Daniel Talk

– So you laughed you ..? with whom? – I said with a mischievous voice. – Emmm … with Doug. – You like Doug? – If a lot is so tender esque. – If it is, I'm so happy for you, I knew Doug would do it.

– What? YA KNOW? – Yes, I told my first, if I am the mastermind of this. – Thanks friend. – Sure, I know everything in detail. – Well, we were dancing and Doug whispered to me that he liked me and I said''I too like you''and that happened, we kissed, u was so cool and …. – Rang the bell. – Wait a second is that someone is at the door, must be the Cristi or Gio. I went to the door, I thought it was Gio because he said he wanted to know as it was, when I opened the door, I saw this person who did not want to see, just when I swore that I was going to get away from Danny is shown on my door.

– Ah no! – Closed the door shut in your face, but when I thought that had closed the note that set foot in the door, so I went and locked myself in my room. – Camila have to talk. – No, we need to talk – I said from the other room. – If, if we – opened the door and go to my room. – Go Daniel, forget about yesterday, ya? Encerio not want to talk – do not stop to talk and discuss, Danny took my face and kiss me but to be silent, but it was not just for this, a kiss was a little long.