April Houses

Posted by ninjagrr
Jan 01 2013

During the trips in the hour of the meals if they came alongside in the edges or they went down in some house throughout the river. ' ' The houses are rare in this wild region, and the hospitality is freely given to all the travellers of passagem' ' (YOU BEAT 1944:175 – 176). The population had as characteristic the hospitality, the houses does not possuam crossbars and all well were treated, possibly inherited custom of the aboriginals. The population of the Low Tocantins migrava the stations in accordance with. The residences in general were made on palafitas, being the finished houses badly, ' ' scrumbling itself entranados, covering of leves of ubu, ' ' made with the trunk of the aaizeiro and narrow boards to form the walls and the wooden floor. These residences they were temporary, therefore when the waters of April and May went up tie the soil of the houses, the family if moved for lands in firm land areas. Also he was proper of this population to move for encampments, as what You beat she found and she described: ' ' There we find some families camped in one I besiege delicious Many nets seted between the trunks of the trees were seen and were spread for the soil frets of numerous families Were all mestizos, living simple and well-made use people in Camet and that they had come so far to pass the summer months.

The only reason that had given in them was that it was very hot in the city, in the summer, and them they liked cool fish very. Thus this simple people is not worried in leaving the house and the tasks to come to pass three months of picnic. It is annual custom of this classroom of people, in all the province, to pass some months of the good station in the places wildest of the region.

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