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Besteira Climrio

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Jun 24 2012

Coward! He starts the fight! As much Clio how much Luiz was exmios fighters of karat. They had given to a tremendous beating in Juan and its friends. They had run and they entered in the car. Carlinhos caught rose and took it for the arm. Carlinhos: – we go impolite! Rose smiled! Luiz n: No matter how hard it did not feel the same for it that she feels for Juan, from that pink moment play thought to be liking a little that one boy put the hero of American film. It was different.

although not to make the type of it if value was different already. For rose the important one was the new features. The friends went to the way singing music: ' ' there, there, there, there, this arriving the hour Luiz: – where you deferred payment cinderela? Rose: – I live in the neighboring city, fifty kilometers of its! Carlinhos said: – we go to leave it na house door! 2 act In the other day, that undertow. The friends if find in the bar of the Climrio to take coffee. Carlos: – Good day Climrio? You alone the o winkle! Luiz: – Good day cli! Clio: Good day papa! Climrio: – My son, if its mustache was bigger one little it did not have what to take off a boy! Carlos: – Besteira Climrio.

Clio is a modern woman: pretty and brave! – I find that I go to be married it to only lead one steps on all day! One before each meal. All laugh at the same time and eat sossegado a coffee of the strengthened morning! Luiz: – I am thinking with my buttons. when to finish our vacations? Carlos: – bird Luiz. Today it is as day of vacation and you already it thinks I finish about it! Luiz: he is that I am prevented! Carlos: Of more! Clio: – we go to tan galera! To leave daqui we go for a swimming pool bath.

Versatile Aesthetics

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Jun 18 2012

In the marketing culture, in which we are inserted, the landscape of the profit in detriment of the personal or human growth predominates. To stimulate and to invest in the cultural production can be a way to favor the improvement of the works of art, instead of transforming them into simple entertainment. As example, music has passed for a great transformation, therefore in majority terms, it if it became accompaniment of dance and cloth of deep for social events. In the DVD History of the Rock, integrant (21) of Group YES they explain that at the time, as the public and the media searched this, the recorder gave &#039 to them; ' letter branca' ' to compose what they understood well; the more creative and different it was, better would be. Obviously that this moved radically for the future generations. It can have something tinned of what more the music of three minutes to touch in the radios? 12. While style, in the History of the Art is possible to find many artists who if had approached to the Aesthetic Versatilista, if not in all the beddings, at least to a large extent of them. (MANDARINO, 2010:152).

Not note in the Manifesto no specific indication on the use of the languages in itself. ' ' form sonata' ' (22) if it almost became a presented requirement after in the school of Manheim; the primary colors and the use of the black color were not almost a consensus between the impressionistas painters (23); the sculptures of the Renaissance were polishing in its bigger part and, the ones that it have not been, can be considered as unfinished. In the text the echo of an attempt of practical rescue of the artistic one without the searchlights of the estrelismo or the requirements imposed for the art market hears. Practical one where all can be inserted, without the label of the call talent lack (24).

Evaluation Technique

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Jun 12 2012

It still has the danger of extinguishing, possibility of a community to finish of previously available genetic resources for traditional communities, risk of losses of exportations for force of restrictions imposed for the patenteamento of substances originated in the proper country private, beyond the damages of financial order (SHIVA, 2001). Not obstante the concern with would biopirataria external is necessary to still consider the draining of Amazonian plants inside of the proper domestic territory, as it occurred with the seringueira. Innumerable native plants of the Amaznia, for example, today are cultivated in the Bahia, Espirito Santo, Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Paran, being main of them the cacao, guaran, seringueira, cupuau, aa, pupunha, among others (HOMMA, 2008). 3. ATTEMPTS TO FIND SOLUTIONS the problematic one of the invasion of an environment for foreign said vegetal species are a question relatively little boarded in ecological debates, despite if it deals with a problem of ambient order of considerable consequncias. In some countries, however, the thematic one more carefully passes to be considered, taking in account the consequncias of the problem (GISP, 2010). In Brazil, for example, a strategy that it searchs to contain the problem of the foreign species, animal and vegetal, was approved by Chamber of Evaluation Technique of the CONABIO (National Commission of Biodiversity).

This agency is composed for representatives of different ministries and organizations of the civil society and that it has as one of its objectives to promote the joint between programs, projects and activities related to the implementation of the principles and lines of direction of the National Politics of Biodiversity, as well as the integration of sectorial politics of relevance. The agency still works in the direction to identify and to consider with priority areas and actions for research, conservation and sustainable use of the components of biodiversity (MMA, 2010).