The rock on which the pass is open gray limestone in which there are many cavities, some of which have been used to shelter the sheep that graze by. When the route comes to Cain the gorge is closed and the road crosses it by a bridge. Route Itinerary Route Cares Cares joins Valdeon Poncebos Posada. Given its length, however, it is common to omit the last section between Cain and Valdeon Inn. The most frequent route linking Poncebos and Cain. Itinerary Poncebos-Cain (or vice versa): Duration: 6h 30 '(round trip) Difficulty: Easy Access: from Oviedo on the highway A-8, which binds to the N-634 to Arriondas, here we deviate from the N-625 and once past Cangas de Onis take the AS-114 to Arenas de Cabrales. Once there, we went to Arenas de Cabrales by the AS-264 for 6 km to Poncebos.

If you start with Leon, you have to climb to Riano and then continue along the road leading to Cangas de Onis, to deviate from the Port of Valdeon Panderruedas to Posada. Here, as in Riano, no accommodation. From Cantabria, the A-8 towards Asturias, take exit Unquera and from there reaches Panes. In breads take the right turn towards Arenas de Cabrales. After 22 miles you come to Arenas de Cabrales where you take the detour to Poncebos not miss it because it is well signposted. Due to the large crowds that occur in High season is advisable to make the route between the months of October through May. If you start Asturias route will start with a steep climb to the left of the river Cares to Los Collaos point where you go down to find the path carved into the rock at this point is by the canal. From here the trail is virtually flat.

After five miles, we arrived at the flock of Culiembro, where the channel part of the same name that rises to the ports of Oston. We walked on, enjoying increasing height above the river, coming after the bridge Bolin, where we crossed the river at high altitude, returning shortly after crossing the bridge of the chamois. Finally, through an area of tunnels with windows cut into the rock, in the most narrow of the trail and arrived at the dam of Cain, where the valley begins to open and we will see the houses of Cain. In the case of Leon from the route will be reversed, beginning with Cain, the last village Valdeon Valley.