Ana Teberosky

Unhappyly the reality of the reading lack is evidenced also in the half college student, as salient the psychologist Ana Teberosky in interview granted in 26/04/1995 the Flvia Varella, of the Magazine Sees. According to it, the reading of the colleges student ' ' it reflects with perfection a life style. The reading is varied, but they do not go deep themselves nada' ' , it continues: ' ' I have the impression of that they read as if they were attending the television with a remote control. They never stop in a canal. They make what I call reading in zapping' '. The interviewed one emphasizes the lack of deepening in the reading of the academics it compares and it with the televising ways, in which &#039 occurs; ' a passive assistance e, therefore, utilidade&#039 has little; '. The comment made for the psychologist shows to a reality each more common and sufficiently current time almost exactly passed ten years of the propagation of the substance: the substitution of the reading for the television, vehicle that, together with the computer, became one of the main ways of entertainment of adolescents. With this, it is perceived that the interdiction the one that if relates Abreu and Britto can be in diverse levels of learning, (since first the possible moments of formation of the reader? beginning of the learning? until the university level), and to be of some orders: social? a reader who if comes across with a universe, mainly in the moving one to the decoding of the signs, that it is not common? ; cultural? the reading generally is substituted by other ways of entertainment, as the television? ; also mitificadora e? autodepreciao on the part of the reader occurs who ' ' acredita' ' that the impossibility of understanding of the workmanship if of had its reading incapacity while.