Consequences of our actions

Consequences of our actions Objective: Learn to distinguish the consequences of all actions, identify the problems that brings the wrong decisions, learning to learn from mistakes, make decisions properly, think of the short-and long-term, to distinguish the reasons for actions to make decisions. Development: What we do or say consequences should follow. Our behavior is establishing our lives and also influences the people around us. If a person develops and regresses, everything around you changes too. Good constructive actions and words live in the souls of others. Although we do not see this influence is. The same goes for the bad deeds and words destructive. They live in our environment. Our life dies, it can come to an end, but our actions are immortal. We are not alone. We are with other human beings. We are people. We are part of the system of mutual dependencies, multiple relationships. Our actions, then, exert direct influence over others. Our actions decrease or increase the common good. No act of the human being dies completely. Shares remain, paying off multicolored, multi-thematic. Knowing that our actions involve many consequences, help us realize our responsibility and the danger that involves using our free will destructively. As a philosopher said “the air is the historian of the sentiments we have expressed, land, air, and ocean, are likewise the eternal witnesses of the acts we have committed, agreed on the same principle of the equality of action and reaction. ” The things we do change our present and our future change. Similarly, we also made a mark on the body of society.Perhaps we can not tangibly see the impact of our actions on our loved ones, but they certainly are and sooner or later, will make an appearance in reality. This gives true meaning to the power of example. Our actions are a silent teaching. Everything depends on the use of our life choices. It all depends on the use we make of the circumstances and opportunities presented to us for good. A life with good deeds and words of good, and virtuous people can make us successful. Through good deeds is achieved happiness and goodness. A man who takes into account the consequences of their actions, think before you speak and do what you do, think before doing so. Many people do things without thinking and therefore suffer. They suffer because their actions are bad and his words are empty. In contrast, people who cultivate the good work go forward.They are responding to the question “how ” The additional element in the structure of moral acts is the effective result of the same, its consequences. We can distinguish between motives conscious and unconscious motives.