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London Summer

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May 11 2013

Barcelona was voted the best city in the world to spend the summer in a survey by the website. Thousands of people on twitter and facebook have voted to choose the destination more popular for tourists. Was a stunning victory for the Spanish city taking into account other wonderful cities that there is in the world such as Sydney and London. Here are some reasons why Barcelona is the best city to spend the summer. Weather Barcelona is situated in the northeast of Spain and therefore takes advantage of the Mediterranean climate, with some splendid summer. August is the month when temperatures rise to the highest levels, with an average temperature of 29 degrees. These temperatures are combined with very high humidity and why storms are frequent in the month of August. It is recommended to visit Barcelona during the months of May to July.

The Barcelona beaches have the luck of having a beach just 10 minutes from the city centre. Barceloneta is long and is where the majority of tourists spend their vacation days. The beach is always full of life with many people playing Volleyball and football. In addition, next to the beach there are many places of entertainment such as bars, restaurants and discos. Parks parks in Barcelona are incredibly beautiful and these green places are perfect for spending a day slow summer with a picnic. Park Guell is the most popular and also the most beautiful, full of majestic architecture. Events inside of a cosmopolitan city and with so much cultural diversity, it is no surprise that Barcelona offers so many diverse year-round festivals. The best parties often take place during summer, as the Sant Joan, a well-known festival that takes place on 24 June with fires Fireworks and bonfires on the beach.

The festa major de Gracia is another very good Festival that lasts a whole week (15-21 August). It should not lose nor all concerts in Barcelona that it usually takes place in summer. There are all kinds of music, jazz, rock, pop, flamenco with some of the concerts in the open air. Finally the Sonar Music festival has become one of Europe’s most popular festivals. All the groups playing during the festival come from all over the world and this makes a multicultural festival that reflects very well the character of this magnificent city. If you want to know more, book a flight and a hotel in Barcelona to discover the best city to spend the summer. Miguel Vicente is a writer and like to travel. He writes about the hotels in barcelona. He has found a good hotel in barcelona for your next trip.

Toy Libraries Animation

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May 05 2013

THE toy library as a resource for the animation hospital La intervention in hospital animation is structured on two fundamental points: intervention in the hospital and the intervention in the domicile of the child sick. The intervention at the hospital, in turn, can be in the rooms of the children, or in common areas. The availability of spaces them we will mark the real possibilities of the hospital. In any case, all children’s hospital, and especially those involved in pedagogy and hospitable animation, programs should have a common area that harbored a multipurpose games area. It is what we call playroom. Speaking of the intervention at the hospital and in common areas, mentioned four differentiated spaces: ludoteca-aula of games, library, video library and fonoteca.

In practice, with some exceptions, it will be very difficult to dispose of four common spaces, differentiated at the hospital. However, these four spaces you can meet on one only: the playroom. The toy libraries are revealed as an equipment with a great potential in the service of any hospital entertainment programme, since it meets the objectives that this is fixed, not only as an alternative leisure activity but also as a space of encounter and interaction of children hospitalized with other colleagues in the same situation and other people in your environment. Thus, we can speak of various functions that a playroom in the processes of child hospitalization can meet: specific functions of a playroom as a resource for hospital animation would then be: – distract the sick of his ailment child – practicing therapy through play and other recreational activities – offer meeting spaces with other hospitalized children and their parents to interact in a different environment. So far, we have clear the need and importance of toy libraries in children’s hospitals are enabled, but do we know what is a playroom? A toy library is a comprehensive education through participatory entertainment stable equipment, which meet the objectives of two disciplines: the pedagogy of leisure and socio-cultural animation.