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Visiting Amsterdam

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Sep 29 2016

Visiting Netherlands Amsterdam Amsterdam hotels, a city with a culture rich in arts and history. Museums that exhibit paintings and water channels are one of the main reasons why people visit the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a city different from any other in Europe since his Government helped in the maintenance of the ancient charms and its architecture evokes bygone days. Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist attractions, offers great accommodation deals for guests, has two and three star of low-budget hotels, and also five star luxurious hotels. Hotels in Amsterdam have a large number of facilities to make the tourists feel at home.

Basically they have comfortable beds, clean rooms with bathrooms and basic services, own restaurants, parking space, among other services. Amsterdam hotels can be booked online with packages that are taken to travel abroad. For example, hotel Manofa, Plantage, as Rembrandtheplein, Neutral, the Bastion Hotel Hoofddorp and the Atlanta Hotel, are some of the cheap hotels that have all services with quality at reasonable prices. The rooms can be reserved by some travel agencies, or Internet.Todos through these hotels have bedroom, separate bathroom and breakfast, snacks, as well as TV and phone connections are available for additional payment. In Amsterdam there are a number of places to visit and stay can be more pleasurable if you have a good hotel for rest. The architectural work of the channel, for example, stretches across wide variety of shops, places to visit include botanical gardens, beaches, mills of wind, zoos, museums, churches, Dam square, the Royal Palace of Begijnhof, Oude Kerkn, and other must-see places. Nightlife in Amsterdam is fun, a romantic atmosphere extends throughout the city at night, inviting all visitors to get lost in your beauty.

Internet PriceMinister

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Sep 28 2016

It is known that in these times that run should tighten their belts and we are forced to sacrifice us cutting spending. Books, discs, video games and movies are expensive, the offer is very wide and for most of us it is a luxury to pamper yourself and totally impossible to buy everything we want. The Internet is for time an alternative to facilitate free (and illegal) downloading of the desired good, but at the same time is frustrating and potentially dangerous. For those who prefer owning the object fetishists of the covers, loving the smell of book, addicted to the sound 5.1 and so on, without losing power purchasing, a new alternative makes its way in our country: buying and selling on the Internet. Where do you start? Perhaps the most difficult is to choose the platform for buying and selling.

Distrust in payment online is the main brake to this activity. So the first thing is to find out if the site is secure. Details can be found by clicking Starbucks or emailing the administrator. An example in Spain is the PriceMinister platform *, which enjoys a resounding success in France for a decade. For the first purchase and for those who do not like risk, nothing better than using a coupon (available at websites like) and get a CD or a DVD for a couple of euros. After verifying the reliability of the page with a first purchase, we can begin to sell. To do this enough to do a little house cleaning and release holes on the shelves by selecting items that already don’t like us and we know that we will never use. The Relist is simple (by entering the barcode or the title) and totally free. Simply waiting for someone to buy you something.

Transactions are secured by PriceMinister like payment of sales. Once collected, we can use the money to buy on the web, knowing that we will later return to sell it and recover the money to again buy anything else (for example, can buy a video game with a 40% discount, play it and then sell it getting even a few euros of profit). If we apply this rule to all categories, the cultural range that opens is huge: books, discs, films, and video games come to House almost without spending money or winning some EUR per transaction in short, buy and sell online has multiple advantages: considerable savings with regard to traditional stores and without having to navigate can recycle items that we don’t use and provide an opportunity for people who want to buy them at a low price. With the benefits obtained with the sales we can continue shopping without having to use a credit card. * PriceMinister: Portal created in France in August 2000 and specialized in buying and selling guaranteed fixed and discounted price of new objects and second-hand among individuals and professionals. Given the enormous success of the company in the neighboring country, which has become a reference to electronic commerce, PriceMinister decided to launch in 2007 the Spanish market, where it already has more than one million monthly visitors and an offer of more than 33 million of products.


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Sep 27 2016

To connect the PC with a router, there are several possibilities. This can be done via a network cable which is connected to the router. This has the disadvantage that your PC and router are not usually in a room. Then an appropriate length of cable to be laid. The transfer is selfsame not as simple as the doors when closing can damage the cable when thresholds make the installation under the door impossible. The easy option is of course the construction of a wireless network. This can be both Bluetooth and WiFi to connect to the router. The development is now so advanced that there is no speed penalty anymore, so the connections are as fast as the wireless connections. As with many other technologies, too, there are many wireless routers different equipment categories.

The simplest models have no integrated DSL – modem. Modern and better already have a router. On these devices can be more hardware, such as as printers or hard drives connected. The advantage of this is that from all users on the network can be operated and used. It is also possible to add more PCs through additional network cable to connect to this router. When you buy a router should also have a further criterion to be considered. Safety. Many devices are equipped with an integrated firewall. This protects the PC against attacks from the World Wide Web. Through an additional external use encryption can be kept away from their own system. The router is indeed another, appear in the nearby router and PC, but no one can access the router and use it as an external Internet connection to surf the web for free.

For The Sake Of Art

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Sep 15 2016

What is the origin of the term “Creole Pena?. Many remember the ’70s, when he participated in a musical group playing guitar music were interpretabamos Peruvian rhythms of cumbia, salsa, and some Santana. On weekends, they had to go to play, I liked watching the television program “Songs and Dances of Peru”, transmitting a local broadcaster, grab my acoustic guitar, and I started to follow the musical notes for musicians who performed in television; imagined I was playing with them, that helped me to know many folk songs. Upon completion of the program, I was going to play. This program lasted a long time, and I was always this way.

In the 75 years or so I started playing guitar work in a place that was in the block 17 of Av Arenales in Lince, as I lived in Rimac, had to go through the bus around the block 3 of Arenales, and in that place there was a local show that featured criollo, “Charles and his rock,” what watched from the bus, and thought (as I like to work in this “club”). Fortunately for me, one of the guitarists who worked there, lived in Rimac, we met through another musician, and soon led me to work there. Working at the local, I had the opportunity to accompany the musical framework, all the artists I saw on television, the program that always followed. Many are the stories, anecdotes and circumstances that lived in those premises. Alternating with artists and people older than me in age, I know that the term “Pena Criolla” came in 1940. In the constitutional province of Callao, native groups were formed to play guitar and sing folk music, and being near the sea, took the nickname “Rock.” Then the music centers appear, which also could participate, singing, playing guitar, cajon and castanets, all shifts involved, no one was paid anything. No questions, no I wanted to find out what time the thing went shopping, because somehow I was part of that trade, (as one colleague remarked graciously, “we prostituting musically) The true sense of” creole Pena “was that, to meet in a fraternity, where everyone involved singing, playing guitar, playing cajon, castanets, and why not taking some type of liquor, and suddenly who knows, Creole prepare meats, but all would like to say “for art’s sake” I have understood that in some districts of our large metropolitan Lima, continues with this tradition because hopefully, this will linger, and especially not degenerate into other aspects, so that folk music, have the presence it deserves.


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Sep 15 2016

Black metal is characterized by extremely high-speed drum parts (70-500 beats / min – blast-bit) and guitar riffs. The sound of guitars is high and sharp. A typical reception games – tremolo. Vocals are usually high (screaming), there Low insertion "snarling" vocal – growling. Such sounds are often defined as the raw black metal (from raw – raw") and is considered the reference.

Bass guitar and keyboards (rarely) play a minor role in the classic black, whereas in symphonic black keyboard paid much attention. Plays an important role as a scenic image of performers. Most of them take the stage in special clothes, stylized uniforms, clothing, barbarian, or uniforms of the Third Reich, or a ritual robe. Also, the vast majority of artists use a specific make-up (korpspeynt), whose aim – to make the performer look like a corpse. Black metal is different ideologized boundary. A very popular topic in the black is the "dark side": Satanism, occultism and paganism, nihilism, war, misanthropy, hatred of all. Quite often in black there are elements of Nazism and fascism. Periodically among performers and fans of black metal disputes existed as to who the representatives of a style more committed to "real" black metal. Deviations from Hard black-sounding (experiments with electronics, symphonic arrangements, etc.) are often very negatively perceived in the black environment, which is why some areas of black metal (such as symphonic black) earned in "Orthodox" followers of black metal reputation as a "corrupt" and "treacherous." Also negatively perceived attempts to reach the perpetrators of popularity and commercial success (rotation on television and radio, published in mainstream journals, contracts with major labels). For this reason, many underground artists consciously moving away from anything that could be linked with a group of "commerce": released records only on the cheap media (tapes), minimal circulation (sometimes no more than 2-3 dozen pieces) and the sound is very poor quality, never give concerts. However, in recent years black metal is no longer exclusively "Underground" phenomenon.

Immanuel Wallerstein

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Sep 01 2016

In case of not understanding ideological, political, mediatic and military analyses that Noam Chomsky, Immanuel Wallerstein, Jean Petras and Robert Fisk of EE.UU. do, because there it is the cinematography of Hollywood so that we understand through drama and the action all the splendor and the decay of a country governed by the most luminous democracy on the face of the Earth. Transformation-Hollywood-The Hurt Locker is a same piece of a same everything in the pacifism, the publicity and the war of a country and its culture forged in the dream of the wealth materialized by means of the invasion, the occupation and the operation from corporal colonialism to mental neocolonialism, and if the wellesiano Rosebud and the coppolaniano Horror prevail, it is because they have always existed a virtual transformation and a real soldier fighting in the dirty work of old and new treaties of a Democracy that starts off and distributes to the world to blood and fire. It is well, Obama, he is not guerrerista, she is pacifist, not so repressed neither jailed nor assassinated like Martin Luther King. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. We say that it is the charismatic and dilemma Transformation in The Hurt Locker in the middle of a potentiality-sylvan one and of reality-desert of the North American government who goes beyond the limits of the unilateralidad and a otherness in which a war is always the rational ideal of all logistic pacifist in the men of good will in the Earth. The Transformation, Hollywood and The Hurt Locker do not entertain in minucias border and migratory, they who are the triunvirato of the potentiality, the publicity and the reality, go to where and when they want to do it, and when it treats in being themselves and becoming the great entretenedor with the industry of the spectacle, the fulgor of the mind is the ardor of the body with the studied one and sobreacting will of that is offered to the sacrifice to save to the humanity in the name of the freedom, justice, the equality, the brotherhood and the democracy, draining everything to its passage in road movie of helicopters, tanks and pumps with the standard of the eagle that, is not the Nazi sustica, of pax American. If the North American cinematography is exception than includes and excludes in the drama that is in himself the action of the kinetic power and the images in a voracious, inciting and fagocitadora subordination of ethical values, sociocultural morals and, one can reach the unfortunate conclusion that Hollywood is the place where the actors, the users and the ups and downs are a series of worthy activities of one or all the Oscar for approval of the globalised public and the benefit of a cause that justify cinematographic and humanly like the luminous prodigy of Camera and Action. Original author and source of the article..