Comment Johana Garcia

Marketing chained to the Production: Initially we know the marketing concept which is understood as the study or research of how to better meet the needs of a group through social exchange with survival benefit of the company. That said, we can say that the relationship between the parties is based on the product seen as a service or as something tangible within which to being chained to the production variables are set as the description of the 4Ps PRODUCTS: Quality, looks, options, Style, branding, packaging, size, service, warranty and utilities.PLAZA: Channels, Coverage, Location, Inventory, Transportation. Promotion: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion. PRICE: List Price, Discount, Concessions, pay period, credit terms. Within which the variables to highlight in the ratio production – marketing are: Product: We all variables Plaza: Inventories Promotion: Sales Promotion which is directly chained to the inventories. Price: Price List Although all variable have to do in this relationship we will focus on the product on which rotates the production and sales. Proceeds from the point of view, is anything that can be offered to the market for purchase, for use or for consideration. Is any good, service or idea that could motivate and satisfy a buyer.Is the core of management, and is the most important element of the marketing strategy around which is designing the rest of strategies. From the perspective of marketing is considered necessary to define the consumer perspective and, together with a number of technical attributes (where physical goods, intangible when service and content when an idea) is necessary to consider a set of perceived attributes or psychological make up the symbolic content of the product and are as important as technical components. This is because the purchaser for the service that the well is capable of providing. Production costs of the product (tangible or service) are the basis for conducting marketing since through these there is the sale price and possible marketing strategies which makes business management. From this point of view the quality plays a very important role with which the customer or recipient will feel identified and will give way to a successful marketing management. Because of this Production is linked to marketing since the beginning edl process because the product is the basis for the different approaches within and outside the company. JOHANA GARCIA