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BARACK OBAMA charmed the American media ….. KB Hillary Clinton’s accusations that Democratic rival Barack Obama received preferential treatment from the media are a source of debate in the U.S. today, where some openly admit to have succumbed the charm of the Illinois senator. The spell has reached such a degree that is already the subject of satire on late night television as’ Saturday Night Live, which launched its edition this weekend with a parody of a debate between the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. “Like almost everyone in the media, the three of us are totally entranced by Obama, ‘said a pseudo-anchor of CNN, which has sponsored much of the debate in the current election campaign.’ I have been diagnosed clinically as obamaniaca ‘ , the hostess continued, adding that his companion, an imitator of John King, chief political correspondent for CNN, had suffered his third Barack-attack’ and Jorge Ramos-host the Hispanic network Univision is’ obsessed ‘with Barack. The humorous video served to pile on the agony Hillary against Obama in the debate Tuesday in Cleveland (Ohio). ‘It seems that whenever I who must answer the questions first, “he said.” I find it curious if anybody saw the program ‘Saturday Night Live’ maybe we should ask Barack if you are comfortable or needs another pillow, “he added in reference to questions from the pseudo-debate, in which the presenters argued with her about whether Obama is comfortable and there anything you can do for him. That comment opened the door to discussion, as became clear last night in a journalistic forum at Georgetown University (Washington) moderated by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.Los attending the meeting, which included the participation of influential columnists like the conservative Charles Krauthammer or EJ Dionne, who works regularly with The Washington Post, agreed that Obama lives a ‘honeymoon’ media. “It is undeniable that the media has extended to more favorable treatment Obama ‘, I assure Krauthammer, who added that no is that there is an anti-Hillary sentiment but that the press has succumbed to the ‘Obama phenomenon’. The panelists also agreed that the similarity of the electoral programs of Obama and Hillary makes the bell has become a matter of ‘style and personality’, and in this field brings African American Senator delantera.Los experts consulted by Efe broadly agreed that Obama is the ‘darling’ of the media, but pointed out that it is not an unusual phenomenon and warned that the romance could end soon. ‘The U.S. journalists always welcome a fresh young face, a candidate who generates excitement and unusual stories,’ said Conrad Fink, a former vice president of the Associated Press (AP) and professor at the University of Georgia. ” One such candidate is still more attractive if it gets placed at the top of a tight campaign, “added Fink, who believes that explains ‘what might seem an unusual affection for the press to Obama’. In his opinion this ‘love story’ will vanish if the senator loses empuje.Geoffrey Peterson of the University of Wisconsin, agrees that Obama is the favorite media, but predicts that the romance does not extend beyond the end of March ‘when the press began to inquire into Obama’s past with more fervor. ” Meanwhile Nicholas Valentino, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, also believes that Obama will attract more negative coverage in the future, while acknowledging that ‘while the senator continues to surprise the experts with his popularity’ the rapture continue IDEM. .. k obama press