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Dali Museum

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Aug 30 2013

They were all weekend in Barcelona. The uncle took them to know the surroundings. Cadaquez they were to visit the Dali Museum. They were amazed with the sacred family, Gaudi. They could not understand, how, a work of this magnitude, and that beauty was not who funded its finish. Both came amazed with all the works of Gaudi in general.

Which he had hit them two more, had been the Pedrera. She was so extraordinarily rare, thought, that its beauty exceeded all that rarity. They returned to Madrid with the certainty of not being so alone in that country. They had found a family. When Alex had already begun their studies are encouraged to call their parents for the first time.

I felt so safe in this country! He moved so freely in it, who didn’t think that there could be some danger. When Kelly handled the phone and recognized the voice of Alex, she was shocked. Did not expect that call but God knows how much needed it!. Listen to the voice of his son on the other side of the phone was like receiving a direct gift from God’s hands. Do not Pro-Nuncio name with voice trembling and gasping with emotion when told how are you?-. She didn’t know well that ask. She didn’t know if he could speak freely. You never knew if their phones had been tapped. Does Alex, on the other hand, without any fear asked him how are you MOM?-Kelly was still not want to pronounce his name. From where call me?- It was the only thing that dared to say. -From Madrid, MOM. Please do not be more afraid. Speak to me calmly. 3 Years have passed. I do not think that the phones are tapped yet, if that they were ever– I cannot speak, not expecting me llamaras and I feel paralyzed– I understand you MOM.

Transaction Controller

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Aug 21 2013

Test with more than 15 users not You can carry out in these conditions, i.e. in a single machine, since it requires more than one machine testing the application. Making it on one machine, the maximum number of users allowed is 15, as the percent of CPU utilization must be less that 90%, if the test consumed more than that per cent, the results are false, and are not the real ones. Once defined the characteristics of the user group that you want to simulate (Test Plan > Thread Group) to see the load generated by the application, you create an HTTP Request Defaults (Thread Group > Config Element > HTTP Request Defaults), required parameters are specified as for example number ip server, port etc. A Proxy Server is then added (WorkBench > Non – Test Elements > http Proxy Server), where you specify where they will be stored samples. It gets to run the tool, and it begins to work in the application, step by step to obtain the report cases seen according to category of patients, to visit a page new application, samples taken from that page, added in a Transaction Controller (Insert Parent > Logic Controller > Transaction Controller). Once the navigation in the application, are added two reports one to see response times and another to be able to view errors found in this test (Thread Group > add > Listener > Summary Report and View Results Tree respectively). This report gives the response time of the application under the load of 15 users, is that the average response of the application time is 2 seconds, it takes me the minimum time is 0.047 second and the maximum time was 5.1 second.

The percent error was 50% which in analysis of the report reference is made to such errors. It also shows the performance of the application during the navigation was 14.9 seconds and a response from 134 KB/sec. With this report (View Results Tree) can get bugs found by each page visited, for example on the main page of the RAD, two were found errors (/general/style.css and /general/allstyles_aps.css) that according to the report says that it is not these files by requesting this page there is a delay, to make the request for those files that do not exist. 3 Conclusions there is a proposal for tools like JMeter for stress tests. In addition to a document more specific about the use of such a tool. With this tool you can analyze the performance of an application, under conditions specific i.e.

allows to analyze how it responds an application under the action of certain amount of users connected to it. 1Ramirez, Yilen Pons. 2007 Procedure for tests of efficiency under intensive load on web health applications. Havana: UCI, 2007. Original author and source of the article.

Ronald Kay

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Aug 14 2013

Spanish, primarily of undergraduate students formed, poets of the generation that began to wield their first weapons, helpers and novice teachers, and met Ronald Kay, Borghis Lohan, Ariel Dorfmann, Jonas (Jaime Gomez Rogers), Gonzalo Millan, Pablo Guonez, Oliver Welden, Eric Martinez, Sergio Munoz and others, and published a volume of the most accomplished and more tailored to the way poems poemthat was presented at the school of journalism, adjacent to the pedagogical. Somehow both academies were matched, the Castilian represented more in the traditional manner of these instances at the University level, quite connected to the institutions and with a task more or less linked with what happens in the respective departments, faculties, etc. In general, the poets of the generation of the 1960s did a fairly Bohemian lifestyle but under cover of mentors and institutions, parties, magazines, very attentive to the latest developments that occurred in the metropolis, especially Anglo-Saxon of North America. A little hell, but not perhaps as confused and uninformed, the members of the school of Santiago and the Group America, almost contemporary, and many times matching or they desestimaban partially the above or as it is said, were in another. But moreover they valorizaban the Imagist, especially to Elliot poets Pound, that despite being Americans wrote the poetry of Europe, and they were fond of contemporary American poetry, were left dazzled by the beatnicks, especially Ginebsrg and Ferlinguetti somewhat, but also Kerouac, that they valorizaban in terms of a way of writing, while many of his contemporaries rather than hosting and celebrating the vital impulse expressed in this vagabond life and sensual exploration that coincided with the exploration of hallucinogenic drugs and marijuana, horse racing whose influence was felt among some poets in a way rather than biographical, while at the same time they reinforced and awork one traditional poetic writing, back to a simplicity apabullada by surrealism that they recusaban from a vague aesthetic assumed but not made of political realism, of a certain populism and minimization of the lyrical I.

Escalade Cadillac

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Aug 07 2013

The holidays are approaching, are you going to ride in auto road? When you travel by car along a road, either with friends or family, most importantly is comfort and security. Best thing is to make sure that your family travel safe before leaving to avoid accidents and tragedies. One of the safest cars that are now on the market is the Escalade Cadillac. This truck has ample space for luggage, belongings and many people, also all go comfortably seated or semiacostados during the trip. The seats are super comfortable and each and every one of them has a seat belt to protect yourself during the trip. In addition, the best operating system of security, theft and air bags have it this beautiful truck Escalade Cadillac.

There are various models of the Escalade Cadillac that come in different colors, from among which you can choose the best according to your tastes. This modern truck also comes very well equipped in terms of customization of the ducts, music, air conditioning, heating, lights and much more. Go with the best and debuts as your Escalade Cadillac for these holidays traveling in the safest manner. Remember that the most important in travel, in addition to fun is your safety and comfort, factors to scald Cadillac guarantees you in your complete satisfaction.

Earn Money

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Aug 01 2013

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