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Individual Figure Cut Bags Make Impression

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Nov 30 2014

Brochures, logo pens and printed post-its: Each supermarket have sold veteran boring advertising bags, which are printed with the logo of the respective chain. Square, practical and commonplace and therefore fall on anyone anymore. So-called character cut pockets, which can be customized individually are much promotional. They are so alone a Catcher because they deviate from the usual rectangular shape and have, for example, the shape of a product or logo. Also, they stand out by unusual prints and handles. Figure cut bags are especially asked fairs appealing to fashion and to depict the company concept.

Thus, the Pocket serves the interested parties not only as a practical carrying aid, but also as effective reminder. If we are even at trade fairs, visitors actually face our cabinets and photograph our products”, so Diana Kroll, Managing Director of Kargar packaging GmbH. popular motifs are about the Bags that were cut for a Munich-based car dealership in the form of small automobiles or the model that has the shape of an engine. Also a well known producer of cheese can be for its customers and prospects regularly something new come up. The company ordered it bags in the round shape of a cheese loaf at Karanja or let another bag in the form of a suitcase customize and print with Dutch country stickers.

Also an Asian Embassy ordered round bags with an individual, colourful print. But not only when choosing forms, in relation to the design of the handle, a lot is possible. For example, a world-famous brand of cosmetics on the Bavarian packaging specialists is turned with a particularly unusual request. The company wanted a feather BOA as Henkel,”so Kroll. A wish that was fulfilled. “” Also the advertising a car producer in this respect waiting with a special feature: the punched out O “lettering WOW” the grip hole for the promotional bag is at the same time. A gimmick, which probably stands each in the eye and remains in memory. This can be achieved with the help of a clever idea. Because on a trade show with some important is hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors who are exposed to a large sensory overload, as to impress exhibiting at first glance. While the twentieth logo pens at home often carelessly thrown away, the shapely figure cut pockets wake even associations of the visited State and the presented products even after the fair visit. At the same time, they are mnemonic and practical utensil. Applies to: ever more unusual design for the bag, the more sustainable the advertising effectiveness. Our customers often come to with very specific ideas on us. Send us a design and we look at how we can implement this. Normally we always find a way”, so Kroll. With more than 40 years experience in the back, the family-owned company in Neuried near Munich, knows whether with offset, flexo, screen, low – or even transfer printing should be developed which handle carry much weight and how the bags need to be glued. So, an economical and high-quality solution can be found depending on the customer’s requirement.

Satisfied Customers

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Nov 21 2014

“Her front company boasts high quality forth Forder company boasts high quality level of our State of the art distribution center directly on the A2 in Herford, is not only the starting point for fast transport distances and the uncomplicated handling of national and international processes, but ultimately the basis, to keep the costs as low as possible for our customers”, reports Klaus Hoppe. Since July 1, 2011, it reinforces the operational management of LOEWE of logistics & care GmbH & co. KG in Herford, Germany, which is one of the most efficient logistics and fullfillment sellers in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. “” “” Within the divisions selling high-quality consumer products and merchandising “, forms and advertising” special logistics and services “as well as sample management” the company offers many performance modules, which provide both for successful customers and satisfied end customers: it was in camp management where we for our “Customer ready m of warehouse space and 21,000 pallet places 21,000 m, or set in the distribution, where we guarantee a transparent flow of goods with optimum tariff structures to: our recipe for success is that we look at the world of logistics through the eyes of our customers.” Also in his other performance areas that understands not only the management of returns, but also the areas of customer relationship management, IT and E-shop solutions and include accounts receivable and procurement management, it the company again and again to convince through a high level of quality: at LOEWE logistics & care, we just have fun on our work..

John Niland

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Nov 14 2014

The extraordinary performance in an emergency to the extraordinary capability in the normal case”, as Anselm Gorres of Chairman of the AIMP. Good references and information provide security sad truth of the AIMP study: still 4 out of 10 decision-makers know not what interim management. That is a frustrating, because we all are on the road for years as a preacher or pioneers, but shows up, where even today the main adjustment screw for more interim management projects”, as Harald Schonfeld, at the same time Chief of butterflymanager, a dedicated interim which in the AIMP provider. There was consensus that high-quality information with good references is important for the customer to win trust and… And then of course best quality work, so he uses it again, recommendations even… and interim management is ultimately something completely normal. Interim Manager has been professionalized Manager professionals in their own right even the professional image of the interim himself. The key-note speaker John Niland showed how a professional interim strategically focused managers in their own right, positioned and dealing with (potential) customers, recommendation donors and providers.

With good planning and consistent implementation of sales success is sustainable. To include a work and regular training of the own methodological expertise. Long-standing close cooperation is the positive tenor of this year’s annual Forum: professional mediator by interim services worth their fee – even from a perspective of mediated Interim Manager. A good and long-term partnership between interim managers and providers pays off for all pages. Basis for cooperation promising is a clear professionalism of both sides and active provider relations”. For the Interim Manager does this, his qualifications and unique selling propositions clear out to work with verifiable references provided and sustained to establish contact. Companies can benefit enormously from this competence of the provider built partly over the years, to the right and really good Interim Manager know and recommend. The wish was expressed in the reverse case, that provider is clearer to distinguish, so just from the new market (and customers) more easily can be assessed, which provider is the appropriate and competent to own profile. As a whole unanimously agreed that in the first phase of the trial trust and a clear and open dialogue necessarily successful cooperation and ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.


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Nov 14 2014

The facade of the Chinese Theater.
The Grauman’s Chinese Theater (also known as Mann’s Chinese Theater between 1973 and 2001), is a famous theater located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. The restaurant opened in 1927 and since then has been one of the most recognizable landmarks and visited Southern California.
It was built by actor Sid Grauman third owner of the premises, which also owned the interpreters also Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Howard Schenck. Also Grauman built the Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles. The main architect was Raymond M. Chinese Theater Kennedy, of the firm Meyer and Holler.
The building resembles a huge red Chinese pagoda. The facade is represented a huge Chinese dragon, two fu dogs guarding the main entrance and there are many silhouettes of tiny dragons on the sides of the copper roof.
The theater was inaugurated on 18 May 1927 with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille “King of kings.”
Sid Grauman sold his share to the producer William Fox in 1929 but remained as director of the theater until his death in 1950. In 1968 he was declared a historical and cultural building, and has since undergone several restoration projects. The theater was purchased in 1973 by Ted Mann, owner of the Mann Theaters chain and husband of actress Rhonda Fleming, who change the name of the theater for “Mann’s Chinese Theater”. On 9 November 2001, the theater’s original name returned to the building’s facade.
Outside the building, are impressed footprints and hands of many artists he pays tribute in this way. Among them, the actors like Clark Gable, Rita Hayworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe. In total, more than 200 footprints imprinted on the concrete. Although the most common has always been to leave the footprints and hands, there have been people who have left other traces: Harold Lloyd left imprinted in the footsteps of his glasses, Groucho Marx and George Burns, left imprints of their pure , Betty Grable, immortalize their legs John Wayne, his fist, Al Jolson, knees, Sonja Henie, the blades of his skates, and the nose of Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope. The western stars William S. Hart and Roy Rogers left imprinted in the footsteps of their weapons. And there always have been people that have left their mark printed, the horse of Tom Mix ( “Tony”), Gene Autry ( “Champion”) and Roy Rogers ( “Trigger”) left imprints of their hooves on the side of the stars being put.
The only person not related to the film world that has left its footprints in cement outside the theater has been the mother of Grauman.
Currently, the Grauman’s Chinese Theater continuous operation, with facilities renovated and improved. Many premieres of films are made at the Chinese Theater, and they often turn many celebrities.
The theater hosted the Ceremony of the Academy Awards on three occasions between 1944 and 1946 and is adjacent the Kodak Theater, home of the current awards.

Jess Kirley

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Nov 14 2014

Note, that the corridor of the spread of prejudice, of course, is in favor of the purchase price. That is, we have an inherent disadvantage incorporated into gambling, the purchase price due to the way in which the structures of his bookie lying. a l try to make the purchase price less attractive, the disproportionate number of gamblers who bet on the purchase price. There is a demand much more for the purchase price for sale. After all, the nature of a punter is to find a team or player with a good performance, as opposed to the search teams / players who the punter is considered a poor performance. So keep this in mind, if you think the index betting is for you. You’ll find it much easier orientation selling prices.

By Of course, this does not mean you can not find a good bet to buy, but fair, they are a little harder to find. You can make a play that a team will score points in the regular season. For example, you believe that New Zealand Warriors are set for a normal year, so they sell at the spread of 1931-1933. This means you are betting that the Warriors score less than 31 points over the season. Building can be confusing getting your head around the concept. (I know, because I took some time to fully comprehend and understand what was happening, and how to make money from this type of betting.) This article has been only a short overview of spread betting. If you are interested in the concept, and would like more information, go to and have links with companies seeking exactly that.

Spread betting is certainly not to all, and you are not 100% confident in understanding the spread betting market, then I seriously suggest you stay out of it, until you gain more knowledge. can do a lot of money from successful spread betting, but the reverse is true, you can lose a lot of money, if everything goes pear shaped. Australians Matt Elliott and Jess Kirley to have been investing in professional sport as a whole for more than three years. They have a very mathematical approach to their betting, and compare more than one trade like stocks commodity real game. They continue to lead the industry with innovative approaches to sports betting and their reputation among their peers is a testimony that. Visit to find out how you can turn your hobby of betting into a profitable enterprise.

Enjoy Silence

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Nov 13 2014

You do not speak at least that you can improve silence Jorge Luis Borges silence is the modesty of the great characters. Jose Marti cannot be all along in the bullicio, where the noises often become estresante, desarmonizando to us until the end, that we were shaken, we irritated, we put ourselves of the bad humor, and often until it generates headache to us, which we want is to flee from that surroundings. Its reach is due to cultivate silence and to enjoy, is necessary to calm the mind, the thoughts if it is wanted to enter itself in internal silence, or but to look for the suitable place where silence occurs and to enjoy it intensely, letting itself condition by its atmosphere. When we identified ourselves with external silence and we appreciated its reach and repercussions that it generates to us for our tranquillity, harmony, we felt totally relaxed, we can meditate, reflect, be entered in our tranquillity, appreciate the important thing of not being put under no sound that bothers to us. it contributes to us on the matter, that we consider, that silence is the belly from where they are born the wise people. If you wish to acquire wisdom, returns to be born in the middle of silence.

Thus you will only find your reason of being, the reason for which you do been born. Sintate comfortably, observes your around, you do not judge, holds in your eagerness, observes again, includes/understands that your life is a treasure, leaves your preoccupations to a side. there is no necessity to take to a passed luggage, already your heart has what you need in this wonderful trip that is your life. It leaves the fear and it allows that silence owns to you, in that immensity you will only be able to listen to the voice of God within you llamndote live totally, calling for darte to know all the mysteries the universe and not only this, also that voice wants darte to know the secret the eternal life, but care, you do not believe in promises, there are this becomes your unique reality.

European Poster Exhibition

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Nov 08 2014

From next Friday the European poster exhibition, may visit at the Malaga Picasso Museum 1888-1938, in which more than 180 works of ninety authors displayed a selection of significant posters, according to times. The authors include Ramon Casas, Jules Cheret, Fortunato Depero, Cassandre, Gustav Klucis, Vladimir Lebedev, Man Ray, Vladimir Maiakovski, Henri Matisse, Alexander Rodchenko and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.The European Cartel, 1888-1938 new exhibition of the Malaga Picasso Museum shows Picasso Museum, very close to the Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, will be open until September. The European cartel, 1888-1938 is focused on very significant periods of the cartel: the beginnings at the end of the 19th century with Jules Cheret and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as protagonists; the decisive influence of these artists in the Art Nouveau; the first advertising campaigns (Michelin and Anis del Mono); the era of between the wars, when came the heyday and the crisis of the avant-garde; and a section devoted to the avant-garde and advertising art that ended up setting up the modern poster openly. Through this journey, one may know, and in many cases recognize, very representative works of each decade, the first three of last century, which are fundamental for a rigorous approach, the spectator and the professional, to the history of what is now understood as a poster..

Changing the Morning Routine

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Nov 04 2014

Everyone has a morning routine, but not everyone’s morning routine is good for him. Think about it. Do you hit the snooze button more than once? Do you run out the door without eating and without stretching? Do you have time for anything before you catch that bus or get in the car? Here are a few suggestions to help you feel better each morning.

  1. Get up five minutes earlier. Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, but it will help you to feel more alive.
  2. Don’t hit snooze – ever. Just get up.
  3. Stretch for five minutes. Touch your toes, get your body limber and really get the blood flowing to your limbs.
  4. Wash your face, brush your teeth, get dressed and head to the kitchen for some breakfast.
  5. Eat something, even if it isn’t something big.

These little suggestions will make a big difference!