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Government MEC

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Mar 31 2014

It is a pity that the Guarani have to be overused and degraded in this way. It is a pity. 3. Conclusion many times heard and read – until today – that President Duarte Frutos promised us – through his management of Government – a better homeland through quality education. However, a year of her assumption to power, now me disillusioned, because we are getting worse instead of improving in educational matters, and particularly on an aspect that is of our interest: bilingual education. In that sense, I can today affirm that the bilingual education (2004) proposal submitted by MEC is the visible head of a malformed creature, about to be poor calving.

So it is that, in order to prevent the Commission of Crassus and irreparable error, the MEC must reverse its authoritarian but weak stance on how deal with bilingual education. The MEC has no right to degrade and corrupting the Guarani, in the way that has been doing for free. In any case, to couple law nobody complains. To make the same nonsense with the Castilian; Thus, it will teach Guarani-Paraguayan and Castellano-paraguayo, so – to short time – we is the laughing stock of all. I affirm that the Guarani-Paraguayan assumption or jehe to (bad call jopara) is nothing more than the true demonstration of our linguistic and intellectual laziness. The jehe is our excuse to continue mired in ignorance, poverty and misery.

The jehe is synonym of the vaivai and the law of the less effort. The jehe to is not Guarani or Spanish. The jehe is synonymous with our mediocrity. In the Paraguay that we must change everything is jehe a, as milk that is never pure (half milk, half water). Despite this, the MEC chose the jehe, thereby demonstrating the absence of a genuine intention to improve socially. In synthesis, the jehe is more of the same, and I say this because – apart from the good intentions of the educational reform – our education has not improved.

Manufacture And Sale (made To Order Or Fit The Mold), Small

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Mar 30 2014

Kiosks, stalls, shops and other IAF FOP Mikula offers sales, rental, production of small architectural forms (IRF): Kiosks Trade, pavilions, a kiosk, booth security, building cabins, and in any district of Kiev under any kind of activity, with all permits. We provide comprehensive services to individuals and legal entities by agreement documentation for the installation of stalls (IAF) in Kiev: permission to install a kiosk (IAF); a passport-binding LFA; obtaining a warrant to install a kiosk (IAF). Price from 1700 USD / sq.m Tel. 0443609754 Tel. 0966417151 Tel.

0674849357 sell space for stalls (near Market Heroes of Dnepr, Loop location). 4 seats for booths up to 30 sq.m. There are 4 space for trade stands. Other options: stand 2 * 5 m-12000 UAH stall 4 * 5 m -30 000 USD (5 stalls), Booth 4 * 6 m-36 000 UAH-ready. Production of the stalls, kiosks, trade pavilions, huts, IAF, shops, bar / cafe. Price 1700 UAH / m Tel. 0443609754 Tel. 0966417151 Tel. 0674849357 service kiosks and kiosk repairs, finishing kiosks, kiosks Kiev repairs, repair kiosk price, kiosk, kiosks, kiosk rental and sales kiosks, kiosk, buy, kiosks halls, tobacco kiosk + how to open a shop, rent a kiosk manufacturer kiosks, IAF, small architectural forms, small architectural forms, stall, stalls selling, renting stalls, stall to buy, trade stalls, night stand, selling kiosk, booth security, caravans service kiosks, kiosk maintenance, finishing kiosks, kiosks Kiev repairs, repair kiosk price, kiosk, kiosks, kiosk rental and sales kiosks, kiosk, buy, kiosks halls, tobacco shops, + how to open a kiosk, rent a kiosk manufacturer kiosks, IAF, small architectural forms, small architectural forms, stall, stalls selling, renting stalls, stall to buy, trade stalls, night stand, selling kiosk, booth security, cabins


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Mar 23 2014

‘Richest in money looking for and build networks, while others are looking for work “- Robert. In the 21 century, we can observe how the Internet turns into a huge worldwide commercial market, where billions of dollars in transactions take place and investment. No doubt, invest in the Internet the most attractive way of modern investment. Should also be noted that the global economic crisis is much less affected business online companies. We can say quite the contrary – the advertising sector in the crisis could even increase their income, and across traditional advertising has significantly reduced the volume and variety of Internet companies have suffered losses.

Already at a time when the Internet is relatively young, engaged in serious business without a presence on the Internet is practically impossible. There is a serious trend and stock markets has significantly increased the action online companies, while the ordinary shares are not related and World Wide Web did not observe such growth. Specialists claim that one can expect in the future growth of Internet commerce. The World Wide Web today is powerful and versatile tool with which you can significantly improve business efficiency. Internet allows you to quickly and easily search for new business partners and customers, in addition keep existing ones. Ultimately, the Internet allows a much lower cost of doing business. The Internet can provide such innovative technologies as electronic documents, enabling save money for the purchase and shipment of materials and documents.

A company can save money as well, and in advertisements, since all the necessary information is present on the site. This site also allows you to limit simply update the data and do not need to upgrade materials. Today enter the world market without the use of Internet technologies is practically impossible. Thanks to the World Wide Web has become possible to develop their business in every corner of the globe. Companies that have not shown the flexibility and discretion do not apply in their work internet technologies can be pushed more advanced companies, or even come to ruin. Future today owned by the companies that have managed to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions, and apply new technology – Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, Russia can not yet boasts a serious attitude to internet technologies. Only 25% of Runet users interested in online business. ‘In the near future mipe there will be two types of companies – those that Dellano business on the Internet, and those that came out of business “- Bill Gates.

Rental Apartments

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Mar 17 2014

Apartments for rent and rooms: To visit the world famous museums and monuments, each year the St. Petersburg visit a huge number of tourists. Or, you send on a business trip to our wonderful city! Someone stays with family and friends, someone in the hotel, and someone is renting a room or apartment. Well, the family is clear. But what's better: book a hotel room or rent an apartment? The question, of course, debatable.

If you want to save money, it is advantageous to choose an apartment or room eat. Not only do you pay less for rent, but also at your disposal is kitchen, that to a large extent will save your budget because you'll be able to prepare yourself rather than buy a restaurant's food. With the money saved from the removal of an apartment or a room you can not visit a museum of our beautiful city! But if you are more important high-level service, and no savings, then our town you will meet a huge number of hotels and inns. In any case, before you go to St. Petersburg, one must choose in advance where you left off.

Rental apartments and rooms for a long time: Most it happens, what to buy or take out a mortgage apartment funds do not allow, and to live in the accommodation you want. Or fate would have it with you so that urgently need to move, and the money to buy a separate no housing. The best option for you in this case would be to rent an apartment or a room for a long time. But the choice of apartments or rooms must be taken seriously. Since you live there are going to not a month or two. It is important to an apartment or room is fully consistent with your needs. But until you find her, you overeat a lot of space. So much more convenient to contact the real estate agency. . Will work with you specific man, you will be provided with an individual approach. The quality of our services we guarantee.

Archaeological Museum

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Mar 11 2014

Arezzo – he was one of the centers of the Etruscan civilization, in fact was here the chimera conserved in the Archaeological Museum of Florence. Soon it happened to be a prosperous Roman city, Arretium, famous in all the Empire by the aretina ceramics, done of finsima arilla varnished of color terra-cotta and decorated with reliefs in the same tone. Arezzo at the moment is one calm city that even conserves much of the splendor of other times. The Sober, simple, the essential kitchen of Tuscan, is the three adjectives to define their kitchen without chervils that does not need great elaboration to conquer new admirers continuously; the prescription of the fame of this one earth must mainly to the absolute kindness of the basic elements accompany that it almost constantly: bread and trims off lower branches of coverall; feta of Tuscan olive oil bread bathed is only necessary to taste one to capture in a bite the essence of this one kitchen; the produced virgin extra is there indeed of exceptional quality, as much for its use in kitchen like crude, accompanies almost all the prescriptions more characteristic of this one region; the Tuscan bread is made insipid, without salt, of scab compact crumb lasts and; in you graze more celebrates is pappardelle lepre with sauce of hare cooked there in red wine, olive oil and tomato; as main plate we found celebradsima bistecca there fiorentina, one is a back piece that no it can surpass the seven hundred grams of weight and one cooks very slowly on fathoms, not being turned nor being punctured so that it does not lose his juice, finished it can be salar and be seasoned with olive oil and pepper and be served accompanied as lemon slices; very the chicken is used done in varied plates: there diavola , there cacciatora , fritto there Tuscan or to spiedo; in the coast its kitchen is well-known in all Italy by a plate: famous cacciuco, symbol of the harbor city of the Leghorn, is a fish soup, the best one than it is possible to be tried in all the coast of the peninsula; between its candies, the simplicity conforms to all the Tuscan kitchen, are spread biscotti fatti in maniera artigianale sponge cakes done of artisan way; of Siena panforte is famous , candy of rich medieval origin in species, dry and polished almonds, fruits.


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Mar 04 2014

It is true that years ago the Internet was the way in which anyone could easily access to promotional items, samples, gifts, free services … There were webs, even that specialized in providing these services and gift items. I myself got in that “golden” of the Great Red in Spain, a webcam, CDs, an ink cartridge for your printer, vouchers, gift stores, sending free SMS … But all that seems to have finally disappear, swallowed by the flood of advertising, banners, annoying pop-up, bland thematic portals, all that is a daily average Internet user, in short. Although … segueing that there is not no sign of anything?, segueing who can no longer find free stuff online? It might seem otherwise but there is still plenty of options for Internet users to find all kinds of free resources and services in the Big-red – News ResultsBig Red thumped by Cherokees The Newport Plain Talk – Oct 08 08:49pmSteubenville Big Red Falls To Massillon WTOV 9 Steubenville – Oct 08 07:47pmPetteway Gives Verbal Committment To WVU WTOV 9 Steubenville – 6 hours ago’>Big Red, as well as opportunities not only to get samples of articles or free gifts, but also to receive money in exchange for use depending on which servicing. Rumor has it this February 2006, Microsoft prepare all an offensive against its biggest competitor now, which strangely enough, is Google, with innovators measures such as paying users of its search engine (MSN), or offer a limited version of its Windows operating system for free, but advertising banners. The market in the Big Red is by adapting to new Internet users, surely we can benefit from it.

One can only think ahead, be alert to new developments and to take advantage well informed and well repay our bandwidth. By the way, a new Spanish form, in promotion and in beta these days, is offering the ability to send free SMS. If you try it, it may be that the way that best you’ll have to discover all that world of free resources and services, the Internet still offers, however remote, inaccessible which appear to be in recent years. You’ll find some of these free services.