Civil Defense

Crazy Energy Letov shocked the audience, and 'G.O' she saw firsthand its power. Numerous guests of the festival blew an instant legend about it throughout the country. inspired by Letov in May-June 1987 recorded five albums "Civil Defense" ("Red Album" (electric), "The Mousetrap," "Good!", "Totalitarianism", "Necrophilia"). Under all these aliases hiding himself Letov. The mythical "Major Meshkov," was named in honor of Major KGB Vladimir V. Meshkov, who led the case against Letov and his associates, Kilgore Trout – this is one of the favorite characters in Kurt Vonnegut, Lukic – a reference to Lenin, Yegor dead – an old nickname Letov.

Winter of 1988, again almost independently Letov recorded three more albums of the group ("Because the steel was tempered," "Everything is going according to plan," "Battle stimulus"). Albums recorded in housing conditions (room in the apartment later Letov, which took place record album, "Civil Defense" and other groups, called Coffin-studios, or coffin-records). Distributed magnitoalboma fans themselves. Despite the fact that the media ignored the group, and indeed the Letov arrogant attitude to the promotion of their group, believing that television and radio kill rock music, yet the song of the Civil Defense in the late 1980s and became popular throughout the Soviet Union, and virtually Civil Defence at the time could easily compete with even so recognized in the Soviet media groups such as the "Movie", "Alice", "Nautilus Pompilius". In part, this fame was maintained due to problems with the authorities Letov – Letov had not only to sit in psychiatric hospital, but even hide from the KGB with yankoy Diaghilev after controversial speech at Novosibirsk rock festival, where Letov, who acted under the guise of "civil defense" with little-known musicians of the politicized "Adolf Hitler", even turned off the electricity in a few minutes after the speech.