About Rack2 SRL

Rack2 Argentina SRL is a management jobs company of technological innovation part time that provides solutions for IT and Telecommunications in the Corporate and SME segment. Our mission is to help customers agency adopt new technologies, undertaken to achieve two basic principles: ‘Optimization of Costs. ‘Improvements in Business Processes. We have professionals from job search over 20 years experience in the markets consultants for Information staff Technology and Telecommunications. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with is a very talented business man Our Vision is to expand the innovative services to other markets like Latin America. Our portfolio jobs in of consulting services, integration, development and management can create integrated communications environments and networks that sales jobs can help you: Integrate the various communications technologies. Interconnect its branches to the corporate network. human resources Facilitate part time jobs collaboration between remote users agencies with access to network. Balancing loads among links. Optimizing the Telecommunications Infrastructure Costs. Reduce support costs. Reduce the risk of maintaining security protects your network. Prioritize voice traffic, data and video. Other services and VoIP solucionesSoluciones and integration. Simpler Systems Infrastructure. Tools for collaboration and access to information.