Ambient Education

The Ambient Education as tool for the development of attitudes in pupils of formal education Summary: Currently questions related with problematic the ambient one ahead come being boarded in the society, demanding atitudinais changes of the relation man-nature. Ahead of this, he is necessary that from the Ambient Education actions are promoted, having the thematic related one to be worked since the initial series, in you discipline them to all, the resumes of public and private institutions of education. These actions will be able to develop in the individual the sensitization, understanding, responsibility and change, generating a perception on the relation of the society with the environment. Thus, it is observed that the Ambient Education will be able to assist the individual in the agreement on the necessity of the preservation of the nature, being recognized to be he himself integrant part of the environment, providing the understanding of the necessity of conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources, conserving the environment for the gifts and future generations. Words – key: Ambient education, formal education, atitudinais changes.

ABSTRACT: Currently issues related you the environmental issues have been dealt with in society, requiring attitudinal changes on the relationship between man and nature. Therefore, it is necessary that from the Environmental Education activities ploughs promoted, since that issue be addressed since the early gratings in all subjects in the curricula of educational institutions in public and private. These actions may develop in the individual' s awareness, understanding, accountability and change, creating perception about the relationship between society and the environment. Thus, it is observed that environmental education can assist the individual in understanding the need you preserves nature, acknowledging that he himself is an integral part of the environment, providing understanding of the need will be conservation and sustainable uses of natural resources, conserving the environment environment will be present and future generations.