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Kon Technologies

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May 22 2015

Intelligent DNA structures of charisma technologies enable state-of-the-art 3D TV: live in it! Oldenburg/Berlin, March 2010 – everyone is talking about is the subject of 3D TV. However, the concepts that are currently advertising present well-known TV manufacturers, can not convince; are based on the traditional stereoscopic 3D but without exception. While the future of lifelike TV entertainment has started already. Beyond conventional stereoscopic techniques, the developers of charisma technologies GmbH have developed a fundamentally new, worldwide patented process: the multi-dimensional system technology, short MDS. It allows a perfect visualization of reality. The topic of 3D TV is on everyone’s lips. But the Kon concepts that currently advertising present well-known TV manufacturers, can not convince; are based on the traditional stereoscopic 3D but without exception. While the future of lifelike TV entertainment has started already.

Beyond conventional stereoscopic techniques, you have Developers of charisma technologies GmbH developed a fundamentally new, worldwide patented process: the multi-dimensional system technology, short MDS. It allows a perfect visualization of reality. Whether polarization, shutter technique or a lenticular front screen present the classic TV manufacturer, the currently advertising 3D solutions, have only the well-known stereoscopic procedures offered, which go hand in hand with numerous disadvantages and limitations. If you want to use these solutions, required not only a 3D screen and a 3D Blu-ray player. He needs special 3D-BD-Film-or TV material, which however so far very limited or not available. Almost always, it is necessary to wear an uncomfortable 3D glasses. The Lin-senraster method while the glasses omitted, the 3D image is however only a few viewing positions visible and otherwise blurred. Also the screen resolution with stereoscopic polarization and lenticular techniques is at 50 Reduced percent per eye, and the TV images can cause even discomfort and dizziness in the Viewer as a result of the Parallax shift against the own visual experience\”added Ralf Lohmann, CEO of charisma technologies.

World Cup Professional

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May 17 2015

Mainz / Munich, July 2010. Who is the largest soccer-crack of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa? On July 11, from 11 to 13 h in the ZDF to see whether one of the candidates, to defeat the pretty Munchenerin. A dream weekend is waiting for the winner in Mainz. The competition covers the following areas: how were the scores of the current World Cup? Anyone who has played against who? On what date was played? Held the game in which arena? Who were the goal scorers? Were the goals scored in hour and minute? By the ZDF television garden soccer-World Cup-battle “Christiane Stenger and ZDF on vivid and entertaining way would show that our brain has more on it than you think. Everyone can learn playfully, to use his brain no matter how old he is.

Christiane Stenger and the ZDF television garden team wish you much fun to watch! Kuhlmann beauty Consulting GmbH the Kuhlmann beauty consulting (KBC) based in Offenbach is a management consulting firm, on the management and the positioning of specializes in personalities and brands in the luxury segment. KBC marketed including supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg worldwide. In Germany, more celebrities such as E.g. the television presenter Jennifer Knable maintained in addition to the memory champion Christiane Stenger. Managing partner is Frank Kuhlmann, who in 1997 was founding President of the American modeling agency of Metropolitan. The Metropolitan Agency Group became internationally known through the discovery and marketing of Super models such as Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum. Press contact and management Frank Kuhlmann c/o Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting GmbH Emperor str. 51 63065 Offenbach phone + 49 69-850 92 97 0 fax + 49 69-850 92 97 22 hotline 0 18 steeringdamperkits 22 99 67 HRB 41862 OF * tax number DE 233735483

The Maximum

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May 16 2015

1) They are never satisfied with their level of development; they always want to exceed what has been done previously. (2) Avoid comfortable situations. They do things even if you don’t like them, because they know the importance of its realization. (3) They have pressing goals. Feel not only that they should do something, but it drives them will have to do so.

(4) Never blame others. They solve their problems. Any task is a challenge that must be overcome. 5) Like and encourage the risks. But they take these risks with judgment and moderation. They never take careless and uncalculated risks.

Assess and come with tact and without fear. 6) Have VISION, are able to predict outcomes in their minds before embarking to the implementation of the proposed plan. (7) Aren’t slaves to work, however, if they should wear something to Cape, will work 24 hours a day if necessary. 8) Are handled well with the pressures. They recognize that interest anyone if they are nervous or depressed. They know that they only decide what to do with their lives. They need the tension of the requirement, but they rely on their decision-making capacity. (9) They are objective. They are not selfish. They leave that others receive the recognition of an attribute when they deserve it. (10) They understand the nature of energy. They know that if they apply enough force energy will be able to move anything. (11) They know the meaning of NURTURE. They build and nourish others, they always leave things better for how they found them. (12) They understand the SOCIABILITY. They enjoy each other but do not depend on them, they move away from their friends and entertainments if there are things more important or priority to perform. 13) Use and understand the self-discipline. Do not let that habits, desires and faults control them, because they have developed the ability to control themselves themselves. 14) Have courage. They are not reluctant for that others do not dare to do something. They make decisions and do not hesitate. (15) They have confidence in themselves. Do not hesitate or are reluctant. His confidence is fed by action and works. (16) They understand the importance of living in the present. They do not live with the laurels of yesterday or with the aspirations of the morning; They point to the best in the present. (17) Do not worry about past mistakes and never decisions today based on the mistakes of yesterday. They expect and live by the success of the present. (18) They recognize that the experiences come individually and not by group. When receive any training apply what they learned to themselves and not be they hide behind or are pending from the mistakes of others. 19) Are quick to forgive, forget and continue forward from where they are. They know how to forgive his own faults. (20) They understand the importance of feeling empathy. They are able to interpret the feelings of other people, developing this quality to the maximum.

Mobile Games, Ringtones, .. And Their Future Telecommunications

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May 16 2015

A few years ago, the first mobile games came on the market. Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular. Since we are waiting on the authorities or else where the time can market yourself with it. There are also mittlerweil Mutliplayerspiele where several play against each other. It is expected that this will multiply the turnover worldwide mobile games in the coming years. The main target group which is the mobile phone download games between the ages of 16-30 years. On older phones like the Nokia 3210 cell phone games are not possible, however, are possible on a large part of the newer phones these games.

A mobile phone that supports Java is used for most games. There are several categories in the mobile games such as: Logic Games, Multiplayer Games, sports games and many more. At a new mobile phone are usually a few games already installed. They are also found in the internet provider where one can buy mobile games. Here are several Internet providers in the mobile games verkaufen.Bei good provider found on the pages of some elements on the Play as a description of the game and screenshots. At the most you pay via premium SMS or 0190 number. Some providers offer but also payment by Paypal, credit card, or … Firstgate. Then you get the most pay per SMS sent a WAP link that you can then download the mobile game. The average price of a mobile game around 4 . On the Internet you can also find a few sites where older games can be downloaded for free.

World Cyber Games

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May 08 2015

Very soon, most long-awaited tournament kicks off for all competitive players – World Cyber Games. All schoolchildren and students, but will not rule out the working class, will join the screens of monitors to see who will become world champion at one time or another discipline. To limit your search, I suggest you gaming portal, which will conduct a report from the WCG 2010. On CSArena.Net you can find the results of all matches, as well as the latest pictures and videos from the tournament and download demos favorite teams. Electronic Sports Motion – a multigeymingovaya organization, which includes recaps of the most popular disciplines such as Counter-Strike 1.6, Source, Call of Duty 4, WC: Dota, and FIFA 10. On the Electronic Sports Motion Multigeymingovaya organization Electronic Sports Motion was formed in May 2010 with the support of the portal.

The original purpose of the organization – to develop and support young teams in the disciplines Counter-Strike: 1.6, Source; Call of Duty 4, WC3: Dota. The activities of the project Promotion of e-sports in Russia. Portal regularly conducts tournaments on popular subjects, it helps to develop young and experienced team, trained online with fairly experienced teams that have already achieved what is in their field. More information about the tournament in the FAQ. Project goal: To develop counter-strike direction in Russia and CIS holds regular tournaments portal (based on eSmotion.Ru) for CS 1.6 different types: 5×5, 2×2, steam, steam / non-steam, it helps to develop young and experienced team, trained online with fairly experienced teams that have already Why then have a counter-strike. Same portal monitors what is happening on the world stage CS: CSARENA.NET always publish the latest news, ip address matches top teams in the world, etc. 1.8.09 The project is based. Offitsalnoe opening 09/09/09 Developing the concept of resource: Sergei Shichkina Jeff – the ideology of the project Revision CSARENA.NET CSARENA.NET: Sergei Jeff Shichkina Jaroslav XeoN Strekalovsky Alexander Sanek Tashlykov organization of tournaments: Sergei Shichkina Jeff – the main organizer and judge Alex RhT Maryshev – Judge Vlad Wnek Borzov – assistant judge Ruslan Pchela Trutnev – Judge team muvmeykerov: Artem tw1m Ivantsov