Besteira Climrio

Coward! He starts the fight! As much Clio how much Luiz was exmios fighters of karat. They had given to a tremendous beating in Juan and its friends. They had run and they entered in the car. Carlinhos caught rose and took it for the arm. Carlinhos: – we go impolite! Rose smiled! Luiz n: No matter how hard it did not feel the same for it that she feels for Juan, from that pink moment play thought to be liking a little that one boy put the hero of American film. It was different.

although not to make the type of it if value was different already. For rose the important one was the new features. The friends went to the way singing music: ' ' there, there, there, there, this arriving the hour Luiz: – where you deferred payment cinderela? Rose: – I live in the neighboring city, fifty kilometers of its! Carlinhos said: – we go to leave it na house door! 2 act In the other day, that undertow. The friends if find in the bar of the Climrio to take coffee. Carlos: – Good day Climrio? You alone the o winkle! Luiz: – Good day cli! Clio: Good day papa! Climrio: – My son, if its mustache was bigger one little it did not have what to take off a boy! Carlos: – Besteira Climrio.

Clio is a modern woman: pretty and brave! – I find that I go to be married it to only lead one steps on all day! One before each meal. All laugh at the same time and eat sossegado a coffee of the strengthened morning! Luiz: – I am thinking with my buttons. when to finish our vacations? Carlos: – bird Luiz. Today it is as day of vacation and you already it thinks I finish about it! Luiz: he is that I am prevented! Carlos: Of more! Clio: – we go to tan galera! To leave daqui we go for a swimming pool bath.