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Mar 31 2016

Foz is, without doubt, one of the peoples of the Cantabrian Sea with beaches. Located in the province of Lugo, in addition to its beaches and its clear blue sea, Foz is also known for its rich gastronomy and tranquility. The construction company DICARLOS puts at the disposal of those interested in buying flats in Foz a promotion of your dreams at the best price: 70,000 can be from a floor from 53 square meters overlooking the sea. Wait no longer and inform you without obligation in promotions Asturias. Do you want to know more about Foz? Look at what the website of the Concello says: Foz name seems to comes from the word fauce, describing graphically the mouth of the River Masma, referring to the wealth of this place and its Roman origin. The history of Foz is linked to the sea. The ancient civilizations in pre-Roman times, came across the sea.

According to historians, its foundation can be traced back to the era of the artabros, and in particular Amor Meilan points to the possibility that one of the factories that was Foz in the Galician coast established the tartessians when they arrived here. They later settled in Foz Phoenicians and Romans, seeking the gold wealth of these lands. In the 9th century, on the occasion of the establishment of the episcopal see in the parish of St. Martino, the municipality of Foz reaches an unusual relief. Towards the end of the middle ages, thanks to the exemption to the villa from Foz of abusive taxes and ancient privileges and immunities granted by the Catholic monarchs, the whale fishing and the export of timber were important economic activities of the population. It had by then, one of the three most important shipyards in Galicia. It was the porto of Masma by that time, refuge of mariners, appearing since then in all portulanos navigation, so much so that, in the 12th century, it was one of the only ports of the Cantabrian cornice with international traffic, integrated on the routes between England, Flanders and Portugal. Wait no longer and decide to buy flats in Foz

Huschert Tourism

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Mar 26 2016

Submit multi media posts from the tourism sector until January 31! Berlin, December 2012. In three months, the Golden Gate is within the framework of the ITB for the 12th time of the tourism Media Award”awarded. The media excellence in tourism award again in 2013 new standards. Destinations, tour operators, hotels, event locations and all other tourism professionals can submit their media marketing activities, such as image films, websites, print and online campaigns, innovative marketing ideas as well as music clips and roadshows until 31 January 2013 at (or by mail). “” Wolfgang Jo Huschert, the initiator of the tourism media award the Golden City gate “, again anticipates many participants this year: our goal is to exceed the submissions of 100 film and multimedia productions from 28 countries in the past year.” Strong it is supported the tourism marketing company COMPASS GmbH from Cologne of his new partner, also for the retreads website homepage and Facebook page is in charge. The award is on 07 March 2013 in the framework of the world’s largest tourism fair, the ITB in Berlin. Since at this time is the entire tourism industry on a visit to Berlin, the guest list reads is who every year such as the who”of the international tourism industry. “The tourism media award the Golden City gate” everybody wins: destinations and tourism companies may promise a significant increase in awareness of a good placement.

But also not placed participants and viewers benefit: the award sets new standards which the entire industry for all new media implementations can be oriented. “The tourism media award the Golden City gate” the steady increase in the quality standards of marketing activities in the tourism industry promotes it. “” About the tourism media award the Golden City gate “of tourism media award the Golden City gate” is the only competition for the tourism industry, on the multi media posts Awards include international level in addition to films and spots also Web pages, print and online campaigns and road shows. “Through the addition of new tourism Media Award” this should be once again illustrates and internationally understandable. The prize winners are not the filmmaker or advertising agencies, but the destinations they assigned and tourist companies. The contest sets new standards in tourism marketing for more than 10 years.

Since the first awards ceremony of the Golden City gate in 2001, evaluated over 800 posts from all over the world by the jury which every year consists of 50 independent experts of tourism, film and marketing industry. The close partnership with ITB underlines the high relevance of the awards: BBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle reported regularly by the award ceremony of the Golden City gate on the ITB. Further information see and visit us on our new Facebook page, that golden city gate is under tourism media award the. “” Also available at any time of: Wolfgang Jo Huschert tourism media award the Golden City gate “c/o Huschert film + Medien GmbH Tel.

Learning To Tango

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Mar 26 2016

The Tango was born in Buenos Aires in the late nineteenth century. BBAA time was a booming city with a huge population growth rate due to emigration in several European countries. French, Italian, Spanish, British, Swiss, Germans, Hungarians, Poles, Slavs, Russians and Jews was part of this migration to Argentina. European immigrants and the locals (those born in Buenos Aires) formed a new social group. Perhaps as a way of identifying a group of belonging in their new home, began to create cultural expressions derived from this mixture. That was how began the tango, characterized by its extremely closed codes, which was only accessible to the working classes. The society in which tango was born listened and danced to polkas, mazurkas, and waltzes haversacks.

Someone said, the tango is more than a soft wave turned into music, is the world’s deepest dance, and who said these words was not an Argentine. The truth is that it should be recognized that the last step in the evolution of dance at least in regard to dancing couples. What began as a dance reached its further evolution of the work of great men who captured the popular melting pot, captured the richest part of the culture of Buenos Aires in his compositions. You may ask has to do the tango with the coaching, then I would say that his whole philosophy. The union is not given because Argentina is a country of great therapists, and the birthplace of tango, the union comes from its essence.


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Mar 25 2016

Here is an article by Howard Lederer, “The Master”, on how to play marginal hands in later stages of a tournament out of position. Here is an article by Howard Lederer, “The Master”, on how to play marginal hands in later stages of a tournament out of position. In the middle and final stage of tournaments there are often times where you’re forced to have to commit to a relatively weak hand. These are uncomfortable situations because you never want to risk a large percentage of your chips with a mediocre hand. Things get even more complicated when you’re playing from the blinds or out of position.

For example, imagine you’re playing at a later stage of the tournament. The blinds and antes are 500/1.000 100. You are in the blind pequela with 18,000 points. All folder to the button, an aggressive player who often raisea in late position. Stack has 30,000 points and up to 3,500. You look at your cards and see Ad 9s. A9o know that is not a great hand, but you can not ignore it in this situation. In First game as your opponent, as they may be roots with a hand that is much worse than yours.

In fact, in this situation could be playing with. Another consideration is that there are plenty of chips in play. Among the blinds, antes and raise your opponent, you take with more than 5,000 points if you can take the boat, being a very valuable quantity for your short stack. So you probably want to play the hand. But what is the best voice? From first call may seem that the action is reasonable, since you do not compromise at all with this marginal hand. But to call it has some major drawbacks. With a hand like A9 probably not going to get anything on the flop. In fact, not even a couple will get about 2 of every 3 times. And if you get a pair of nines, how can you do if the flop brings a overcard? Even a flop with an ace going to have difficulty thinking if your hand is good. Moreover, if the flop does not serve anything, leaves you in a vulnerable position to get kicked out of the hand. Will be very difficult to bet if the flop is three cards that do not help. If you check, your opponent will probably make a continuation bet and will get you a lot of pressure to continue, although you may ace your highest card is still good. In situations like this, your voice is improving press while you can before the flop.

Your re-raise all-in pre-flop. Your opponent probably has no hand with which to call and, if so, you still have a lot of outs. You have about a 25% chance against AK, for example. It is not good, but you’re not dead. The important thing you have to keep in mind is that in later stages of a tournament, do not want to make many decisions after the flop when you have an average hand as an Ace kicker with a medium or a pair of hand and you’re playing half out of position. Get all-in when you think you will get value from them and expect the best. If you do not play in these marginal situations good but you regret it later when your stack has fallen further.

Daniel Talk

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Mar 25 2016

– So you laughed you ..? with whom? – I said with a mischievous voice. – Emmm … with Doug. – You like Doug? – If a lot is so tender esque. – If it is, I'm so happy for you, I knew Doug would do it.

– What? YA KNOW? – Yes, I told my first, if I am the mastermind of this. – Thanks friend. – Sure, I know everything in detail. – Well, we were dancing and Doug whispered to me that he liked me and I said''I too like you''and that happened, we kissed, u was so cool and …. – Rang the bell. – Wait a second is that someone is at the door, must be the Cristi or Gio. I went to the door, I thought it was Gio because he said he wanted to know as it was, when I opened the door, I saw this person who did not want to see, just when I swore that I was going to get away from Danny is shown on my door.

– Ah no! – Closed the door shut in your face, but when I thought that had closed the note that set foot in the door, so I went and locked myself in my room. – Camila have to talk. – No, we need to talk – I said from the other room. – If, if we – opened the door and go to my room. – Go Daniel, forget about yesterday, ya? Encerio not want to talk – do not stop to talk and discuss, Danny took my face and kiss me but to be silent, but it was not just for this, a kiss was a little long.

Fernan Miras

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Mar 21 2016

They also call attention to the 4×4 parked in the square. I already tired from the journey in search of the place I will stay in these days of disconnection. Climbing a dirt road, I see the signs indicate that you go in the same direction as the rise of the legendary Cerro Champaqui. Step adobe huts and pretty old houses, crossed the spa town, continue to climb, and it seems I'm going to intern in the mountains. The road becomes more winding, when I finally saw the place, it seems a dream.

To enter I have to cross a small stream that allows me to appreciate this wonderful place, full of vegetation and with a striking image of Champaqui in the background. I can take all the peace it gives me this town, I knew that everything is outside, I'm in a unique place frozen in time. I invite you to take a walk along the path of Ambrose, a stone path, crossing small rivers and pools of clear water. I meet a few original inhabitants of San Javier and Yacanto, who refuse to modernity and continue their ancient traditions and customs. You see them in the grocery stores with their horses ….. Back in the square I am to drink a glass of wine in one of the most crowded tables in the bar, and my table sits Joseph, a resident but not so original and has a few years living there. He tells me a little history of this whole area and appointing me with pride, the new characters began to visit not long ago: I talk about Fito Paez and Cecilia Roth, Fernan Miras, tells me his tune Cordoba that "…

are a Vip people …"," … that they even gringos from Europe to see this wonder ….". And what I say is a reality, a people is mixed between locals and outsiders, something that was unthinkable five years ago. Where some celebrities choose for their days off. It falls the night and the plaza is going on, with craft fair, promenades and see that I'm lucky because there is a rock tonight at the courtyard of the church with empanadas and wine. After that long night, I wake up with a mountain breakfast that fills me with energy, after a dip in the pool, and a small tour of the green space of the cabins. The owners are waiting for me with a mountain goat and a good wine. I do not know how to thank you so much hospitality, I did spend a few days very special. No doubt I'm thinking about going back and stay longer, but slowly my head back and think about the routine work, luckily I put them aside in this beautiful trip.


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Mar 17 2016

Possibly ever feel that all the topics on which you want to write on your Blog already have been covered. Information, tips, systems and tactics have been drafted for your fellow Networkers. Do you then wonder: someone will read something of what I write? Is it worth keep trying? Sometimes we feel discouraged and in those moments it is very easy to forget one of the most important things: No matter how little you have advanced along the way, surely have gone much further than many people who are out there making plans and thinking how to start. It is very important that you remember that you did already the hardest thing: take action, gave the first step! No matter if you think that everything has already been said before, the best products have been created and everyone knows what you know (therefore sometimes you questions how can add value if everything has been said already?) Remember that outside there are people that do not they know how to make a Blog, do not know what tools to use, do not know what a mailing list and have no idea how to create it so it if you really know do you have the knowledge that other people would like to have! There are many hungry people who may feel affinity toward you. No matter how simple is your information. Remember: an unconscious of a man step is another mountain man teaches other people to climb the mountain and you will not only have a client, you’ll have a fan for life! The Internet is a huge place. literally spans the globe, and there are thousands of people every day starting their first steps.

All these people want to hear from you, in fact, they need to hear from you focus on what problems you have had to deal with when you started, what lessons have you learned, what knowledge already purchased up to where you are now. Imagine if someone had given you all these answers the first day! Even if it is only how to record a video or how to change the theme of your Blog there are many people who don’t know what to do and you’ll be providing them with such valuable information.! I know that when all around us are Networkers professionals or people who is trying earnestly to become one of them, it is easy to forget that your potential customers do not know what you know! Therefore, I recommend making a list of all the lessons that you have learned, and the knowledge that you can share and forget about people who think that they know more than you to begin sharing the treasure of knowledge that you have inside you. Become a creator of value to other people, help them, teach them and you’ll see that little by little, the successes will begin to arrive by themselves never forget that you are a unique being, have much value and… you know more than you think!

Subliminal Video

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Mar 08 2016

Did you know that certain subliminal Videos can return it millionaire in less than a year. Do you find it incredible? Although it seems incredible, these subliminal Videos, professionally produced, can work miracles in your life. Both the financial aspects and on other important aspects of your life. Thanks to the most modern technology in the world, what was previously only available to the powerful and Governments, is now within the reach of anyone. Now you can enjoy the lifestyle that you want in just a couple of weeks, since the moment you start to observe these powerful subliminal Videos daily. What’s special are these subliminal Videos? First of all clarify our terms of expression. A Subliminal Video is a video that contains subliminal messages.

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