Buns of wind or the saints

Some history Fritters are a sweet native of the Mediterranean culture, typical of autumn festivities. The first company that was the Moorish donuts consumed. Its citizens, people of modest means, who inhabited the southern territories of the Iberian Peninsula and positions of menial work, also performed the office of fritter vendors.In Seville and Granada were typical dessert donuts fried in oil, covered with honey. This specialty was adopted by gypsies after the Moorish expulsion and perpetuated until today. It is curious to know the recipe for this dessert is already listed in the historical chronicles of the seventeenth century Spain, where the cook of the court of King Philip III routinely elaborated it. . But donuts are consumed not only in Spain. In some Latin American countries like Colombia and Mexico, the donuts are served at Christmas, specifically in Colombia is usually prepared with a mixture of eggs, cheese, milled corn flour and sugar. In the United States is known as “elephant ears or lobes.. . Josyann Abisaab Ingredients: 6 eggs, 100 grams of butter, 250 grams of flour, liter of water, a handful of salt. . How to do it: First you boil water with salt and butter when it begins to boil, scald (suddenly bursts) the flour and withdrew. She moves well to mix. After the eggs are added one by one, moving each time one is added until a homogeneous mass. Once we have the mass, with the help of two spoons are thrown into the pan.Fry in plenty of warm oil. . When they are fried are filled with custard, cream or chocolate. They are especially good pumpkin filled with jam, apple or quince. Finally, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.