Ascent to the throne and reign

Maximilian of Hapsburg Posted by Veronica on November 30, 2008 Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph von Habsburg Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Bohemia and Hungary, also known as Maximilian I, emperor of Mexico, was born in Vienna on July 6, 1832, second son of Archduke Francis Charles of Austria and Bavaria in Sofia. In his youth pass long periods in Trieste, Italy, where, after studying naval career was devoted to maritime activities. He travels to Brazil and to explore Africa. Was crowned king of Naples on January 25 1494. His reign was very short and was marked by the confrontation with France.
When Ferdinand I died, this left an exhausted realm of finance and the problems increased when Charles VIII of France invaded Italy to claim the throne neapolitan instigated by Ludovico Sforza, who sought to exploit the situation and gain power in Milan.
Charles invaded Italy in September 1494. Alfonso recovered the support of Pope Alexander VI who invite the French monarch to use his forces to fight the Turks. Alfonso received the official coronation by the Pope as Siciliae Rex on May 8 of 1494.
Despite the papal support, not abandoned Charles VIII and early 1495 came close to Naples after defeating a Florentine and Neapolitan fleet under the command of Alfonso’s brother, Frederick Duke of Calabria, in Portovenere. Alfonso terrorized by a series of events, as well as unusual dreams, decided to abdicate in favor of his son Fernando and entered a monastery in Messina (Sicily) where he would die in 1495.

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