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Latin Colombo

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Jul 26 2015

The majority of countries honor the day as a national holiday, and the most important events take place in Sri Lanka and Nepal. In Colombo, Kandy (Sri Lanka), elaborate lighting arrangements represent scenes from the life of the Buddha and colors lanterns are hung in the streets. Buddhists around the world commemorate the date by visiting temples and offering alms, meditating or attending a reading of the dharma. For travellers in East Asia, it is an opportunity to witness and participate in one of the most important religious events in the region. Colombo: Casa Colombo Hotel, from 116 per night.

Kandy: Jetwing Hunas Falls, from 67 per night. Kandy: Hotel Hilltop, from 34 per night. Beatification of John Paul II Rome will this year stage of the beatification of the late Pope John Paul II, the ceremony will take place on 1 may at 10 in the morning. He is expected that the event will attract around two and a half million visitors to the Italian capital, when pilgrims gather at the Vatican to pay homage. The mass of beatification, which will take place in St.

Peter’s square, will be celebrated by Pope Benedicto XVI. The beatification coincided with the holiday of labour day in Italy and are expected to be the hotels in Rome, full occupancy. It is important to make reservations for accommodation in advance if you plan to travel at this time. Hotel Derby, from 104 per night. Hotel Cicerone, from 171 per night. Hotel Augusta Lucilla Palace, from 210 per night. Hotel Genova, from 212 per night. Boscolo Aleph Luxury Hotel, from 314 per night. Cinco de Mayo celebration of Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican culture and tradition. The date itself commemorates the defeat of the French army in the battle of Puebla in 1862, but now the festivities are more related to the celebration of the heritage of the Mexican-Americans. In all United States, fairs and festivals are performed during the first week of may, what gives the opportunity to enjoy Mexican culture to Americans of all ethnicities. Sets of mariachi bands, parades, folk dances, food stalls and music Latin creates a lively party atmosphere. Las Vegas: Triump International Hotel, from 88 per night. Las Vegas: Tahiti Village Resort & Spa, from 100 per night. San Diego: Western Inn Old Town San Diego Hotel, from 49 per night. San Francisco: The Pickwick Hotel, from 72 per night.

Your Stars Just A Click

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Jul 16 2015

Throughout the year, are organized events that can change us the mood for the rest of the season. How many times we have heard about the incredible vacation our neighbors or so amazing festivals have had that our colleagues have gone? And you always think the same, as for the next year, you’ll be you who will enjoy these wonderful experiences. Of course Yes! You also deserve it! However, everything goes to ask’s mouth and you do not take last minute surprises, it is best that you begin to plan your plan as soon as possible. Everything has to be perfect so that you can also boast of your plan! Now they will be others who will die of envy as well said and fact. Ponte hands to work so that you do not caught by del toro, and in issues of concerts and festivals tickets fly! If you do not want to risk, better that you decide what is your type of music and the group that you really want to see live and on running a for tickets! For example, if you are thinking about going to see the powerful direct which offers group ACDC then the urgency is more pressing than ever! The group is well known for its packed, so it will not catch you unawares. Yourself with your ACDC tickets and enjoy! Original author and source of the article