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Jun 24 2016

Greece is a country with a unique history. The intense blue of his flag, represents the beauty of its waters. Each of its islands is a world of landscapes and personality that leaves any visitor speechless. It is said that tourists arriving in Greece, is welcomed like an old friend who has returned. Greece is a country translated into a paradise for any traveler wanting to live the Western culture in its greatest splendor.

Greece is not only beauty, their culture, their art and their customs, combined perfect with a landscape of crystal blue waters that will live forever in the memory of those who visit it. Its peculiar architecture and mythology make this place a dream place for any tourist. For this reason, there is a travel agency that offers you the opportunity to learn about the Greek Islands aboard a cruise, under an excellent rate. The trip is all-inclusive, making it ideal for any couple or family that want to venture to discover the best landscapes of this world. I invite well, you draw your trip with time and help you live one of the most enriching experiences in your life.

Upper Palatine Forest

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Jun 19 2016

Children riding Shetland ponies in the Schwarzachtal Salazar village (tvo). A very light exercise is to get on the horse, in the upper Palatine forest. For the region between the NAAB Valley and Bohemian Forest is legendary for nature-loving horse lovers in the truest sense of the word. Castles, Creek, pond and beautiful landscape waiting for explorers up to Ross. Learn more at this site: San Antonio Spurs. On the Bayer farm in Rotz in the Schwarzachtal, already the smallest find the greatest happiness of the Earth on the back of a horse. The low height of the mini tab accordingly, it involves Shetland ponies or horses of Iceland. First riding lessons of the riders – and leisure farm provides an extended weekend with daily riding (children up to 12 years on Shetties free of charge, from 12 years on Iceland horses for eight euros an hour). In addition, the young horse lovers learn how to clean the animals, cleans the hoofs, or creates a halter.

The whole family is welcome, she stayed in a cosy apartment.

Vacation In Lloret De Mar

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Jun 15 2016

The town on the Costa Brava, that never sleeps. Lloret de Mar offers exactly the right features of retreat on the Mediterranean coast for the perfect, romantic escape from everyday life. The beach of Lloret de Mar boasts a lively and entertaining atmosphere. In warm weather, you can laze your days at one of the five large and magnificent beaches of the Mediterranean. Many beaches there are umbrellas, sunbeds, snack seller and various beach activities such as Jet skiing and para – sailing. For the young and young-at-heart, the Lloret de Mar offers holiday during their great opportunities and some thrill. The streets in Lloret de Mar are lined with many fantastic shops and markets, and make it a shopper’s paradise. In the big South or street vendors, who sell their wares, you can enjoy a relaxed stroll through the picturesque streets of the city a shopping spree as a.

The city has a traditional, local market every Tuesday on the Carrer dels mestres “taking place. And an urban market, which takes place on Wednesdays on the Carrer Senia del Rabis “and the Carrer Verge de Loreto”. This traditional marketplaces offer an excellent opportunity to valorise-oriented shops and souvenir shops behind it and to get hand made products as well as fresh food. While removing the actions on the beach in the evening, many bars, nightclubs and dance clubs start only when the Sun has already gone down. Night clubs offer something for every taste in Lloret de Mar, ranging from sophisticated cocktail bars to dynamic dance clubs with rousing dancing until the early hours of the morning. The ‘ Avinguda just Marles I Villarrodona “is one of the most famous streets for dance clubs in Lloret de Mar. Here you can his dance steps until the early hours of the morning bumpers “or tropics”, both with large dance floors, great drinks and perform a great atmosphere. At Moby’s “you can enjoy a relaxing evening with cocktails and karaoke.

Traditional dance, such as the Sardana “-dance, to experience, offers the Placa de la Vila” their steps show the best way, locals here. If you are looking for a relaxed vacation in Lloret de Mar, the village offers some first-class Spa centres. Alva Park Resort and Spa, with modern decorations and Thai influences, providing the perfect atmosphere for pampering spa experience. Guitart Central Park Resort and Spa offers a noble Lloret de Mar accommodation, combined with renowned Spa facilities surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Many other spas are available in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area. With such a wide range of activities, to spend your time in Lloret de Mar, you have an ideal place to relax and switch off. Your ideal accommodation in Lloret de Mar on the Web site of Barcelona point, you can see: de / find. Barcelona point offers a convenient search over 250 Costa Brava Apartments and 300 Costa Brava hotels, to the perfect resort in Lloret de Mar together to make. Once you’ve found the perfect place, then book your Lloret de Mar accommodation directly on our website. Barcelona point provides you with helpful information, guided tours and a variety of other information to help ensure that you will spend a great time in the region.

Portugal Vacations

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Jun 08 2016

At the time of planning the vacations and making the reserves of hotel, if the chosen place is Europe, a less evident destiny that Rome or Paris attracts with its seduction outside the time. Portugal is famous by its fantastic beaches and their charming fusion of modernity and last. In Portuguese earth the trips to the past seem possible: medieval castles, strengths and convents sprinkle the landscape; buildings Art Dec polish the streets of spotted and here there medieval the cities, modern and ample. Portugal breathes a nostalgia air. And like the childhood it is the mother country of which greater nostalgia we felt, does not turn out strange to discover a fascinating data: in Portugal there is infinity of museums of toys. The Museum of the Toy of Seia is located in the region of the same name.

This institution inaugurated in 2002 has the privilege to own greatest and completes collection of toys of the country. Its main purpose is to find out the meaning of the childhood in different cultures. To cross its rooms is to discover what means to be young and what paper fulfills the toys in near and remote societies. From the past to the present, toys of Portugal and the world dazzle to visitors of all the ages. The Museum of the Toy of Lisbon must his partly more than 40000 pieces to several contributors who have donated very valuable articles. And especially, to the patience and the affection of the collector Joo Arbues Moreira. Soldaditos of lead and to cord, wrists with their dresses, furniture and houses, airplanes, trains and cars of all the times populate their rooms enchanting to children of all the ages.

The museum owns in addition one tends where toys with old are sold, impossible to obtain in modern commerce. Wrists of rag like which with as much affection they sewed the grandmothers, autitos of tin and retorts of the traditional soldaditos of lead remain in the shelves. Beyond the traditional guided visits, both museums organize temporary exhibitions and cultural activities like history factories and preparation of toys or festivales of infantile cinema. It is not possible until now to be realised anticipated reserves online of entrances for these strolls that are not due to lose. But it is possible to obtain online a Lisbon Card, card to travel in the diverse transports public of the Portuguese capital that awards to its possessors with discounts in some attractions of interest. Jorge Alberto Guiazu Reserves of Hotel Original author and source of the article

Summer Vacation

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Jun 02 2016

Swedish Paradis: white beaches Gotland is waiting for you! Do you dream to visit Sweden this summer? Forget Stockholm – that is the snow of yesterday. Take Sweden’s holiday destination Gotland -. All in Sweden to escape to this beautiful island from Stockholm, when the first rays of sunshine in the country can be seen, and you find the coolest and most interesting people in Gotland. This is a favorite destination for young families, friends, students and backpackers. The first rays of the Sun feel great on your skin on the white beaches of Gotland: this is the place in Sweden with the most hours of sunshine. The island Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea is a magical island on the East coast of Sweden. From Stockholm you can reach them quite relaxed in approximately 5 hours of direct ferry. The ride to itself worth the trip: you will enjoy the Sun and sea on the deck of a beautiful summer day.

When you reach the port of Visby, you will be surprised by this beauty. So know Scandinavia not. Visby is the best-preserved medieval city in Scandinavia, with more than 200 buildings from the middle ages, surrounded by a 4 km-long town wall. Gotland is the ultimate tourist destination in Sweden, where you can enjoy all the advantages of a city in the summer without feeling to have to put in a tourist trap. Most citizens of Sweden spend their summers on Gotland and there is enough space for everyone. Gotland is not just Beach and sea, this is also entertainment. Enjoy all the events and festivals, such as for example the medieval week from 2 to 9 August, when the whole city is covered – you’ll get the impression, to have gone into the time machine. You can visit numerous markets, music and theatre performances, and especially knights tournaments – there is always something going on in Visby in the summer! Visby has a dramatic history: it was the important centre of trade and very often it was a battleground for the Danes, Sweden, Germans, Russians, and pirates.