Conditions For An Optimal Muscle

A beautiful body with clearly defined muscles is to have a widespread desire dar. If, however, was not equipped by nature, still has the opportunity to come closer through a targeted muscle to his ideal. A consistent training alone is not enough and unfortunately not always, because an appropriate diet is part of our success. But like a muscle is working at all and how we can optimize the muscle building The key for the contraction of a muscle substance is the myosin that is bound to a protein body, the actin. Together they make for actomyosin, which has the ability to act as an enzyme and Adenosintriphosphorsure, abbreviated to split ATP to. It shrinks the Actomyosinfaden. The ATP is the principal of the high-energy phosphates, which can be directly used as the sole source of energy by the muscle cells. The energy consumed must be replaced again, which means that it must be re-ATP from Adenosindiphosphorsure and phosphoric acidbe built. This can be done with the help of creatine. As a further energy supplies are the carbohydrates glycogen and glucose. An optimal training program to build muscle should consist of several components. In addition to the muscle endurance training has a positive effect. Before the start of the program should ensure everyone, however, already be clear about what exactly he wants to achieve with his sporting activities. Is it just a matter of the muscles to strengthen or to individual groups of muscles are strong In each case, including training and recovery, together with muscle. Although a continuous training is important in order to achieve his goal, the necessary breaks, however, are just as much success. A healthy balance is needed here.