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Establish Goals

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Jan 29 2015

As I set goals that become reality? We all know how important that is to have targets or goals. We know that before being able to achieve anything, we must first know what we want. There is an old saying: that everything is created twice. Only when we create something in our mind first, only then is when is manifesta in our physical reality. Goals give us a definite direction with which to focus our energies.

Without goals, our decisions and actions are not focused and we almost always end up nowhere. Only when we stay focused on a specific goal, and develop an effective strategy to run our goal becomes achievement. Then, why is that many people does not reach its goals it? By what many people try to estableecer goals in your life, but this has not worked for them? The answer is because they have not set goals in an efficient manner. For most people, dream and generate resolutions during the 31st of December and new year are your idea of creating goals. This does not work so simply. I know many people who for example, is proposed as a new year’s resolution weight loss (phrases like this year I wear in my old size or low weight are very common.

when tested again the goal? next year!) And 99% of the time this target was not achieved; so that these people do? set another resolution for new year and continues the cycle of failure. To set goals that you can meet and be your focus, you must create very specific goals. Unless you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, will not be able to develop an effective strategy to achieve the goals proposed. Successful people know exactly what they want in life and if you want to be successful, you must do the same. Specific goals give it the focus needed to take correct actions that will achieve achieve these metass. When you know exactly what your goal, you’ll know exactly what action is required to get there. Our friends from Persistence Unlimited tell us that one of the best strategies is kept in motion, which means that we must establish our goals and immediately begin to run them. Once we set the goal, we can only have 2 results: the first is the goal; the second is sit giving us excuses of because not reached (s) target (s). Anthony Robbins, one of the largest personal motivators that exist, who is famous for his appearance in the movie blind love, reminds us that there are 7 steps to establish our goals: – Get Clear (be clear) – Get Certain (be decided) – Get Excited (be excited) – Get Focused (being focused) – Get Committed (be committed) – Get Momentum (generate Momentum) – Get Smart (be smart) have prepared a document that you will serve to establish the goals of 2009; It is an extract that compiles these statements and is part of the 7 steps to develop short and medium-term goals. Try to fill the spaces and comments as you did in the process. You can download the document here. By your success!

Overcome A Midlife Crisis

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Jan 26 2015

You watched the movie "The crisis of middle age", directed by Garik Sukachev, starring himself and ? Once again, looking at this wonderful movie, I decided to write this article, this topic and close to me because I just on the threshold of middle age. So let's begin. What is the cause of the crisis of middle age? The main reason is that the man starts to analyze the past and think about the future. This in itself is not bad, but too many of these thinking leads to a sense of the collapse of progress. Reflections appear on the age, that life is short, time is running out. If the man is too early to become a parent, you have grown up to this time the children make even more acute sense its not the young of the year.

In conjunction with the thoughts of their real or invented forms of insolvency is a truly volatile mix. And then it begins the feverish attempts to prove to people that this is not true that youth is still under It attempts to change the situation, changing everything. All these women throwing well acquainted firsthand. Only such a crisis occurs in a woman long before the male, about 30 years. In general, the symptoms are nearly the same, but if a man prevailing ideas about their solvency and achievements, a woman is more concerned with leaving young. Nevertheless, the woman also suffered from unrealized, is looking for ways to express themselves, it suffers from a lack of family favorite rights.

Higher State

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Jan 24 2015

All we need to do in this life for what it is given to us – it's just go back to the original relation to anything that is beyond me. As the return to the state (of love and bestowal to the outside), I start to feel them and themselves as a unit, and property (giving and love), which binds us together is called the Creator. It was originally created us, and especially 'dropped' into the opposite property, that you appreciate all the perfection of the state in which it is created and you have directed themselves to him. And to the extent of your ambitions, you will discover it in himself. Michael Laitman yesterday at the urging of a friend went to the revels Tolkienists.

Maybe, you know, was a writer Tolkien – he wrote a trilogy of the Ring. It was removed by a famous movie about hobbits. So, this book was written long ago, and her whole generation of ardent fans. They are so deeply immersed in the story that just do not want to leave it. These people meet once a year in the spring and play a terrific idea. In the spring haze, a beautiful dress made of thin silk, with flowers in their long silky hair float magic a pair of elves.

This is followed by a string of riders – stately warriors of Middle-earth. Stepping heavily in steel armor, with battle-axes at the ready-paces burly Dwarves. Somewhere hidden among the shadows of evil goblins and bloodthirsty orcs.

Infantile Literature

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Jan 09 2015

Therefore, I make it mention to look at and not to recognize themselves in the heading, therefore nor always we reflect what we are or we want to be, what we see or want to see, what the others see of us: but it reflects. on this question of identity and belonging or negation of the two, the mirror if makes emptiness, without consequence, image? How to disclose the child, afro-descendant, its image, its identity black? To make it if to look at and if to see reflected not in a mirror empty, but full of images that give what to speak, that they send to the beautiful history, to some narratives, rich, colorful, blacks, you pray, tribal African? ‘ ‘ People, today brought a book of which taste very, and I want to read for vocs! ‘ ‘ thus I started to make the reading of the book pretty Girl of ribbon bow, of Ana Maria Axe, and each page that I advanced in the reading had a pupil that it was convulsed or if moved, that ahead demonstrated its unpleasantness of such choice of the reading. In one determined moment, already almost of the way for the end of the reading, the pupil spoke, there of its chair: ‘ ‘ Oh teacher, I not taste of this book not! ‘ ‘ Soon it, who loved all the readings that I carried through, that I was discovering the reading in that year, it, representative of the afro-descendants, to come with that one I speak But I did not intimidate myself and I did not make what he asked for to me, I continued to read until the end, exactly seeing to make it faces and mouths..

Spectacles Voice Analysis

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Jan 05 2015

It may sound like a gag from a television parody of secret agents as the Super-agene 86 or an Austin Powers movie, but it’s time for “Spectacles Voice Analysis.” And it’s not a laughing matter. The device provides an analysis of lie detection in real time inside glasses on whoever is speaking at the moment, says its manufacturer, the Israeli company Nemesysco, which developed technology for counter-terrorism and government customers. Theoretically then, may not be long before hearing the airport security personnel ask, “Are you planning to hijack this plane?”. And can tell immediately whether a passenger is a terrorist by analyzing his answer to that question directly.

The technology, developed by mathematician Amir Lieberman Nemesysco in Israel, for the army, claims to insurers and law enforcement, is being repackaged and re-focused to personal and corporate applications by V Entertainment (New York). Companies that use a wide range of applications such as counter-terrorism, law enforcement, insurance and verification of workers’ compensation are beginning to use variations of the software technology for glasses that is already available in a down-loadable PC program that can analyze conversations live or via telephone. “We’re actually developing two types of glasses – one for use in security and other commercial use,” Lieberman told ISRAEL21c. “A chip inside the glasses is able to read the frequency of the voice of the person you are speaking. The voice is analyzed through this chip with nine different types of voice analysis and there are lights that indicate if the person is lying.

Small Ana Claude

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Jan 05 2015

Ana Claude simply does not understand nothing. Soon she would go to understand. Small Ana Claude did not sleep that night. Lying in its net, illuminated only for the light of the moonlight that slid for the half-open window, it she smiles. She was fascinated by the register. That very small, simple book, for it was as a treasure. Not. It was more than what this.

It was a revelation: it wanted to learn to read. Of morning the mother found already it of foot, anxious, agitated. As already she knew that expression, and foreseeing problems, Zira if esquivou and dissimulated not to hear the question: – Mother, I have 8 years, right? Why I am not in the school? – This clothes Look at. I did not say you to wash and to leave of gravy? ' ' You ' ' of the same skill that I left yesterday. – Mother – She goes to wash this clothes and later ' ' nis conversa' '. Ana Claude leaves the mother. Stubborn.

She would not yield. The mother wise person of this, but had hope that it forgot it subject. After all, to study age thing for rich. It only needed to know to take care of of the house. One day would arrange a husband and the life would follow its route as it had to be. But it did not advance. All day, to each chance, the insistent question: – Mother, when that I go to enter in the school? One day, Alzira? this age the name of the mother, Alzira, but the few that knew it treated it for Zira? it heard palms in the door of the house. For the opening of the window it noticed that one lady held Ana Claude for the hand. – Alzira Owner, you can come a little here? A voice of intimidante gravity questioned, waiting of the side of is.