Cultural Life In Berlin

Berlin once was a city split in two, was the cornerstone of the cold war and the creation of the iron curtain. Today Berlin is a single city, multifaceted and multicultural in where they meet traditions and cultures in many parts of the world, not only in Europe or, in particular, Germany. Since the wall fell, this city has flourished as a creative reference point for artists and art lovers. Galleries, museums and theaters have multiplied in recent years and has become the capital of identity as a home for experimental of different types of arts events, such as film festival Berlinale, the biennial of contemporary art, the Love Parade and Festival Urban Affairs (Festival of street art and Graffiti in Berlin) that has done this is a must visit place for culture loversentertainment and fun. East Berlin contains the greater part of the contemporary art in the city.

Its museums, shows art through the centuries, are some of the best in the world and the most are conveniently located on an island in the Spree River. Art enthusiasts can be seen Egyptian artifacts in the Neues Museum, classical antiquities in the Altes Museum and paintings of the 19th century in the Alte Nationalgalerie. For those who want a more contemporary flavor, the modern neighborhood of Mitte, is full of art galleries, cafes and bars, and home to a community of artists, stylists, graphic designers and curators glasses. It is an excellent place for a good night time since Berlin can be considered as the European capital of nightlife since she is not sleeping and there is always something to hand to make and spend a pleasant moment. Temabien visitors can pass by the Kunst Werke Institute, a space of contemporary art that organises exhibitions of world-class, as well as the Berlin biennial, or book a tour of the impressive collection of contemporary art Sammlung Boros, located in a bunker from World War II. This city is ideal for a holiday in family and learn much of their culture and all the art that is in each of its corners.

Berlin for children also offers very entertaining plans because they can be found in many museums art exhibitions or shops that do participate to small impregnating them a little bit of multiculturalism in the German capital. Haute cuisine restaurants that rescued the real Berlin gastronomy, bars with the best drinks and frequented by people of various cultures, places abroad to enjoy a delicious German beer and art galleries that exhibit from paintings to films daily. In Berlin it will find everything besides a great kindness by the people who inhabit their places and fill its streets. Whether in winter, in summer or any time of year the historical capital of Germany has all the cultural attractions to offer, there is always something to do because in this city be bored and with nothing to do is not an option… Original author and source of the article