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1971 NBA Finals Game 4 spectacular and legendary game, just 43 minutes preserved, but are happy to see. Everyone remembers to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lakers in the ’80s, but the real Kareem is Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor this call, which in 1971 hit the ceiling of their individual, leading the Bucks to a record 66 victories (the greater than Kareem ocnsigui never, even in the Lakers) and sweeping to these “early” Bullets (still in Baltimore) in the Finals. Tods know the jersey of champions Bullets, worse east of the early 70’s brother were in Baltimore did not know him and is also quite nice, with that pumpkin color. I put three of the five parties which divided the rise (on youtube) that I recommend that you see (if you want to see the rest is in my youtube channel).The first I put it in you can see a classic play that shows the domain and the revolution represented Alcindor play in the NBA (a 2’18 Escort). In the 80 still could defend Parish, Olajuwon, Ewing and such, but in the 70’s only Wilt could block the sky-hook (and also “In His prime”). Eye to the play at 2 minutes, glad to see it. In the video 3 / 5 we see two very nice plays by Kareem, one of them spectacular and a classic of the era.The first is the very beginning of video (at 6 seconds), an easy basket and hit for Unseld (official 6’7 I think). The second is the canast n to 4:40, without comment. At the end of the match interview Robertson and Alcindor, pure history of the NBA! Big brother Oscar encnata I call Robetson Kareem “Big, Fella! Let this license, everyone knows that Robertson was a little cortito for years to basketball games was discussed during the 70’s, after his retirement). Incidentally, the following year won the Lakers of Wilt Chamberlain, Wilt or not aa walked back to Jabbar. It’s nice to have these documents because although only for a few minutes munod lets go of the ideas that you tinees ahs so read the real world, in pictures.Seeing those few minutes I completely cmabia perspective, so consider a jewel these documents (years ago, when I read the encyclopedia of the NBA and imagined these duels never have imagined that the end watching it with my own eyes).