Josyann Abisaab Carcinogenicity Vitamin K substances are carcinogenic group 3, a study conducted in the UK found an increase almost double in leukemia in children who were given vitamin K intramuscularly (22). however, a derivative of vitamin K3, menadione bisulfite, has shown great anticancerous properties for harsh treatment of cancerous tumors by acting together with ascorbic acid by parenteral routes. Josyann Abisaab these studies in a prestigious university in Belgium led by Dr. Pedro Buc Calderon and other great scientists who conducted intensive studies on these subjects, have demonstrated the effectiveness of joint action of these two vitamins in the treatment against cancer, making in a large percentage of cases tumor eradication when treatment is carried on in conjunction with conventional treatments of chemotherapy, also demonstrated a selectivity in the choice of target cells to tumor cells over normal cells.also triggering a series of reactions within the tumor cell, which ultimately lead to cell to cell death known as autoschizzis, which is a very chaotic cell death, abnormal and that only occurs in cancer cells to these conditions, also classified as an “necrosis like”, since the parameters that trigger cell death through the complex Ac / menadione differ from conventional necrosis. the same applies for k1 and k2 varieties of vitamin k.