Africa Cultural

This article consists of a bibliographical research, interviews with some specialists and searched, through an empirical study, to identify the impediments that existed in relation to the African culture and to search explanations reasonable to keep out of society the culture of the blacks. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Black. African culture. Marginalizao. ABSTRACT cultural Brazil itself with its heterogeneity you force US you recognize the dominant European culture the standard and rule out to other ethnocentric way, in this it marries may highlight the peoples of Africa, to under the same cultural regimen of slavery spread its roots in this country and may be trademarks be seen through the cuisine, music, dances, religion, language, way of being and only on. In the nineteenth century in the heat of the abolitionist campaign, you eat chats ' ' The Slave Isaura' ' , failed attempt you speak of slavery, marginalizing the African culture creates stereotype of the slave who you donate not fit the historical reality and in this plot give US the impression that the culture of African people to never existed, and it is inconceivable you think of Brazilian culture without the participation of black slaves who contributed massively you economic development and prosperity of our country and you keeps out of society blacks, giving them the European feel, also mutes the cultural contribution at the expense of the bourgeois values of the Europeanized society, who has will be nearly 4 centuries abuses of to you African people enslaved in this country, by slave work without compensation and you satisfy to their sexual frustrations, cooking, caring will be children of you unconditionally and be compared you the animal traction, there is in plausible justification that only conspires against our cultural diversity and the several same and comprised of distinct cultures and that this can coexist in mergers leading you logical other that the slaves here arrived had you adapt you the culture which dominated, but to their ethnic and cultural roots could not be totally wiped out, because we now explain the origin of Candombl, quimbanda, ubuntu and to other cultural events with African roots, because all this you donate not arise fictional or self-taught.