Alejandro Martinez Rutto

I fell in love with your hair flowing, capriciously moved by the breeze of the northeast, and Thy perfume lady pretty woman and conquering noble and free men, virile and libertarian spirit. I fell in love with your look of the female persuasion, the woman who swayed and then overcome, from flirty girl whose steps I took through the arena trails where you walked in the company of your memories. I fell in love with your forehead crowned with unfading flower of youth and candid caress of your childhood thousand times recovered in the recesses of the schedule and hours of yesterday and the magical moments of this. I fell in love with your voice Amerindian presenting me with his unique sound and silence that lies undisturbed in a sidewalk on a balcony oblivion and memory. I fell in love with crystal tears sliding down your cheeks reddened by the rejection of injustice and rejection of sinister characters and dark refuge in whose heart the resentment and bitterness.

I fell in love with your hands out to friends of winter and summer, to your days immovable held in the arch of the legend. I fell in love with the raindrop clear in your arms soft. I fell in love with your flirtation with the sky and the sea together to compose a love song to the land and baptize with your name. For that and much more, I confess, I fell in love with you, Riohacha, so I leave my footprints in the beach and your merry way by narrow streets, to meet with the embrace of his friend, the poem of your singing and music of an accordion obsessed tell you that loves you, who loves you and yours. I love you. Riohacha of my love, because you are a constellation of feelings, passions, loves and clairvoyance on the edge of a vast ocean as the affection for your country, for your breezes and every one of your wise elders, your strong men, your wives and graceful your children, in whom rests the promise that God also leaves its traces in your sky and your land.