As cold as your kisses

And it was going ke your kisses were as cool as your kisses, Not like the rain Why would she embraces. Ke you believe blood, if menstruating, man. Ke It killed you today. Without any wound, ke to have them, I repeat, needs blood. You handle your death, And at your funeral were invited a rum and a friend. Your memories are gone cold. The images were breaking every time I did not have eyes that watch. The blood for me and for you there today. It now ke love and you began to be dead. It started today ke zero. The zero isotherm of kisses, the Kompania and me believing in something. The zero isotherm of love. That point where it is converted into snow, everything. My liver and alcohol My lungs and nicotine My hands and sex My Koraz n or brain (…) and love. It lost what ke ke kreimos today. Ke And it all grew so cold komo my kisses. Tokado Have a corpse If we come and have sex When I say inkondicionalidad If we ekontramos and says nothing matters ke If I speak of love If your dog bury kojo If a god kree Or in the state … Tokando will be one.