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Master With Children

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Apr 19 2016

Children need our attention and care. Kids crave to be desired. They not only need us, but they want us to need them. How to show your child that he is an important part of the family that he heard from him are to his opinion listen? Through joint activities. How do you start and, most importantly, how to interest the child? Prepare the necessary materials, sit at the table and call the kid. Although, I'm sure seeing your cooking, running with joy and solemnity, he escaped himself! Say: "I so want to make a gift to my father (mother, grandmother, grandfather, or a frame for our favorite pictures, or anything else – no matter!), But I'm afraid I can not manage itself. Who would help me? (Or 'Oh, if I helped someone ').

'I'll help! " – Yells the kid. And you with enormous enthusiasm, says: "That's great! Without you I would not right! " Now imagine that a child who is so often reproached that he had something spilled or broken, soiled or broken a new toy, the child asked to help! Hence, we need it, so he knows something, then, without adults do not cope! This is a huge incentive, trust me. Now prepare a place for your baby. Better that he sat next to so it was convenient. (My daughter was sitting at 2.6 years, during our joint creativity on the table, the same place where we worked.) Of course, laundry cleaning afterwards no end, but it sure is worth it! Several helpful hints. Difficult job to do yourself.

Let your child do what he can, he can. If you see that interest in the baby became weak at least for a bit, stop a lesson and find him another. ('Oh, how you've done a lot! Help Now me. Look well whether I did it? ") Does not take long crafts. I understand that when you begin, I want to finish, but try to prolong the pleasure. Return to hack the next day. During operation talking with the baby, telling him what you are doing and why. Think together as you give a gift (or to put a hack). Turn on a light unobtrusive music (I recommend the classics in a special treatment for children). Make sure that the music does not prevent you from talking, thinking. Ask to join the other family members. Make it so that during the no distraction of the child in other pursuits. Ready-made crafts supply at prominently, proudly shows guests and friends for a while take the group in a kindergarten (there will be only too happy). This will be a great incentive for continuing creativity. Many parents are beginning to do something and almost immediately abandoned. In order to prevent this from happening to you, select the day (eg Sunday) and the approximate time and duration of joint activities. Stick to this schedule, and soon your kid will shout: 'Hurrah! Today Sunday! We will do crafts! " And do not forget our main objective – to deliver the child to enjoy!

Production And Use Of Enamels PF-115. Part I.

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Apr 14 2016

Enamel PF-115 from the Soviet times and today is the most massively produced and consumed enamel in Russia, not only among alkyd materials, but also, perhaps, among the full range of paints. Despite in the fast-burst, especially in the last decade, the Russian market, acrylic water-dispersion paints, which rightly are more modern, fireproof and environmentally, as well as easier to manufacture – enamel PF-115 in no hurry to hand over positions. Let us consider in more detail what the enamel PF-115, its composition and main production methods. Enamel PF-115 – a suspension of pigments and fillers in semi-finished pentaphthalic alkyd varnish. Mainly used to produce semi-finished enamel pentaphthalic alkyd varnish PF-060. As the most widely used pigment titanium dioxide rutile – basic white pigment, not only in lacquers, but also in other industries. And also a huge range of colored pigments, such as: iron oxide pigment, lead, zinc, molybdate crown, carbon black, chromium oxide, ultramarine, a wide variety of organic pigments, which give the enamel PF-115 of various colors and shades.

As fillers used mikrokaltsit, microtalcum, mikrodolomit etc. Unfortunately, many manufacturers still used as a filler of natural chalk, which greatly affects the appearance of the coating, as well as its weatherability and physical characteristics. For the drying of the enamel PF-115 necessarily impose drier, which serves as a catalyst for the polymerization (curing) of film-forming, in this case, PF-060 varnish. Driers – a salt of monocarboxylic acids, which differ in their metal content and salt-forming acid. The most promising and effective are trehmetalnye driers, in particular: lead-manganese-cobalt, lead and manganese-calcium, etc. The main solvents used in manufacture of enamel PF-115, are xylene, mineral spirits, solvent, toluene. To improve the quality of the coatings, as well as to increase the shelf life of enamel PF-115 is introduced into the various functional additives: antiplenochnye materials such as Methyl ethyl ketoxime, and antiflotatsionnye antisedimentatsionnye supplements, as well as various dispersants to facilitate the dispersion process (distribution, size reduction) of pigments and fillers in the lacquer.

Chemical Composition

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Apr 14 2016

The residues are presented in the states solid, gaseous and liquid. 2.2. CLASSIFICATION OF THE RESIDUES: In accordance with the Brazil Environment (online, 2011), the residues are classified: 2.2.1 PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Dry: treated papers, plastics, metals, leathers, fabrics, glasses, wood, napkins and towels of paper, cigarette tips, isopor, light bulbs, paraffin, ceramics, porcelain, foam, cork oaks. Wet: remaining portions of food, rinds and bagasses of fruits and vegetables, eggs, ruined vegetables, foods, etc. 2.2.2 Chemical Composition: Organic: composed for dust of coffee and tea, food remaining portions, rinds and bagasses of fruits and ruined vegetables, eggs, vegetables, foods, bones, shavings and prunings of garden.

Inorgnico: composed for manufactured products as plastic, glasses, rubber, fabrics, metals (aluminum, iron, etc.), isopor, light bulbs, candles, paraffins, ceramics, porcelains, foam, cork oaks, etc. 2.2.3 ORIGIN OF the GARBAGE: To domiciliate: originated of the daily life of the residences, constituted of remaining portions of foods (such as rinds of fruits, vegetables, etc.), spoiled products, periodicals, magazines, bottles, packings in general, hygienical paper, dismissable diapers and a great diversity of other item. It can contain some toxic residues. Advertising: originated of the diverse commercial establishments and services, such as supermarkets, banking establishments, store, bars, restaurants, etc. public Services: originated of the services of urban cleanness, including all the residues of varrio of the public ways, beach cleanness, galleries, streams, remaining portions of prunings of plants, cleanness of free fairs, diverse vegetable remaining portions, packings, Hospital etc.: discarded for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics veterinarians (cotton, syringes, needles, remaining portions of remedies, gloves, dressings, coagulado blood, agencies and removed, half fabrics of culture and animals used in tests, synthetic resin, photographic films of rays X). In function of its characteristics, she deserves a special care in its preservation, manipulation and final disposal. She must be incinerado and the residues taken for I fill with earth bathroom adequate. Road and railroad ports, airports, terminals: septic residues, that is, that they contain or potentially they can contain pathogenic embryos.

The Stage

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Apr 13 2016

In such a slam for morons usually climb all tuporylye skinheads freaks, who shaved his tower, see themselves as the true national-patriots, even though sometimes have no idea about the ideas of this movement. Such a slam, I watched a concert in St. Petersburg 'in our'. The crowd here is just such buhih bastards grabbed his center and n% mud all who got to him. Someone who had pushed the other was in the center of the meat, and got out already with a broken nose, this is again a clear proof that if you have a drain only enough to beat his face – not necessarily shave himself Bosko and call themselves skins, but you can just go somewhere in the army. But something again, I digress. Arriving at the club with a desire to participate in a dance-slam, always remember the following things. Should cut down with widely spaced feet.

If you jump, then landed on his feet spaced slightly apart and your elbows (but not very much that others do not run across) – to protect themselves from the jolt in the ribs. Push is not much, so that you do not just knocked down, there is no needs to put more force than necessary and shove as if you fight in all the nonsense. If your side who had fallen – try to pick it up, only to see himself do not fall. In general, if you fall, you'll always immediately raise. If you took a girl, do not drag it into the most meat, rubis closer to the stage.

He fell, clutching at everything you can, the main thing – not to trample. If it is clear that the meat scum hang out, giving izpodtishka Tale in the face or in dyhlo, it is better go away from this place, or better yet report them the protection of the club. If you feel that during the song you run out of steam, and with it the more you try to sing better get away to the wall, because if you stretch out yet – will be a very hard time: choke will begin very quickly, and breathe in the clubs especially nothing as all prosecutors. Still advise to dress so as not to come out naked. Wear shoes that are hard to remove, and then there were moments when I climbed into the very flesh and jumped that is urine. After landing, I realized that was left with no shoes – then they crawled look =). That's it. Enjoy your time!