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Project Universe

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Sep 29 2014

Of ' ' Armatrux&#039 group; ' of Minas Gerais? MG, that executes a beautiful work with dolls, ' ' The Band of Boneco' ' it is a creation of the DJ Mountain that she uses of a universe than more magical and makes of its musical talent, the wonderful universe of the magic of the animation, giving life to the fascinating dolls of trupe. of other groups that load a knowledge load that only has embelezar in them with so great imagination. It is cinema thing what they make the manipulators of dolls and mamulengueiros, therefore, to make one mamulengo to cuspir fire, in the responsibility not to set on fire the material and not to harm nobody it is a difficult art and that they make well &#039 very; ' Group Wagon of Mamulengos' ' , and to only make a musical band of dolls? It is thing for ' ' Armatrux' ' , that they are the magicians of this imaginary universe. Without to leave of speaking in the mimic one, that inexplicably she is charming for its fine and cautious quality. I finish saying that the theater and theater our imaginary of the imaginary one of the others are of a esfingtica largeness, that exactly witnessing only is that if it can try to understand what feels, therefore, what to see itself or if feels in a spectacle is not justified, in the maximum if it understands, it is as a passion, fort and irresistible, however, in the quality of a great love, that only invades in them little by little and when we perceive we are without understanding such universe that he is fantastic gostoso and splendid! He is something communicated between the heart and the reason, that is not justified, if feels. *1 Moncho Rodrigues, Spaniard born in Galicia, is coordinating of Project of the northeast and managing Integration of theater.


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Sep 29 2014

To already the existing ones of the traditionalism the new pedagogical resources are added fruits of the scientific and technological advance as: the radio, television, the DVD, the cellular one, the computer, computer science, the Internet, the printer, the date show, the digital filmadora, softwares educative and all a gamma of tools and devices that appear every day and that they can and they must contribute so that the education improves more quickly. In this new social scene that the school is inserted the technologies of the information and the communication are each time more gifts in the houses, in the workstations and in the school the computer computer science and the Internet had started to be the car head of the didactic resources, these add more value to the work of the professor, therefore they are rich instruments in devices and tools capable to offer a gamma of information that make possible the interaction of the pupils with the facts past and the recent ones and even in real time. Therefore now the school has that to change the speech, the philosophy. The professor is the mediator who stimulates the pupils to sail for the information, to make its discoveries, to construct its learning in an update process, renewal and adaptation to the new virtual technologies, and digital. Contemporarily, the didactic resources have the function to mediate the process education learning contributing for that of them they usufruct understand the activities proposals in classroom, its development and its result, them they make possible to improve the cognition, the net of relations human beings, the positive position, the organization of the ideas of mature, critical, creative form, with autonomy and authenticity and thus being also to improve the pertaining capacity of expression and contribution of the individuals, educandos to this society and this school that blunts in this new scene of the information and the communication. Vladislav Doronin often says this. The didactic Resources are of capital importance for a significant learning, since that it is used as half not as end in itself exactly, for enabled professionals who know in fact its potentialities educative. Since the book the TV and the computer, can make possible to educating a study of the local reality, magnifying of the capacity of comment of the world encircles that it and the construction of the autonomy. Thus the student will have more easiness to understand the content if to start to approach it, according to its reality, its real development and the relations with the regional, national and world-wide situations, perceiving critically the world, constructing an independent and significant learning.


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Sep 27 2014

It donates Karan it is an icon in the design of the fashion and is the creator of the clothes of mark DNKY, that means Donates Karan New York. It donates Ivy Faske in the real life, she was born in Forrest Hills in New York. It donates grew in Long Island, lived with his padrastro. Her mother was model. She donates attended the Hewlett school and I enter to study design in the university.

I leave the university and I choose to have a work with Anne Klein. If you have read about Vladislav Doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It rises among the rows to become the female leader of the equipment of design of Anne Klein. I hold the position until the year of 1989. It was during that year that I send to the line ” Essentials” including very popular his ” Seven Easy Pieces” or ” Seven pieces fciles”. Case with Mark Karan at the beginning of the 70 donates Karan. When She donates gave to light to his daughter of Gabrielle name in 1974, her female leader of before, Anne Klein, passed away. DKNY has become a world-wide phenomenon of the fashion.

Although its company has happened per very difficult moments, but It donates has known to face the challenges of the most correct way. While it administers his global mark of clothes, It donates, also this occupied with its work of philanthropist. It has found many beneficial organizations like the initiative of Urban Zen. In March of the 2008, She donates I carry out an ample sale of his personal things, plus some things of his company to benefit to institutions that need financial resources to continue subsisting.

Madrid, The World Capital Of Tennis In 2008

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Sep 24 2014

If you are a fan of tennis, do not hesitate to catch you the first flight to Madrid to enjoy what will be the capital of tennis in September. Madrid will hold two major events in the sport: first, will host the Davis Cup semifinal (exclusively male), where they will meet teams from Spain and the United States. The match will take place in the famous Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, prepared especially for the occasion and with a capacity of up to 25,000 spectators. Furthermore, our most famous tennis players will contest the Cup final against the Russian Federation. Therefore, Sales will bring together thousands of tennis fans, despite the controversy that erupted after many Spanish players complained about the altitude at which is the city of Madrid – 600 meters above sea level – because this hurts them and leaves them at a disadvantage to Americans. However, our team as a favorite part because it is the best on clay. The last time the U.S.

played Spain was in the 2004 final in Seville in front of 27,000 spectators, a record of attendance at any event ever held in the tennis world. This time, Nadal and the Spanish team start as favorites. They will play in front of 25,000 fans who probably bring emotions to the surface along the entire match. Ta is fifth while Spain and USA meet in the last nine years, with a record of 2-2 in the last four rounds. So far, the decisive factor in these games has always been the court. In this way, everybody expects a Spanish victory, because of his mastery of clay. The winning team will play against the winner between Argentina and Russia.

Do not miss the best Spanish players in action: Rafael Nada, David Ferrer, Tommy Robredo, Feliciano Lopez … The Fed Cup final will be played in a more classic: the Madrid Club de Campo Villa, with capacity for 4,000 people. This tournament will be played on land also whipped. The female Russian team plays with advantage, but the Spanish try to achieve victory with the full support of the public. The Russians have won three of the last four editions of the Fed Cup in 2004, 2005 and 2007. Tas eliminated the Spanish team in the latest edition by an overwhelming 5-0 in the first round. Visit the capital of world tennis in 2008. The city of Madrid is filled to the brim and it will be difficult to find accommodation, so it is advisable to book in advance. These beautiful and enjoy your stay.

Enjoy Spain

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Sep 17 2014

Another rite or ceremonial missing, was the rest of the paella, is away from heat and left on moist soil moisture formed with artesian well, never left on pavement or rock, this tradition based on deep and sometimes mysterious practiced convictions faithfully for all those cooks of yesteryear, to the point, that the editorial was published Destination Castilian version of the book of Joseph Pla (1879-1981 Gerona). "hem menjat who" could be read, – "(…) In the rustic village yards is no land for the rest of the paella, while we only have a modern kitchen tile, marble, railite and "foguer" gas "city." My counselor gastronomic My Aunt Mary, with her smooth voice and his gentle way of speaking, I would say .- "La Paella, with our recipe, it must behave as a food for the senses, which melts slowly to prolong the joy-in the language and permeates the palate. The mere action of mouth carried the paella is for those who like to savor the tasty-almost-mystical experience. The paella has been and is, for the most demanding food more divine than human, tempted, delight, comfort, and ancestral recipe is part of the finest accredited canons of the Valencian diet or Mediterranean, no one can achieve eminence of good gourmet, if you have not experienced the pleasure of the pan with a wooden spoon. " (Translated from Valencia) The profane, or lacking a sensitive palate, say "paella" to all the rice seasoned with the container. To enjoy a good paella is not to cram the socket ingredients or less strange, quirky, colorful or quirky.

Francis Bacon

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Sep 01 2014

True, this is as accurate and in the words of the famous contemporary of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon: No one yet has been so steadfast and strong in spirit, to instruct themselves and make the perfect rejection of traditional theories and concepts and then apply to particulars and purified impartial mind. And because our human mind is like a mess and chaos and credulity of accidents, as well as children's views, which we originally learned. " But that famous philosopher, seems to end and did not understand the relationship of private to the general, and because of his words are not visible, starting from what you have to go to these same particulars. A William Shakespeare knew this, and therefore, keeping in mind above all that of the Bacon wrote: "His reasoning woven weft skilful than the foundation of his argument. " That is, William Shakespeare, not knowing the word "mochalogolovost" knew that it is expressed not only in the fact that people act, speak or write before they think, but still and all, is that people think about what anything but on the basis of, first, the source of his thoughts.

And because not once in his works, he wrote: "Good does not come, if started badly." By the way, probably the same word was not enough, and Confucius, states: "The Perfect husband is concentrating its forces on the base. Kohl, he reaches base, before it opens the right way. " And, maybe, if instead of the word "perfect" Confucius wrote the word "nemochalogolovy", he would have someone so understood, although would in our time.