Alfa Energy Most living things have a pH of about 6.8 when in a healthy state. When there is a disease in progress has shown that the pH is more acid. The more acid is an organism or system, is more likely to create a disease. Alfa Energy helps to restore healthy levels of pH. Alfa Energy helps to provide: 1. Restore healthy levels of PH 2. It dramatically increases energy levels 3. Higher levels of oxygen in the cells even in the midst of a demanding activity as they are strenuous exercise or athletic practices. 4. Improves metabolic efficiency 5.It helps transport nutrients to cells from natural food resources and food supplements. 6. Improves cell communication. 7. Promotes faster recovery from damage by stress. 8. Supports neurotransmitter function in the brain Hydrates cells 9. Increases the removal of cells 10. Increase the level of cell osmotic pressure to maintain strong 11. Help in the efficient removal of toxic acids body 12. Strengthens the immune system. 13. Rapidly increasing concentration and alertness. When Alfa Energy is added to water, it changes the molecular structure of the water and reduces surface tension to 60 dynes.This will alagua “soluble” and allow you to act more effectively as a carrier of nutrients to detoxify cells and tissues, re-hydrate the entire body faster and increase the level of oxygen in the body