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Michael Ballack

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Mar 27 2013

It would also be the fifth Italian to win it after Moar Sivori (1961), Rivera (1969), Paolo Rossi (1982) and Roberto Baggio (1993). Although Gigi is aware that could become the best player of 2006, really not worried or nervous about it. At this time, Buffon is more focused on helping lift his team Juventus to the top of Italian Calcio, having been outlined in the match-fixing scandal. "Others may talk about the Golden Ball at the moment I have a lot of work to do … It's hard but I think I'm driving well," said the 28-years.

Buffon recently rejected an offer from Chelsea for 33 million euros and decided to stay with Juventus, unlike some of his compatriots, who decided to go to other major European clubs. "Juve have been all my life in recent years and I'm used to the little things in this environment," said the world's most expensive goalkeeper. The Golden Ball winner for 3 consecutive years (1983-1985), Michel Platini, said when asked about it was Buffon who should win the award this year. "Since Italy was the winner of the World Cup would give it to an Italian … They should give it to Buffon, his extraordinary performance in the World is worth the recognition," said Platini.

Now all that remains is to await the voting journalists … after all, the final result only depends on their votes. The problem is, as mentioned earlier, that the list of candidates is composed of a number of excellent players. This definitely does not make it easy to choose the best time. For this reason the list has been reduced gradually to reach the last seven candidates. In the accompanying list Gianluigi, his former Juventus teammate Fabio Cannavaro and his other compatriot Andrea Pirlo of AC Milan. They are also the England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney, Germany and Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack, Arsenal's Thierry Henry and finally, the winner of the Ballon d'Or 2005 and one of the most pampered players, Ronaldinho. The winner will be announced in Paris on 28th November. Until then we will continue pending what happens around the award and look forward.


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Mar 15 2013

You can make them by imposing conditions by limiting access to the Internet and using traffic management systems to prioritize specific content, services and applications on the rest. MODEL the 3 notices there some articles that could be used to allow the introduction of models as of 3 notices, proposed in France, in national legislation. This model gives the culture industry the power to decide to disconnect or block access to the services you offer on the Internet if they decide that you’ve used Internet for uses which they consider illegal. This is the role of judges and courts. Only they should decide on the restrictions on fundamental rights, like the right to send and receive information, including severely restricted Internet. Create cubicles of Internet accessibility, the accessibility to the internet will be completely different to as know it today, to as we have always known. Why? Because Internet is now enabling file sharing, knowledge, relationships, information between people that cannot be controlled or provided by any intermediary (the State or a corporation), this improved the life of citizens, makes access to knowledge more accessible to all; but forcing the industry (telecommunications, culture) to lose power and control.

That is the reason why are pressuring Governments to make these changes. The excuse is to control the flow of music, films and the content of the entertainment against the alleged piracy of free downloads, using P2P file sharing. However, the real victims of this plan will be all Internet users and the democratic and independent access to information, culture and goods. This seems like a gloomy, but as always own resistance speaks and advises that you are reading is part of that task. We can do something about this, but it involves awareness, responsibility and action. If you want to know more pulls the blanket and acts! More information here.

Passive Smoker

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Mar 04 2013

THE passive smoker one day is a miracle. Gloria Fuertes. MORE than five CENTURIES of SUBJECTION to the whole tobacco smoke began more than five centuries with a friendly gift from the Indians to the discoverers. Although we record that Rodrigo de Jerez it was who brought tobacco to Spain. The Spanish soon made use of those limp and dry leaves, as described Cristobal Colon in his diary on board to the Nicotiana tabacum, by the kind of drunkenness that produced the inhalation of its smoke. After more than five centuries tobacco consumption is regarded as one of the greatest sanitary pests, causing direct death of millions of people around the world.

Smoking is the most important factor of premature death to prevent Western countries, making him responsible for 15 percent of premature deaths. Now considered almost the third part, 30 percent of all cancer deaths are attributable in greater or lesser extent, tobacco and also he is considered responsible for 75 percent of cases of chronic bronchitis and 25 percent of the heart disease. While it is true that Spaniards have been few years not smoking, it seems that the first fruits are already looming, observing a downward trend in tobacco consumption. However, Spain is still next to Cyprus and Greece, a leadership among the countries of the European Union with greater number of smokers in the world ranking who lead, by this order, Cyprus, Greece, Cuba, Canada, United States and Spain with an annual consumption per person between 2,500 and 3,000 cigarettes. Among the nearly 4,000 compounds known are present in tobacco smoke, a large part of them has potential mutagen and carcinogen. Today is fully demonstrated that certain substances, such as nicotine or tar and carbon monoxide are hazardous to health. Irritating and carcinogenic tar compounds are responsible for respiratory pathology of smokers, nicotine and carbon monoxide are responsible for the increased cardiovascular risk.