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With the euro currency – dollar favorable, many are Spaniards who dare to visit Manhattan and, incidentally, make some purchases at more than tempting prices. Electronics is one of the main attractions, because already in itself is cheaper in New York and, in addition, with the change in our favour resulting price could be a bargain. But we have to be careful, because many European consumers associations have denounced that some Manhattan shops have no qualms in selling imitations of low quality of electronic products of prestige, so we will have to avoid shops that give us few guarantees. To buy electronics in Manhattan, the most prestigious shops are J & R Music and Computer World, in front of the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) and B & H Photo Video New York Store (at ninth Avenue between calles 33 and 34). J & R are specialized in electronics in general, cameras, portable computers (Laptops), mp3 players… While B & H specializes in photography and video. Also purchased DVDs in us only work in devices of United States and Canada.

If our goal is to buy a laptop, as well as J & R also you can visit Compusa who has a shop near the Empire State building and the other on 57th Street with 8 Avenue. Other interest stores are Best Buy on 23rd Street and 6 Avenue and also competes with Circuit City in Union Square. When you buy any electronic product in New York we have to take into account that this does not have to be equal to the ones we have in Spain. In United States the devices work with 110 volt power, while in Spain we have 220, and plugs are flat plug, while in Spain it is round. These problems can be solved with an adapter which transforms the current 220 volts and have round pins. But there is compatibility that are insurmountable, as the sign of the VCRs, that in United States is NTSC, while in Spain it is PAL, which means that camcorders, game consoles, and any device that uses video, not shall be compatible with appliances bought in Spain. Read our guide to travel to New York and discover more useful data for visiting New York. ‘ Samuel is web editor since 2005, currently manages recipes of kitchen and Mundoviajero Blogs related National Curriculum In Action Ict Blog Archive Targus Awe45us Does CEO Stand for Carrion-Eating Opportunist? Cats Working Netgear Powerline, adapters PLC to transmit the Euless TX CompUSA Now Open connection! Retail 2.0 plugs trap ‘ I can’t believe that they have invented you recharge without plugs Move your Mind Circuit City Ghost News of the Great Re-Depression plugs tmed you help to save My Local Best Buy Set to Honor Heroes Gear Diary Evo Announces return of soldiers into the streets to curb

Fernando Solabre Autor

Recently, remodel it has rediscovered the lobby, making as if I revert to reconnect with an old friend to know that there is still. Another attraction that had the station, were the shopping areas and the upper terraces. Also with its innumerable escalators. You accedias to what I believe was the first shopping center in Spain. Many shops, cafes, kiosks, etc, although to me what most attracted me were sweets shops. That with four hard, because there was no more, you bought what you give of themselves.

Because the same thing with the lobby of nearby, happened with the terraces. They were so immense and also for ourselves who came back to feel the Kings of the station. They were a real maze, disproportionate in size for people who used to be in the area. Also on the terraces could be one of the most important mysteries for a preteen kid, the Macumba nightclub. A nightclub, in life he had entered none and that darkness that looked through the door and entering a lot of elderly people, was that the mystery and curiosity outside greater. I also have a great memory, although he was already more older, back in the spring of the year 85, when they made the presentation of 10000 cars.

I didn’t know that that day had that presentation. And a day of loving depression in that age already it is known, I went for a walk through the station and found the entire presentation of new cars. A great pleasure was to enter cars, the new smell, innovations and much tranquility, there were not many people. Another thing that was once again all for me. I sat in a first compartment, when had first preferred not and there I spent all afternoon crying my sentences, hearing the last disc of Aute, which debuted it at the same time that these cars by the piped music. And there I was until a flight attendant, came to me and told me, is already well woke me up from the slumber in which I was enjoying a good time and continue the visit. Finally, when in the early 1990s I did an interrail, great adventure already face abroad, the finalization of the trip after a month traveling across Europe was impressive return home entering Chamartin. After adventures that supposed an interrail, did you assess much better station. We saw that the station gave him a hundred thousand returns to any European station. More modern, cleaner, more practice. And in addition you llegabas home. Therefore, what has meant the chamartin train station for me, my memories, my adventures, my raids and my antics are going to always leave a pleasant memory. Sowing with those aluminums and those developments that now, looking back, that line looks dubious elegance, but then were a step forward. That station and that memory will always me.

Dance Around Details

Everytime a woman imagine how could be your wedding party, your mind is invades different images that go beyond it. Ballroom, decor, wedding invitations, lighting, tableware, the menu each of these elements forms a whole indissoluble that, sometimes, is presented as something impossible to deal with chaotic. After having attended different events of this type (clarify: to my only touched me once and I was definitely exhausted) I checked, against the different types of organization are presented, there is a detail that becomes vital in all these marital celebrations: sound. We cannot forget a detail, dressing of the menu, the distribution of the guests, but what never can fail within a perfect organisation of weddings is good music.

Remember that the premise of a successful wedding feast par excellence is the fun, the celebration; What brings us together is the union of two people who decide to share together their way and if celebrate is, the music is the main protagonist whose absence is unforgivable! Nothing helps us look with the decoration of the Hall, have a dress of exclusive, walking on rose petals design if, when launching us to the dance floor, are not motivated to do so. What failure! We already know then: everything is important, every detail, by minimum, that collaborates with our purpose but do not leave aside the cherry of the cake, the grand finale the pace that will make us dance, to celebrate, to provide until the sun rises again.

Dog Grooming

In your home a new pet – purebred dogs with a beautiful coat. But after a while the look of the dog deteriorates, the wool is straying into mats – and himself a pet, it seems this is not happy But every owner wants that his dog has remained in this form, in which he had bought her from a breeder! Therefore, the barbershop for the animals are now so popular. From time to time mowing requires any dog, especially long-haired: their hair always grows, and tangling and mats promote the resettlement of the parasites. And, of course, this procedure is indispensable if you are preparing your pet for the exhibition. But even if the dog does not want to "model" view, to take her to zoosalon will still be useful. Beautiful long hair, given the nature of your pet, however, gives him a lot of inconvenience: the movement difficult, confused, easily contaminated, contributes to skin diseases.

They Would Tear The Rock And Roll Music !

For at least two years I have attended different types of events large rock concerts with like stars, and novice performers until very tiny events involving only a youth. I put my hand on my heart, but the vast number of concerts I was scared. Most people simply lacked any musical beginning. This situation with each passing day seems to only get worse. At the moment I can say nice words to Only one young group implantants. This group, I heard for the first time in the town of Istra on a small festival, the group came specially for this event in Moscow. Then I was immediately struck by the level of this group – he was not a bit worse corporate performers.

Melodious songs, drive, energy and teamwork was perfect. Then I was not able to communicate with musicians, and as it turned out, to communicate with them at all an easy task. The Group has not yet seen any a punk get-togethers or in one rehearsal, they were not familiar to me talking a young team and they are not seen by a friend of rock stars and, in general, I've heard them since then only twice: in a recital in Blondes Xu Rock Club Woodstock (and, as it turned out the band played several gigs in one day), and quite recently at a concert of sneakers in the club Niagara. And, in my opinion, the more they did not speak. I am not clear what it is connected, apparently from a group of some of his plans in this regard. Maybe rock music for them only fun, but I want to say that entertains the staff is very professional and I saw the reaction of the audience, it is quite share my opinion. Likewise in Internet network is almost not their creativity, with the exception of one instrumental piece.

Not a band, and some ghosts I never thought that I might be interested in a young team, as domestic rock music I disappointed some time ago, but these guys are really aroused my interest. Prade second number I saw on the stage of familiar faces that I once again did not disappoint. Only on this day, I finally learned how to accurately is a group – implantants (implantants), as had previously been . I would be pleased to talk with the musicians as is a reporter for a small publication and could cooperate with the guys.