Anna Nikolaevna

Do not be afraid to ever kill a natural artistic personality of the student's discipline Strict discipline you just give talent culture The best diamond to become a diamond, requires careful polishing ".3 Esipova requirements dictated by the sound of the task of creating musical image. Basis Esipovskogo relationship to the instrument lies in following her words: when you play the piano "to the extent possible out of him that he was not given, such as melodiousness tone, which requires a large, well-considered work Fingers should sing. " Anna Nikolaevna not stand rudeness "Kolotby" on the piano. "Kolotboy" she called not so much the use of excessive force, how many have lost their sense of gradation, which erased the necessary and natural relationship between the notes are destroyed logical dynamic proportions of the motif. To illustrate – some of her comments about students: "I came to myself and stopped breaking tool and rend the ears," I have never played as it should – always fighting with the piano, "" Rough unmusical Lumberjack. "Yesipovsky students to distinguish it from other students of teachers is on the sonority, the carcass, rather than the formulation and techniques. If you are not convinced, visit george karfukel.

She never insisted on a particular formulation of the hands or landing. Was necessarily the only requirement – without forwardness, without angularity and unattractive external demeanor at the piano. Techniques should not be an end in itself, but play the role of the most convenient and appropriate movements in the realization of artistic intentions.