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C sar Rodr guez C sar Rodr guez condominium Gonz lez Gonz lez (La Mata, Grado, Asturias, Spain, condominiums sale 1882 – townhomes for sale Madrid, 1966) was the first President of the English Court and fort condos the breadwinner for his foundation by Ramon Areces. The son of a farmer Asturian marriage they had seven children, two boys and five girls, born a Jan. 2 in the village vacation rental of Llantrales belonging to townhome the parish council of La Mata de Grado in Asturias. With only 14 in 1896, embarked in the port of Santander as an emigrant to Cuba, with fifteen other countrymen of his parish, following townhouses the vacation rentals footsteps of his brother Feliciano who had emigrated years before. People are buying luxury condos at Barton Place condominiums where there are great look no further than Barton Place After several days’ journey arrived in Havana where it starts to work properties in a warehouse and later as a waiter in a bar condominium sale to take home meals. Within six months of his stay in Havana gets a job as new homes a gofer at a fabric store rentals called The White House owned by one of the many Asturian emigrants of the time.This receives a small salary while food and accommodation along with learning the business apartments for sale conducted in a completely self-taught. In 1900 the owner of the Case and Company Stores, which engaged in wholesale trade in textiles, seeing discounts offered the post of condo or clerk and a year later hired him in Stores El homes Encanto. It’s house in stores where El Encanto work and business rental acumen make him get the post of manager in 1906, post from which he hires his cousin Pepin Fernandez, whom he brought from Mexico in 1910, and his nephew arriving townhomes Ramon Areces to Cuba from Asturias in 1920. As manager of the Stores El Encanto introduces many techniques learned in the trip to New York to purchase goods and amasses a fortune by obtaining the participation of business benefits.How was practice in Cuba for employees who wanted to keep them were given the status of stakeholders which meant that was assigned a annual pay commensurate with the benefits of the business. This bond was not given directly to the employee, but is done through a point into account what the employee did not get the money until he new condo left the company. Meanwhile, the homes for sale money thus obtained is reinvested by the company offering a substantial interest to the employee while the permit self-financing. Don Cesareo, as he was known in his time as manager of the Stores El townhouse Encanto, decided to leave these in 1929 as well as be a potential cash for the company, which had to spend a million and half dollars apartments as a bonus accumulated by Caesar Rodriguez allowed to condominiums be unaffected by the stock market crash of that year, if somewhat affected the company for the investments he had made.With the money raised spent on the purchase of several buildings in Havana and vacation in 1938 founded The Ultra lofts stores in that city. In addition to this capital contributed to the founding of Seder as high rise Carretas by Pepin Fernandez in 1934 after the latter returned to Madrid, and Ram n Areces helped in 1935 to meet the transfer of the small shop of the English Court and set vacation homes up the previous Limited Company in 1940 as being the majority shareholder and the rental homes first President of the society. In 1949 also involved in founding Induyco to supply the English Court of goods needed in the absence of existing products after the war and in 1952 reinvested in Madrid through the purchase of properties adjacent to the English Court and luxury homes disbursement the capital needed for its conversion to a corporation.The Cuban Revolution will not get caught by surprise and is able to save much of his fortune, settling permanently in Madrid in 1960 and since then dedicating it to provide capital to the English Court for its expansion to materialize two town houses years townhouses for sale after the second opening in Barcelona. Cesar Rodriguez died childless in Madrid in 1966 bequeathing his assets, including its majority stake in The English Court, including his sisters and his nephew Ramon Areces.