enter to it for the chest. At that moment it remembers its first room when it arrived in London. Costumava always to complain of its size. But compared with that one sarcfago now, the room seemed plus a presidential suite. As it was happy and not wise person. Suddenly the tambores stop, and become a mortal silence. Seconds later, hear steps come in its direction.

A calafrio goes up to it all for the body. Vz already it starts to make it suggestions: ' ' it can open sarcfago' '. He was everything that it did not want to know. That strange sensation, that already tries some times, starts to take it account. All the adrenalin supply runs through its sanguineous chain. Its heart beats in a frantic rhythm. It closes the eyes, therefore he was only possible reaction at that moment. Its brain already started to show images to it. If it saw being doped and led clearly in secrecy to be sacrificed in Egypt. Provalvelmente would be burnt alive in a great fogueira, ahead of an immense euphoric multitude. Waiting the great moment to see the great consumed profanador being to the few for the flames.

Shakespeare Society

And Millennium is known that people are able to make are the intellectual elite of society. Worn forever in the wind young people the thoughts, motives, if g is involved Elder, then looks back and forward it. Each has its own honor Homer: Neischetny human virtues, but one between them – the first: Right that is in your hands, right putevodstvovatsya thoughts. Several Vakhilid knocked out of this series most prominent representative of the intellectual elite of the world English philosopher William Shakespeare, believed that this, as he wrote in "Hamlet," "divine power" can take everyone: In the lives of all people a procedure that the last days of nature reveals. Realizing it can anticipate each, with the immediate goal, coming events that are not yet born, but lurking in the depths of this as seeds, seeds of things. They sit out and grow their time. And the certainty of the law … In principle, this is so.

Every healthy person with common sense can do and see other Open conclusions from since the days of Homer's famous truth interdependent co-existence of elements past, present and future in every Mige being and being human. But only a few and only a few centuries to comprehend that this relationship is an eternal truth that lies at the heart of regular "right-wing thoughts, "to anticipate the logical end to the" thoughts, impulses, "immature people. "Good does not come, if started badly" (William Shakespeare). Precisely because of this understanding among people in general, not even the elite completely unable to "see" that the present state of society in any country in the world can not be the highest and final stage in the development of this society.