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Organized Abyss

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Aug 28 2015

Have you ever had to feel like sleeping in a cloud of organized abyss? Happened to you is that you did not notice an important incoming e-mail, or miss important meetings, or on the way home forgot to go to the store and buy milk? A couple of years ago to found myself in that position, and because I believed in the power of technology, there was only one version of: I went to the nearest store and bought iPhone. I assumed that the phone will work Like a bad personal assistant – that he would always remind me of what I should do next, and will record all the most important thing I have to say. A while my iPhone has worked this way. Must say that even if the smartphone is supplemented with thousands of additional applications, only some of them prove their necessity, in regard to the question the organization of everyday life. Here are a few additional applications, that can help your life run smoothly. To-do list.

iPnone has so many applications to list the daily tasks that I had to make such a list to consider all offers. Your preferences will depend on the type of your work. Some of the good applications for organizations of cases – including Things, developed by Cultured Code, as well as OmniFocus, the developer of Omni Group, each of which costs $ 20 – involve working only with a copy of Mac. If you are on mind such things, you can easily add them to your friends in iPnone.

Taurus Opens Its Doors In Bilbao

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Aug 13 2015

A surprising exhibition of art available to be visited this summer at the Museum of fine arts of Bilbao, BBK, titled Taurus. From myth to the ritual that investigates the iconography of the Bull. The collection includes more than 200 pieces and shows the works of great artists such as Picasso, Manet, Goya, Barcelo and Miro. Paintings and drawings, but also sculptures and ceramic single are not exposed. Visitors who are staying in a hotel in Bilbao can see Taurus. From myth to the ritual up to September 5, with pieces in the exhibition coming from the bronze era to present day. The purpose of this exhibition is to see how the image of the Bull is a constant in the Mediterranean culture both in the myths, games, festivals and ceremonies. From the 16th century art also reflected the interest by the demonstrations of bullfighting, and since then some of the greatest creators of the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries have tried modern bullfighting games, which echoes the ancient cult of the vital force and one direct look at death, explains the official website of the Museum.

Another shows that art lovers may visit while they are in the Museum of fine arts is the abduction of Deidamia, work by Peter Paul Rubens, which is a loan from the Museo del Prado in Madrid. The price of the tickets is from 6 and opening hours is from 10 to 20 hours from Tuesday to Sunday.

The Present

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Aug 09 2015

Article 13. Noise from airports. Airports are considered as industrial sectors and the noise should be evaluated as stipulated in the present resolution for this type of sectors. Chapter III of the environmental noise article 14. Applicability of ambient noise. The results obtained in measurements of ambient noise, should be used to make the diagnosis of the environment by noise. The results are noise maps which allow to visualize reality as regards environmental noise, to identify areas critical and potential polluters by emission of noise, among others. Environmental noise measurements carried out in accordance with the procedure laid down in chapters II and III of annex 3 to this resolution.

Article 15. Interval of time of reference do T. For the measurement of sound pressure levels weighted equivalent continuous A – LAeq, T do, is set as a reference time span – T, fourteen (14) hours for the daytime and ten (10) hours for the night, corresponding with what was expressed in article 2 of this r resolution, thus obtaining the respective levels, LAeq, d, daytime and LAeq, n, Nocturne, independent of the other.? The methodology for measuring the time interval of measurement unit (per hour) should be used for measures of noise at the time of reference intervals established in article 5 of this resolution. Article 16. Long-term measurement does T. time interval Is set to one (1) calendar year as long-term measurement time interval – T. However, if the applications of the environmental study being performed are for periods of less than one (1) year; as in the case of special events such as carnivals, high season of tourism, fairs and festivals, among others, this time interval can be reduced and should be clearly specified. You should choose mode that variations in the noise emission should be covered.


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Aug 07 2015

How to conquer? I asked me many times, when I was teen, as conquer, as knowing women, finally was a hard fight, believed that he had to have some phrase for League, some magical phrase, believed that something needed me. Thanks to God I like the strategy, and I made the analogy of my life, if there is to be a good strategy, to win a battle to conquer we must be a good strategy, and here is where I wanted to reach, when you have a strategy, this makes us productive and we put aside everything as luck, magic, the destination. This is what I learned and gave me result, as conquer? With a good strategy, which is a strategy, a series of steps agreed to reach an end, which is our end as conquering a girl, and here I want to be very clear the word conquer might seem an offensive word, but among many definitions I am inclined to the one that says: win what you want. The question of one million dollars, on how to conquer, what the? correct strategy? You can discard as strategy giving, flowers, chocolates, persecuting the girl day and night, that strategy has very little effectiveness, we can use as our strategy, laughter, variable just as you hear it, if something should your strategy is laughter, but I do not mean to seem a buffoon and be the clown of the Festival, I mean the more you do laugh at a person in this case a girl more fences theserelaxed laughter body, falls well and people agradas him, find your style perhaps you are good making observations, being sarcastic, using the smoke, being funny and naughty, being arrogant and funny, not, practice, it will be like a sport, view seeing that it works and which not. If as conquer a girl is a matter of strategy, which is just a series of steps, something that we have to take very short story is that there must be a natural chronological order in this series of steps if your intention is to conquer a girl, don’t start giving away poems, treating it as your wife, treating it as your girlfriend, treat it as a friend, as your sister, Hazle joke, lowering the pedestal if you have it as a divine being. Another variable that should have your strategy, is to avoid all the things the questions, not interroges people and less to a girl, this will make you see very needy, has things that have happened but good things, things of high social value, but without showing off.

There are many variables to get a good strategy, but something key that te dira if you’re in good way, is that she starts to ask you questions, that if where you study, if you have girlfriend, if she begins to show interest on you to say that the steps you’ve given have been very good and it is time that you show interest in her. As conquer, the simple answer would be a strategy, which is the correct strategy, what are the correct steps, there are many, but some is better than having none. If you want to know more about the topic I invite you to visit this page. How to conquer girls. Sincerely original author and source of the article.


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Aug 05 2015

Only slightly less than 2 hours, can go from Malaga to Tarifa, a place where lost, a place that you can visit for a fantastic day at the beach, and enjoy its fine white sand, crystal clear waters, later stroll through the Centre of Tarifa, continue reading to know a little more about this town of Cadiz. Our journey begins at Malaga airport, so we can place ourselves more easily. The first thing we do is find the motorway which will give us access to the Mediterranean motorway. From there is very simple as just continue straight following the highway. Along the way we will find steps of toll, which if we decide to pay us save quite time though we will not enjoy the views to the sea route by road provide us in any case, and especially in summer, may be advisable use the toll highway, thus avoiding any crush of cars. When not us realize, will come to Algeciras, where we can come up with a bit of traffic due to the departure of the ferry from the port of Algecirasn in Ceuta and Melilla does not address desperate, this traffic when there is it, usually very little, normally lasts until we move on that port forwarding. Our destination is increasingly more closely, and the view of windmills was our proximity to rate.

Arrival to Tarifa, when we go looking for the beach, is in the more simple; nothing else enter we will have the sea on our right and I must say, that I personally had no problems to park the car in midsummer. The first thing that called us the attention will be the quality of the water and the fine, white sand beaches are very long that there are no crowds unless you seek to be in first-line of beach, but even so, and always under my experience, you will find no problems to put your towel near the shore and enjoy your day at the beach. Tarifa beach not only is characterized by its sand, but by wind that alli blows, hence the landscape of just reaching Tarifa windmills. The day that I was coincidentally did not wind, but usually have a steady streak. Once we have enjoyed the beach, and preferably at dusk, us We will give a stroll through the town of Tarifa, you can visit its shops and its streets, places more historical old town. Worth us to take our time to visit it without haste. If you like surfing, you’ll love rate; many surf shops, some pasted a few alongside other, formal landscape of main street in Tarifa.

And when we enter we will arrive to the old part of Tarifa, full of alleys and corners typical Andalusian that we bestowed. The night we will enjoy it in these streets where you can find bars and resturants, or on the beach where the bars mounted their festivals. Without hesitation rate is worth a visit, and if you come to Malaga, has the opportunity to hire a car in Malaga at a really affordable price, and enjoy this and many other tours in Andalucia, discovering each time a little more of the Andalusian culture. For those who do not want this losing, but have no driver’s license, there are taxis from Malaga airport for organized group trips. Original author and source of the article