I think that he was four years old since I remember fights, shoving, noise of things that broke, and until you see blood in the small courtyard of our House… I almost don’t remember the face of my mom, but she was there in the House, and took us to school, we cooked, we attended at all and why I almost don’t remember your figure? Nor I remember almost the face of my father, who I only know returned at night to work, many times MOM said that she smelled of wine, which was drunk, they insulted, they shouted. Once, Dad turned a dark night, climbed the stairs and at the entrance of that old house Pope entered bloodied, I only remember their hands full of blood and asking my mom who accompanied him to the bathroom, it was a gloomy, serious, girl with fear and concern because my parents hurt someday, by my little brothers who were crying, I felt very lonely so I remember a dayI think it was noon, and I was sitting at the table slowly singing a song to the guardian angel and thinking my dad was crying and I felt lonely, I don’t remember if someone was with me, I remember only loneliness and sadness violence, screaming, blood, absence these are memories predominant in adulthood when not tried, accepted and seen from another angle this last stormy, this usually leads to unconsciously repeat stories of violence in your lifestories of manipulation, return to abuse stories, stories of nearly crazy by stay single and again get together almost immediately after you separate from an abusive partner. And so we go walking in circles, without finding the exit of violence, perhaps many times not even seek it because we have almost no self-esteem, because we got used to this way of life unworthy, because of unresolved childhood violence returns and wreaks havoc in your mind and you almost feel in symbiosis with each other that you abusedyou feel a depersonalization that induces you to that ill Codependence of the other, we could say that this happens to a woman who does not have a job, an entry of money, but this is not so real, are also going to economically independent women and which however are codependent romantically that man that exerts psychological and verbal violence against her. As a battered woman, you surely mired in depression and generalized anxiety, and studies have shown that factors influencing the severity of this depression is the lack of personal resources, receive very little help from institutions, and avoidance of family and friends.