Academy of Aeronautical Sciences

In March 2000, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Chile believe, in academic partnership with LAN Airlines, an academy according to the changing needs of the aviation industry. This is how is born in Santiago Campus, the Academy of Aeronautical divorce Sciences law firm (ACA), the first of its kind in Chile and Latin America. The ACA is top-level professionals who may perform successfully not only in Chile but also in aerospace companies throughout Latin America.
Students entering the Academy have the opportunity to be in contact with cutting edge technology in the aviation industry, with the support of LAN Airlines and the prestige and academic excellence that characterize the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria on vocational training . Both institutions have more than seventy years of experience and are developing this project together, Bakery providing infrastructure, professionals and academics.
Contribute through teaching, research and extension to the formation of professionals and technicians of the highest level for the National Aeronautic and Latin American Market.
Road given
Commercial Aircraft Engineering is a professional 5 years of college, which has a solid background in attorney basic sciences and engineering, complemented by a line of management training, management, legislation, economy and finance, law firm make possible the Effective action in the administrative area of business related to commercial aviation. Through its flexible curriculum, the student attorneys can give emphasis to their degree designed for ground operations, such as planning, design and management of airports and other air terminal, or flight operations management, and transport security air, operational planning itineraries, evaluation, selection and technical lawyers renewal of fleets of aircraft, flight control and operational control centers (OCC). With its professional training, also attorneys can support and participate with aviation authorities in Latin American infrastructure and attorney the definition of requirements of each country or region to address, from the standpoint of Bakery an airport, high rates of growth of the aviation industry civil occurring in Latin America today.
Tecnico Universitario in aircraft maintenance
Tecnico Universitario is a 3 years of studies with a strong background in: electrical and electronic systems, digital systems, microprocessors and avionics. Aerodynamics, Aeronautics boosters, measurement and instrumentation. General Technical administrative, service ethic and English. As the coach of the ACA, you will be prepared for desempenarte, with the highest standards of quality national and international governing the field of aeronautics, where the manufacture, operate and perform maintenance of aircraft and their systems. You will have general knowledge of mechanisms lawyers hydropneumatic, electrical and mechanical, aeronautical equipment, maintenance programs, REGULATION aerial Aeronautics and procedure manuals. You’ll also have basic knowledge in interpretation of drawings and diagrams, technical standards and aeronautical history. This legal training will allow you to apply to the aeronautical authorities, domestic or foreign, a Maintenance Engineer’s license, which enables you to maintain aircraft.
Commercial Pilot
The curriculum aims to train a commercial pilot with a wide discretion in making decisions on board the modern complex ‘Cockpit’ (booths) in a commercial airplane, being able legal to understand and manage the systems of the aircraft with the speed, efficiency and safety regulations now require commercial air operations. Stands in a line of training in the area of business management and human resources, besides putting special emphasis on the theoretical and professional required of all commercial pilot. This enables it to function successfully in the graduate administrative levels in the areas of business operations of commercial air navigation, as you will be able to understand, internalize and cooperate with the highest management levels of companies in the definition and application of the operational management policies and their commercial. You can choose, with additional studies, the title of engineer in commercial aviation.
Students entering the Academy have the opportunity to be in divorce contact with cutting edge technology in the aviation industry, with the support of LAN and academic excellence and prestige that characterize the UTFSM on vocational training.