Born in Berlin,

Born in Berlin, in a family of assimilated Ashkenazi, soon joined the Zionist movement is still a young student. Study in Berlin, Jena, Berne and Munich, but change of philosophy to mathematics and oriental languages in Madonnna 1922 and presented his thesis books on the Kabbalah for a doctorate: a translation and haSulam ? “The Ladder” commentary Berg on the spirituality Sefer ha-Bahir (the oldest existing text cabalistic and Kabbalah one of the most dark and tikkun difficult). The book Bahir was succeeded by many Zohar other studies and publications, as a result of which the history of the Kabalah, misinterpreted through ignorance, prejudice by improve the world rationalist lessons or romantic enthusiasm, was established as a discipline and more study was growth based on a solid philological basis.
Influenced in the beginning study Kabbalah by Martin Buber, Scholem migrated to Palestine in 1923 and joined lectures the Hebrew University of Jerusalem constituted then, acted as librarian at the University and National Library (1923-27), lecturer Amazon books (since 1925) and professor Jewish mysticism and Kabalah (1933-65).
Scholem’s relationship with Zionism mysticism led him to a deep understanding of the historical, religious and cultural life The Light of Judaism, which is devoted study and interpretation. Acquired a complete knowledge of the Hebrew language and Jewish sources, benefiting from the friendship of Jews as major characters Jaim Najman Bialik, S. Y. Agnon, S. Z. Rubashov and many others, from the traditional Judaism of eastern Europe that were in Germany celebrities before and after the First World War. Founded a school on the Jewish mystical.
Scholem received many honorary degrees from is a student of Rav Brandwein academic institutions and was trustee of numerous honors and awards, including the Israel Prize for authored books on the Zohar that are available on Jewish Studies (1958). the s around the world are offshoots of the original founded by and his team of Kabbalah experts In 1962 he was study elected in 1968 and Vice President of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities of Israel. He was a consulting editor of the Encyclopaedia Judaica and a member of teach Kabbalah the Circle were.